Stericycle Site Down?

I split my time between northern Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. I travel back and forth monthly so the gas stations were a great thing to take advantage of along the way. I just made the round trip again this week and it is the first time I didn’t do any shops along the way. I wanted to cry.

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I just spoke with Debbie. She was jovial, friendly, informative, and encouraging. She said they are close. All shops done between 12/21 & 12/31 will be allowed to be entered and paid for. She told me the client is aware of the issue. She said she was told "this week, fingers crossed". (I could just cry)
I am certainly hoping they are up and running soon. I got a promotion at my full-time job right before Christmas and was busy as all get-out with that through the holidays. When I was finally ready to take a route, the site went down. Fingers crossed they are back up and running soon and that the gas stations stay with them. I know one should never put all their eggs in one basket, but I have grown to LOVE these routes and are often my bread and butter when needed. I am also hoping to have it sorted out quickly so those of us that shopped regularly throughout the year can get their 1099's on time... If their end of the site is down, wondering if those will be delayed.
I just got an email from Debbie it sounds like they are still working on it.

This is what it said:

Howard, Deborah
10:03 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

Not at this time. Hopefully we will at least get an update later today…..
I've noticed changes after putting them in the reports.

@Jbrz123 wrote:

They're still cheap. However, they gradually raise fees near the end of the month. The stations generally go for ~$14 occasionally rising to $30. They're decent route filler and you can count on them coming back every month. The shop is easy only three photos you can quickly enter some jargon into the writing portion. Nobody ever cared because the program seemed more or less of a joke. Seems like it only exists so they have it on paper. Maybe the client forgot the program existed. I don't think anyone actually reads the observations because I've never seen anything change and most of the franchisees are entirely unaware of it.
Not that it will do any good, I just posted this on Twitter.
@Stericycle_Inc @SteriExperts @Stericycle_Inc can we have someone give your 100s of compliance mystery shoppers a straight answer? I've worked for you all 15 years and have money owed. Site has been "down" for 2 weeks now .
This is a division of Stericycle Experts.
I have been following this post from the beginning and I honestly thought it would be a week tops!! It has been weeks and I still try to log in and still get the same page. They say it is an IT issue? If you google the company, they are on NASDAQ and "Hits New 52-Week High:". They employ over 23,000 people and just (mews article January 8,2020) teamed up with a new company to modernize the way patients search for and schedule appointments with healthcare providers.

Does it sound right that this company would have IT issues? My biggest concern is, paying their hard working mystery shoppers. How will we prove what they owes us, if we cannot log in? Seems odd that the entire site is up, but our part. I believe that their shoppers deserve to be more informed and paid!! What would it take for a mass email? I have never received one, without this forum, I wouldn't have a clue what was happening.
I would hope that they would pay their mystery shoppers what is owed to them. As stated, this is a huge company. We're not talking about a small company like NSS that went bankrupt and had no assets to pay their debts. But it's getting frustrating that it'll be going on a month soon with no updates. I sent an email to Debbie 2 days ago basically just asking if they are still in business, but no response. I mean, c'mon, just tell people what is going on. A server issue for a month? Yea right.
I keep checking to see if I got paid for my last shop submitted on 12/20 but nothing yet. Looks like I need to put some tiger juice in my tank. When is the last time anyone has been paid?
What I think is fishy is the main site, link below is still up. Yes, I know it's not the reporting area. I would think they would post some sort of update.
I received an email just now. From Debbie. It explains everything. Too long to post here.. check your email.
Yep, got it, too. I guess we'll see what happens. Good to finally get an email regarding this.
Better to be safe than sorry. For one I would rather they shut down for a month then have my account info or social security number out there to be hacked. I just got the email also and I think that they deserve the benefit of the doubt I have worked for them for 10 years and nothing like this happened in the past and I believe them.
The email explained a lot. Hopefully now, they are ready to move forward and it will be business as usual.
For those that did not get the email.

As you are aware, the Mystery Shop system is inaccessible at this time. We proactively disabled access to the systems and reporting services as a precaution following a security incident with the hosting service provider. We also engaged security experts to conduct a full forensic review while the services were disabled.
First, we’d like to confirm that the results from the forensic review indicate that no data related to your services was exfiltrated.
We are now diligently focused on reestablishing service for you and our clients and evaluating the best course of action. We will continue to provide updates on our progress as they are available.
We take data protection and security matters very seriously and have taken appropriate precautions to mitigate risks. We apologize for the inconvenience you may be experiencing while our system is disabled but appreciate your patience.

Deborah Howard

Client Solutions Specialist


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The message from stericycle reeks of a ransomware attack. Numerous companies and local govts in the states have been hit by one in the last year, and if you don't have robust backups of your data the only way to gain access is to pay the "ransom" and the get code to unencrypt your files which is what many of the local govts/companies have done.

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After the first week, I googled the issue of a server being down. I was hoping it was not ransomware. Oy.
If they get back up & running, are they a good company to work for? I was looking at their Field Force Registration page & their assessment mentions the following: In order to complete a project successfully, you need to calculate expenses, mileage and hours worked. Is this how all their jobs are? That you're required to visit multiple locations to complete an assigned job.
An auto-reply from Debbie. "Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office until Jan 28th I will reply to all emails upon my return. If this is urgeant please reach out to Lucinda Walker @ 800 977 8943 ext 1204 or"
Thank you*****

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I was wondering if Stericycle’s site being down will affect delivery of 1099’s? Any thoughts?
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