IPSOS SASSIE side shop excluded

I completed two of the FL mobile/online shops with no issues. YMMV and all that. I did have some recent hold pay shops on the google use shops, I sent an email to find out why and no reply. I anticipated half pay since the requested item was not available but I did not even receive that. frustrating

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So fast forward to over two months since the last post about these shops. I saw some up today and applied. Wondering if people have been doing them and getting paid now? Have the bugs been worked out?
No idea Sandyf?
I will say that I found the bottles of seventh generation mandarin orange hand soap under the sink last week. I’ve been using that in the guest bathroom. The institutional size barrel of honey wheat pretzels are finally gone. The fruit bars are almost gone too.
I still am glad that I cancelled the rest. Too much risk for a tiny fee.
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