Gas stations on SASSIE = End of an era?

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I worked with Virginia for many years when she scheduled for Informa. Although it was a few years ago, she was always pleasant, co-operative and helpful. I think you may have caught her at a bad time. She may be experiencing the Texas problems. Your email did not sound condescending to me. Just try to be patient with her. I think she may be having a very hard time right now.

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i definitely wouldn't have used the somewhat comical line. that's something you say to us, not them. also i wouldn't have told her to "keep in mind". you could have phrased it better. also i wouldn't have taken a little shot by mentioning you were doing more work for other schedulers who have been more generous with bonuses. the email of yours wasn't terrible, but i don't think it was the best way to go about it to reach your end goal, which is receiving the bonuses you want. trust me, i don't blame you for wanting them. pay is peanuts right now, and i haven't touched anything this quarter.

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I can now see that maybe it was perhaps a bit condescending. But I think it is still valuable information for a scheduler. I may not be available when the bonuses finally start rolling in if we wait until the last minute.
Maritz sold the mystery shopping part of their business. The company is still in business. Her comment was rude, she should not have lashed out like that ! My opinion, it was immature. The scheduler for my area is very friendly and he had told me very early in Jan. that bonuses of the past are gone. The higher ones will be in the final days.

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When they say, "That is why Maritz is no longer in business", that sounds condescending. Perhaps Maritz saw what was coming and made a smart business decision. These Heroes taking the $2.50 bonus are going to see the light at some point.
My original post might have been able to be perceived as more malevolent than I intended, but it did not even approach the level of condescension and vitriol that I received in the reply. The reality is that the client is expecting to get their locations evaluated, and it is going to take a certain amount of pay to convince someone to go to an out-of-the-way location. We shall see what happens at the end of March.
I know that personally I have only done a couple stations in the last several months when the bonus was "sufficient". But there may be more shoppers out there now due to economic conditions. What quality of work is being done for no bonus or $2 bonus. I don't know.
You should have stopped at the first paragraph, lol. Yeah, the "comical" part was rude, and the last paragraph came across as telling here how to do her job. Her reply did seem a little rude on first reading, but she did show the courtesy of responding to your points, which is probably more than I would have done. Especially now after enduring 4 days of no water, no showers, very little hot food, busted pipes, plumber bills, lost work, slow internet, and two days without power during freezing weather.
cindy cribbs, this is not KSS dictating how these shops get filled. KSS only schedules for Ipsos and MUST comply with the way Ipsos tells us to schedule all the gas station shops they give us. They tell us when we can lift rotation all of it. If they tell us to take it off the board we do, if they still want it shopped after a certain time frame they dictate that it goes back on the job board and yes as a scheduler we have to start all over at ground zero with that shop. KSS follows what is being told to us. It has nothing to do with the scheduler. We all are following the rules. If you did a Blue gas station in quarter one you can't do it again until quarter 3. If you shopped it in January, you cannot shop it again until March. The only way a shop can be assigned to you is when Ipsos who is the mystery shopping company not KSS is given approval that rotation is lifted. Same goes for the Red and Yellow ones. They can only be shopped by a shopper once every other quarter unless Ipsos removes the rotation restrictions. It has nothing to do with a scheduler not wanting to schedule a shopper. Trust me there are a lot us that would love to give the shopper the shops but it is out of our hands. Keep in mind we do not get paid when shops are not completed either. Lots of schedulers are paid by the shop so anything not filled is not paid.
I'm just curious, what does everything think is a reasonable shop fee for the Red and Yellow gas stations. I see the expenses are 2 gallons of gas and $2 store item.
There is also the possibility that the schedulers' fees have also been reduced. Either way, they've got to put in much more time and effort to "Sell" reduced-rate work to dependable shoppers. They're stuck in the middle , between shoppers who want to make money and MSCs that want to keep the money. Not a job for me. No, nay, never. I could never handle the stress schedulers must have. Wouldn't want to.

2/3 of the way through your first quarter with new clients mid-pandemic doesn’t seem to be a prime time to be stingy with bonus money for the ICs still out and working. Just saying.

IPSOS’ competition is currently running test shops; I’m seeing and hearing about them. If KSS can’t hit Q1 targets (its late February and there are a LOT of stale shops) look for IPSOS to possibly move more of their clients over to app-based scheduling.

This whole “scheduling industry” gets a big eyeroll from me, personally. I’d rather deal straight with the MSC or use an app. Schedulers don’t seem to add the value that they believe they do in the industry; witness the poor communication and the rude replies that ICs constantly report here. Schedulers are classic middlemen skimming profits from both the MSPs and the ICs. Their services made sense pre-wifi and pre-smartphone, in the days of dial-up modems and Yellow Pages... not anymore. And working out of office space is additional overhead that we shoppers are paying for out of our fees.

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I do not like all the outsourcing. Not just in this industry, in the whole business world. No company is responsible for anything because they contract other companies to run their business. In this case it's scheduling, editing, probably payroll and who knows what else. Ipsos seems to only secure contracts and collect the money.

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