Does anyone know how you can check to see how much you have been paid YTD ??
I know you can see this information on Trendsource.
thank you

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It’s always wise to keep records on a spreadsheet... not all MSC’s will have that information readily available for you.

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I don't believe they have a YTD amount, but you can easily access each pay statemrnt by date and add them up.
I double check the amount I've recorded on my Excel spreadsheet each time I get a pay statement. In Excel you can search for a specific field (i.e., Ipsos), then auto sum the column to get a total.

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Yes, even though I am only a part-time shopper (<$5K/yr), I still do a spreadsheet and enter the amounts earned by each MSC for each job. Then it is easy to separate them with the "Sort" tool and see how much I was paid by each company for he year. Very handy at tax time.

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On the Old Maritz site, I can bring up all shops I have done any money paid at My Payment Information.
On Shopmetrice I can see the only Shop I have done for this year under My settings/Pay History
I have not done shops for Sassie but look at the Shop log/My Shops/ Show Filters
On the IPSOS Sassie site, it will show you the shops that you have done. How many you see depends on what you set the filters to.
I got a 1099 for Ipsos but do you know if this includes Maritz shops that was done before they took it over?
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