How often does IPSOS pay now?

Just want to know when I might get paid for shops approved for payment last Tuesday.


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They paid a recent bank bank shop the following week. That was a nice surprise.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Just waiting on pay for shops completed over 10 days ago and immediately "approved for payment" but no other sign of pay forthcoming.

I thought they were paying twice a week; was that only for the holiday season?

(Sorry for the senior moment; I already started a similar thread, but now realize I wasn't concise enough in my question.)

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They were paying twice a week for the holidays.
Afterwards, its now down to once a week. AFAIK, I only get paid weekly now.
I got paid for a banking shop less than a week after submitting the results. I was so pleasantly shocked! I wish more MS companies could do this.
Does anyone have a contact at IPSOS for payroll/1099 issues? I can't find my 1099 and should have received one for last year. I emailed them at this week and no one responded.

Sorry for going off-topic.
Shopmetrics does once a week, payroll is executed Monday afternoons. Sassie is less regular, but doesn't take as long as most.
Hey, Mr. Bill

I did get my 1099 in the mail. However, if you don't receive one, you can just use your own (elegantly detailed, of course!) records to report the income.
They pay weekly once the shop is ok for pay - it's waiting on the ok that seems to take a lot longer than it used to.
I did three shops...One was paid in 6 days. The other two were paid in 13 days. So they are paying weekly which is different than in a week. The 6 day one I was just before the cut off date evidently. My next two shops were the very next day but i waited for the next pay cycle to be paid.
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