Photo uploads from phone to IPSOS are always blurry

I don't know if it is my equipment or what but when I take a photo of a receipt and load it into a shopmetrics form it always comes out blurry. I have done the same for other msc and it seems okay. My expensive scanner does not scan to my computer anymore so today I scanned to email and it was clear but using scan to document I got an adobe file. I then scanned as a photo and got a jpg image that I could use. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? My phone photos come out very clear.

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it is extremely unlikely that shopmetrics would cause blurry photos. Viewing photos on your phone vs. a pc running windows can, and should, look different. The screen resolutions are different, the zoom is different, etc.
Why not just use your phone? You could take a photo of the receipt or use a free scan app like Genius Scan. I then use OneDrive to sync the photos/scans from my phone to my PC. Of course you could also email them to yourself.
I have been taking a photo with my phone and mailing it to myself using share. Next I save the photos from my email on my computer to my file called mystery shop scans. The photos of food, buildings etc are still clear but the receipt photos come through this process blurry even though they seemed un blurry on the phone. If there is another way please explain the steps. I do my reports on my computer.
Check the resolution or size of the picture your are attaching to the email. On my iPhone it always asks me before I can attach the photo. A smaller sized/resolution photo could cause it to appear blurred.
You could always attach your phone to the computer via a USB cord.

Windows should a open new window that says "Portable Device". It gives choices. Choose "Open device to view files using Windows explorer". Say yes, then click on "Internal Shared Storage", "DCIM" and "Camera".

You should see your pictures listed named with the date first. You can change it to thumbnails to see the small pictures,

Copy and paste them to your computer.

See if this helps.
Kenasch Just checked out the process on my phone. The receipt photo looks fine on my phone. If I click share there is no choice on what size to send. However I noticed it says the photo is 3 megabytes. Then I go to my computer email and what has arrived there is blurry and is .2 megabytes. I can find choices to change it to but they are all greyed out so I cannot change anything.

Wrosie, I am not familiar at all with how to do this. I have only been using a phone for pics recently. After an hour of reading different advice on how to do this I finally figured out how to get to my phone on explorer, go to settings and click file transfer. Then I hit DCIM and photos on my computer. Up came a listing of all the photos with dates. I took a bunch yesterday but found one I wanted to transfer. I clicked share at the top of the page and then copy file. Now where do i find it? There has to be a faster way to do this as this takes many many steps. Most of the help I found told me to do things that do not seem to exist on my phone. I have a pixel so i looked at pixel help. Maybe my phone is a bad phone??? This is frustrating.
This might not be relevant to you, but I have noticed that my pictures look a little more blurry when I use Chrome on Shopmetrics, and yet they look a lot better when I use Firefox.
It seems a lot of companies don't do well on Chrome. Not sure why since so many people still use it. I will try firefox next time but the pics do not look great after being transferred to my computer right in my files on my computer. Except photos of places and people which still look good.

@KA047 wrote:

This might not be relevant to you, but I have noticed that my pictures look a little more blurry when I use Chrome on Shopmetrics, and yet they look a lot better when I use Firefox.
I think I finally figured it out. All I have to do is remember what I did next time. So by swiping left I could choose more and then Drive. So I shipped the photo to my computer that way and it went into Downloads and then I dragged into my mystery shop file and it is clear. Yay. Only took me all day and last night.
All my pics are clear and upload quickly when I use the Mobi app for Shopmetrics companies

I Got rid of those extra steps by submitting all reports on phone or tablet. I was die hard PC until I made the change. Rarely ever use my laptop now.

A Dad shopping the Ark-LA-Tex and beyond.
Tech dinosaur here. But I'm doing a LOT of IPSOS and Intelli-shop assignments right now. They have very short deadlines (within 8 hours!), which cannot be extended. So I had to learn to do the reports on my iPhone. I don't use the app, I open firefox and log in. When I come to a photo requirement, I just go to my photo library and click on it and it downloads right to the report.

Once I learned it, I wondered how I ever dealt with long drive, get home, download all the photos from my digital camera, and work on reports (sometimes for hours).

Doing the report right after completing the shop (well, sometimes I do have to drive a ways to get to a place with cell coverage, LOL) means I don't face hours of reporting when I'm exhausted.

Frankly, I wouldn't have a clue how to get photos from my phone onto my computer. I did try that, but very confusing and many, many steps. And it seems that every time I mastered it (which meant writing down EVERY step, and following it precisely!), Windows would do an update and change it so it didn't work any more!
Thank you all for your replies. The reason I liked Ceasesmith;s reply is that her experience is closer to my tech level. Since I wrote this for some reason Drive is no longer active on my computer so my last report took forever. I guess I should try the app on my phone but in my experience apps and even websites on the phone have about 1/3 the info and tabs I can see on my computer. Most of the time I can find nothing on the websites. But I will try a sample report on the phone one of these days and see how it goes. My new discovery for clear receipts is to copy them using my home printer to my email using photo and 8x10 and then take them out of my email. They are clear. Using copy document got me to an Adobe file I could not change. So if anyone else has this issue those are two things that worked for drive from phone and photo on my printer/copy machine.
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