Coyle Self-Assign!

Hello! I love shopping for Coyle. I just saw that it is possible to get to self-assign status with them! Does anyone know anything about how that works? TIA!

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One of their shops says in the description: "If you are able to self-assign these shops..."
I was also wondering about this! There have been times when I've applied to certain shops and automatically got approved by Coyle (effectively a self-assign). I just applied to do one tomorrow and was hoping to be auto-approved that had this language--no such luck. I have no idea what the rules/regs are as it's not consistent. The shop value, for example, is not very high--something that should have been self-assignable.
I've never seen self-assign with Coyle. As a side note: I've been applying to Coyle shops for the past two months with no luck. I've emailed the scheduler twice and haven't heard a thing back. I've done 30 similar shops for them and have a rating of 9/10. The shops I've applied to are still there and the bonus keeps increasing.... Is it just me that is having problems with Coyle?
I applied for two shops for the health clinics they were doing back in April-May with the highest suggested "make an offer" price. I waited and waited.

I was getting daily e-mails offering these shops, but I wasn't assigned either. I e-mailed back the person saying I would be happy to do the shops at the two addresses. I was finally assigned one of them at the price I had requested.

Several of these health clinic shops are still on their boards as MAO. They are about 70 miles from me, but I wonder if they would consider a MAO large enough to make the trip.
I have to admit I don't like their "apply for a shop" model. Then you wait and wait.... Meanwhile, I can't schedule other shops for the date I applied for with them.
Oh how strange. It makes me wonder though whether even though our mode of existence is perfectly cut out to weather a pandemic, whether they are also having staffing issues. I saw the self-assign reference again on other jobs though.
Is there a trick to what should be put in the comments it asks you to write in support of you getting assigned a shop when you apply? I’ve applied for a few with no response and the shops are still on the board.

San Diego - CA
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