IPSOS not paying!!!! scamming shoppers!!!

Foodluvr.....Well, aren't you the perfect little special princess!

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@wwin wrote:

I didn't take on any of these shops but the discussion of IPSOS rejecting shops has been discussed quite a few times over the years with some long-time shoppers having issues. My summery is -All is great until it's not. When they were the main company I worked with, I just considered it the price of doing business with them. Of the hundreds of shops about a handful were rejected with no explanation or way to contest.

Yep. Same experience.. Overall just an ok company, not one that I jump to work with, but not one that I refuse to work with either. Over the past 7 years a few rejected shops that I was pretty irritated about, but like wwin, I eventually just considered it the cost of doing business with them and figured it into the next few shops I took.
twinmom posts--Over the past 7 years a few rejected shops that I was pretty irritated about, but like wwin, I eventually just considered it the cost of doing business with them and figured it into the next few shops I took.

Bob comments--If that works for a shopper, so be it. As for Bob, though, if a MSC ever declines work from me without an explanation, they are quickly, and irreversibly, fired. This harkens back to that old adage: What is meat for one, can easily be poison for another.
And this is why it is a good idea to audio record every one of your shops. I use a small digital recorder that can be hidden in a shirt or pants pocket, or in an outer pocket of my purse.

First of all, it's impossible to recall every single detail accurately when you sit down to do your report. Rather than guess or rely on my memory, I playback the audio of the interaction as I am typing up my report and answering questions. And yes, there have been times when something was mentioned that I did not remember hearing at the time, but as I am playing back my recording, there it is.

Second of all, when a client disputes a negative report or one where their employees are not mentioning promotions, I can provide the audio recording to prove that my report was 100% accurate. If they did not mention the promotion, they just did not mention it, and the audio will back that up.

I understand that the mystery shopping company was hired by the client, and at the end of the day, the client controls whether they will accept or reject the report from the shopper. I prefer to shop for companies that will have my back and when I can prove my report was accurate, I expect to be paid. When I can not prove my report was accurate, then the company has to rely on what the client decides.
I do hundreds of shops for IPSOS every month. I have always been paid. My only issue is if you do have a rejection, finding out why is sometimes hard depending on the platform the shop was on. I did a shop in July I still do not have a reason why the shop was rejected even after numerous emails. Contacting the scheduler is useless since they refer you to the general email. However if the rejection is on Presto, then you get an opportunity to dispute with a link to a survey which I appreciate. I like being able to know why it was rejected and send in my additional info or proof of a good shop.

I think most disputes could be handled better by all MSPs if they just communicated better. I find it crazy that they allow people to be schedulers, project manager or editors but they have never shopped before. It would make a all around better experience if all of the above had to perform a few shops. Then they could see the issues we encounter on a regular basis. If they even asked for feedback from the shoppers once a new project has been out a few weeks they would see an all around better shopper pool. Most of the time the issue is about how the survey (report) was written by the project manager that causes the issue. I cant tell you how many times the way the report questions were written make you want to pull your hair out because there is no "right" answer. If that person had to do the actual shop and report, they would see the error and make corrections.
Not a "princess"
But, over 12 years of doing the work, NO REJECTIONS !!!
Do the shop properly and BAM... you get paid !
I do believe the original poster is FULL OF POOP !!!
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