IPSOS falling behind on editing...

...and as a result, will be "late" in paying. I normally don't worry about this too much with IPSOS, but it appears that their policy of paying quickly has been tossed aside with a bottleneck in editing. Yesterday (11/7), I received an email from IPSOS requesting a correction to a shop done and submitted (has to be submitted before midnight!) on 10/31. That sparked my curiosity, so this morning (11/8) I checked my "finished" log and five shops from October 27-31 have still not been edited, so will probably not get paid on time. So, I am now expecting IPSOS to be a week late, at least until they catch up....just an FYI for everyone.

Sometimes, trying to remember or pull up details from a shop submitted a while back taxes this old boy' s memory!

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I had a shop from 10/14 finally get reviewed on 11/06. But they now pay 2x per week.......eyes roll
I have so many of the yellow station shops waiting to be edited it is absurd. And of course, when you actually “need” the money, they are 2 weeks behind on the editing, LOL. Hopefully Thursday will be a huge payday!
I feel your pain...right now I have 22 of the yellow station shops waiting on editing.....I found it oddly funny that their email asking me for an amendment or correction firmly says that I have to complete the 'correction' within 12 hours or risk not getting paid....! Really! ...after they had had the report for 8 days in order to edit? Really?!

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Well, well, shame on them. But they aren't the only ones. Another company which considers themselves a 5 star luxury shop group is contacting me a week after my shops are complete. Like, get on the ball. People forget things if clarification is needed.
so very true....and what if you are a route shopper, doing 50-75 visits a week? I find it hard to remember why I walked into the garage just now....hmmmm.....
I understand getting paid quicker is nice and also that if shops don't get edited they can't be paid quicker much less at all. It may take a week or two to get edited. Then your paid within a day to a week. so 3 weeks maybe 4 max. Remember when the industry standard was 45 days sometimes more sometimes less. This includes IPSOS say about 3 years ago who was I believe do a shop in Oct even Oct 1st get paid Nov 30th. Be happy you are getting paid quicker as this is a business be it your own business. The normal business pay is net 30 from vendors who guess what the MSCs are too us. There are still mscs who pay 30 60 90 even 120 days later after assignment is done that is in their terms you agreed too. I am happy with the trend of quicker payments that IPSOS started as it caught on to other MSCs. Give IPSOS time as their aquisition of Maritz Mystery Shopping Division ment a ton of new shops for them. They need time to make things flow smoother. This means getting the right number of editors.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Buffalo -- Here are some key items for you to think about....
1) Ipsos pays less, and certainly less than 3, 5, 10, or even 20 years ago. Prompt payment is why WE work for them....a trade off for what is widely considered "lower pay".
2. You say that "...normal business pay is net 30"...Absolutely untrue...today, "normal business pay" is, well, without a standard. Billing from a vendor can vary widely, from prepaid, to "upon billing", to 90 days, or whatever is agreed upon by contract. In other words, there is no "normal". Billing and payment is always negotiated.
3. I am giving Ipsos more "time"...the point of my post was that WE can probably expect them NOT to be on the pay schedule that THEY established. My post was just a "heads up" for those interested.
The quota normal business pay is 30 days….not true today, many businesses pay same day wages…Taco Bell etc. It’s becoming anew trend same day wages. App shops pay same day,
I did 3 blue stations yesterday, the one with a different name on the east coast and west coast, and they were edited by the time i left the station.
Yes. It is just the yellow shops. Everything else I have done gets edited in 1 to 48 hours. Yellow stations sit for days and days. I'm up to 6 days on several now.

I think they hate editing the Yellow stations as much as we hate doing them....as stated above.

@salisburync wrote:

Maybe just the yellow station shops?
...Yellow station shops...all this talks begs the questions brought up months and years ago regarding the IPSOS yellow station shop editors....are they serious when they are being so finicky? What is going on in these people's minds?
How do I find this “finished” log in Ipsos? I did 5 phone shops and was told that I did only 3. Once I finish a report I only see a confirmation number for my records, not a copy of the actual report. Of course I didn’t keep a copy of the confirmation numbers for these $10 phone shops. I’m at the Shopmetrics site. Never did understand all the platforms! Thanks.
I ALWAYS keep a copy of the confirmation number....for situations such as you are now facing. Hope you get it resolved! (And keep those confirmation numbers in the future!!)
It seems that it is not just the yellow stations. I am now up to a week waiting on a different gas brand as well. I have about 25 in the queue, and a few of them are at seven and eight days now.

It's not really that big a deal to me because Ipsos still pays faster than anyone else. That said, if the editor comes back with questions, 10 days is a long time to try to remember what happened. It's also somewhat disingenuous to advertise holiday pay and then not pay shoppers by Thanksgiving for shops that were completed in the first half of November. Based on this, I would not expect to be paid by Christmas for any shop completed after December 10th. It's possible, but I wouldn't count on it.

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