Service Metrics Paying in Gift Cards

I recently completed a handful of shops for Service Metrics, knowing that they would be paid via digital gift card. I took the shops to get in the door with this MSC. The shops were less than 20 minutes of work (reporting included) so they were quick and easy. Now there are many more of these types of shops available in my area, but all pay via gift card. Has anyone had success with this or other MSCs in getting a proper (normal) payment method if requested? I don't have much use for digital gift cards, but I do have great need for actual money in my bank account.

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You can sell them on the secondary market. You don't get face value, so depending on how much the cards are worth a discounted amount in your checkbook might not be enough for your time.

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When I was boycotting PayPal, I chose a Visa gift card from one MSC as an alternative. It still has a few cents on it and is long gone. It's one of the reasons I returned to PP.

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I've never heard of this company, and tried signing up but closed the window when I got to the screen asking for my college info and employment history, especially since they're in Canada, and I am in the US. But what kind of gift cards do they pay in?
MisterBill, they paid me with a Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account. I have since been in contact with the MSC, and after advising that they do not do EFT payments, but they could pay via PayPal for a $20 fee, they agreed to set me up with paper cheques when I declined that option.
Is there a fee for the check option? $20 for PayPal is crazy.

"I told myself to quit you; but I don't listen to drunks." -Chris Stapleton
HonnyBrown, this particular project stated in the guidelines payment would be via gift card. I do not know if this is their standard payment for all shops since no other shop types have been offered in my area. Only after I inquired and said I would not do the newly posted shops for a gift card, did they agree to pay me with a paper cheque.
I've never been paid with a gift card by them.
I see the one shop I did for them has gone to another company ( for a lower fee)
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