What is the pay period for Marketforce?

I think payday is the 20th of each month, but is that pay for last month? So, money I'm spending now, I won't get reimbursed for until next month on the 20th?

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@Plarka wrote:

I think payday is the 20th of each month, but is that pay for last month? So, money I'm spending now, I won't get reimbursed for until next month on the 20th?

Correct although if it's close to the end of the month that may bleed over to the following month depending on when the report is edited.
I have no concerns about getting paid by MF, and I know that they can take until the 25th or so to pay…but I have a situation this month I’ve never had before. I completed a number of gas station shops last month (well-bonused). They all disappeared off the completed shop list several weeks ago, and they are not showing on the Pay History page yet…seem to be lost in limbo.
Normally the shops are removed from the Assignment/Receipt Status page when payment has been made. Then just invalid shops (no matter how old) will appear on that page until you complete assigned shops for the new month. At that point they can be viewed in Payment Details/History. I just looked at mine and my last month shops are still sitting on the Assignment/Receipt page.
Market Force pays for the entire previous month. All shops done in October should pay on the next payment date, probably within the next week. They used to pay around the 8th-10th of the month but they now pay between the 18th and 25th for direct deposit. If you get a check in the mail, it takes longer. In the 12 years I've worked with them, I've always been paid correctly with only one payment issue. A shop I did on the first day of the month was approved and I saw it in my completed shops list. Later in the month, the shop disappeared from the list before the other shops. Shops do usually disappear from your completed shops list when they are processed for payment. I contacted Help Desk and was told the shop showed approved and they weren't sure why it wasn't showing up in my completed shops list. On payment day, I was paid for my other shops but not that one. I emailed Help Desk and got a pretty quick, very nice and apologetic email back and I got a second direct deposit immediately for that shop.
Has anyone actually had payment deposited in their bank today? I see that Marketforce says I was paid today, 11/19/21 but this does not reflect in my bank. Just worried that it may come for me as a check because of some changes. Thanks for responding.
My payment history page also shows DD with today's date....which means I will no doubt see it in my account on Monday. Don't worry. It'll be there! Unless, as you say, you made some changes that may result in you getting a check...then it'll prob be another week or two.
The funds left Market Force's account. They are in interest limbo until they hit our accounts.

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MF direct deposit is In my account today...pending, but available.

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