Mintel's Payment Status for Shop Submitted Before Last Friday

I have a lot of shop reports and invoices that were submitted before the holiday weekend and they are all still awaiting approval. Is everyone else in the same boat or do I need to contact Mintel about payment?

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The Payment Schedule says May 31st not May 30th. I have not been paid yet either, but hopefully the invoices will be approved and paid today.

Lady Marius
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It was probably just the holiday weekend schedule. Although their submit date seems to vary a little, they always let you know when it is, and my submit date was the 31st this month. I wouldn't sweat it, at least not yet; Mintel is the fastest paying MSC I have ever worked with.

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I was on edge because I've had some issues with late approvals/payments recently AND Mintel usually approves payments much earlier in the morning on scheduled disbursements days. The amount at issue this time is quite large.

I am glad to see that they have now approved payments for most of my surveys.
I do not understand how to invoice. Whenever I try to complete the task, I miss the area where I can do this. It simply says "Expenses have not been submitted." When I click submit invoice, I legitimately don't see where to do this.
After you submit a survey, you should see a page that has a link to go to your invoice. If you miss that page, you can always go back to your home page, scroll down to your survey listing, and click on the invoice link.

On your invoice page, you should be able to add your shopper fee and any shipping costs. Then, you may click the Add button or the Submit invoice button. I like to do the Add thing first so that I can see the expenses that are added to the invoice. Then, I submit the invoice. It's an extra step but I use it to make sure I didn't make a mistake entering my expenses.
Thank you very much for this. I was clicking PAST SHOPS instead of the HOME area. I had forgotten that. Now the invoice is done.
Scroll down to the bottom of your home page. A list of your recently completed assignments should be there, under Payments Pending. Look at the Payment Status.

@Rjcockerham wrote:

How can I tell if my assignment has been approved?
Contact them. They screwed up my payment and I emailed them for over a week to still be $20 short now! Haven’t gotten a reply back now about it in 4 days!
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