Problem with Sentry payment from April -- they can't/won't authenticate my bank acct for their new system

I've been trying to sign up with Sentry's payment system so I can finally get paid for an April job. The "instant" account verification won't work with my credit union, so I keep trying to verify with the micro-deposit option. Nothing. And their "help" for their payment system consists of selecting an invoice # and clicking on "help," which supposedly opens a "ticket" except that I never hear back from the.

Any idea? I'm getting a little steamed because they owe me almost $60.

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It's years ago now, but I was never able to get the payment system from Sentry to work. I don't work with them.
@amyann2 and @prince

I'm very sorry that you have encountered difficulty with our payment platform. Please email me directly at, and I will gladly assist you.

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