The Consumer Insight Scheduler info?

Hoping someone could help me - I am looking for scheduler contact information for The Consumer Insight. I just registered with them, but I have been shopping merchandising shops for close to 10 years for another MSC. All the shops they have in my area require at least a 7 or a 5 rating, however, since I haven't done any jobs yet and can't do any without getting a rating first, I cannot schedule myself for any! I was hoping to reach a scheduler who could manually schedule me.

I am specifically looking for contact information for the scheduler for the bike shops at a major big box store.

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Not sure if this is the correct scheduler, they do another project. I had the bike e-mail but I've deleted it. If I get it again I'll update my post.

If you do one of these, would you let us know if the $12 pay is fair for the work performed. That's just not enough for me unless I'm already going to the big box store anyway.
Hi, I'm not the person you asked, but thought I'd offer my opinion. I just started doing the shops you mentioned for TCI a few months ago. They used to pay $15 for that shop. It recently went down to $12, and it seems to be staying at that rate, unfortunately. The shop itself is actually pretty easy - you go and look at the bikes, check for specific issues (it's a short list), take pictures, and leave. Boom, done. The one area for a narrative just asks for a general impression and I don't think I've ever written more than about five sentences, just summarizing the issues I saw and the neatness of the department. So, as shops go, it's pretty easy. Plus TCI pays fairly quickly, so there's that. I do wish it still paid $15, though. I don't like having to drive anywhere for less than that, but I live very close to that retailer and try to schedule other shops or errands to do on the day I go, so I'm not just leaving the house for only $12. Hope this is helpful.

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@shopnyc, Thanks for that information. I have at times considered doing that big box shop for CI, but I had concerns that I would have to do some repairs or adjustments to the items being checked. Your description of the task makes it sound like something I could do. There are several of those stores within 6-8 miles of my home, so I might try it next time.
By the way, that scheduler was able to help me. I was going to post that once I completed the shop to explain it but @shopnyc hit it on the nose!
I think I made it sound like you just go in and look at *all* the bikes. They actually give you a list of 5 different types of bikes to check, and they tell you how to differentiate the types (Kids, BMX, Cruiser, etc.). But no, you don't have to fix anything - just report on it and take pics of the bikes and anything not compliant with what they're supposed to be. It doesn't take too much time to do. Just wanted to clarify.

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Well these just showed up with a $5 bonus. I picked up three of them which the scheduler said was all she could schedule me for. $17 total for the shop now.
Note that this MSC is still stingy about 10s as has been reported here in the past. I got 2 9s for the two jobs I did with the only comment being “good job thanks” LOL.

The other similar MSC I work with is very good about explaining 9s when they give them but I mostly only get 10s for them. So if that’s an issue for you, something to think about. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal since I don’t see any jobs with a minimum rating of 10.
Yes, most self assign capability stays in place as long as you have at least a 7 rating.

As long as I get paid, I don't care if I get a 7,8,9 or 10. Other people here seem to get very upset if they don't get a perfect 10 on every shop.
I received a 10 rating on each of my last few shops with them, so I don't see them as "stingy" with giving 10s.

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