Anyone still doing shops for Cirrus Marketing?

I'm not the original poster - but I think the point is, most reputable companies have actual physical addresses. Not saying that all scam companies use postal boxes, but it is considered a red flag.

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It is true that they are very slow to pay out if at all. They are not trustworthy to follow through and pay you. That is why no one picks them up.
@nixkit wrote:

I'm not the original poster - but I think the point is, most reputable companies have actual physical addresses. Not saying that all scam companies use postal boxes, but it is considered a red flag.

The only Cirrus shops I see are being offered by another company with the word "secret" in the name of the company. They seem to be a clearing house for several MSCs. I've had horrible luck with Cirrus working through this company. Apartment shops with lots of conflicting rules. I have all but given up on them unless I can do the phone call and the visit on the same day. Even though the instructions say that you don't have to do them on the same day...
I did shops for them when I used to mystery shop years ago. They stiffed me for quite a few shops. I just started mystery shopping again and I did a few shops for them on ishopmetrics these past 2 months. They have surprised me and pay right away
They are one of the only companies who have not paid me for a shop. I did their furniture shop. It was a long and involved shop. They still owe me $60. That was like three years ago.
Their stores are now visible on iSecertShop. It appears that nobody is picking them up. The last I heard, they took somewhere between six months and a year to pay. Does that still apply?
I did two shops for them. One end of October 2022, one November 3, 2022. Both lured me in with huge bonuses. I have yet to be paid. I had submitted the invoices, and followed every rule. When I finally , after about seven attempts, got ahold of the account manager, I was treated like it was my fault I wasn't paid.
If you look at the reviews for this company, every single one is one star.
They come up with the excuse that client doesn't pay them. I find that hard to believe when they post the same companies to shop over and over. Why do business with a client who doesn’t pay?
Its Cirrus who doesn't want to pay. Someone in that company is driving a luxury car our expense. Pass on anything they offer
@Linsk0049 You are saying you got paid thru ishopmetrics for jobs that you did for Cirrus? The payment schedule posted on CIrrus' site is jobs done in February are processed at the end of May and you should expect payment by June 6.

@Niner Did you send Cirrus an invoice for your work? They require that you send it before payment is sent out. Others here have posted that they sent them an invoice for a job they did a year earlier and got paid. If you sent them an invoice, I would send a reminder email to them found on the website. I always had to send reminders after their posted pay cycle had passed and no payment was received.

@kanerichard I don't do Cirrus work anymore because it isn't worth it on an hourly basis and the frustration of having to wait over 100 days to get paid. I have gotten paid for the work I did for them, but like others here have said register with more companies so that you are NOT limited to considering their work. Like I mentioned above to Niner, if you do work and it is approved in April, you must send an invoice at the end of April, and you can expect to receive payment by August 6. You should also schedule a reminder email that is sent on August 5 saying you haven't received payment as stated on their website. I never got paid without sending the reminder. My experience is they are responsive to this and send payment with 48 hours of that email.

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When I was a secret shopper years ago, I conducted searches for them. For quite a few shops, they ripped me off. In the previous two months, I performed a few shops for them on ishopmetrics before I recently started mystery shopping once more. They startled me and immediately paid
Oh boy remember those large houseware store shops?? An the invoice to fill out? I have not seen any current shops in my area
I don't even think I get emails from them anymore, but I wouldn't do them anyway. Too long of a wait to receive payment.
They were all apartment shops and some the shop fee was $80-120. I also drove hundreds of miles on top of my time. I am still chasing with no success. No response to my phone calls, emails and their address is a P.O Box. I went to the address and found out the P.O box. Any ideas how to chase my money.
Tell me $490 from March of 22. I've sent upwards of 20 emails. Nothing. Their website is still working and shares with people how their company is full of integrity.
Something needs to be done about this.
I was never paid the $490 owed from March of 22. Send upwards of 20 emails. Song and dance for a few of them then they just never returned my emails.
I have $125 outstanding with them. A couple of shops at the end of 2022. I keep writing to them and getting a canned response, no pay.
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