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Has anyone had an issue with Confero’s payment from jobs submitted at the end of September? And has anyone had issue with receiving payments today? I can’t get Confero to answer me.

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Yes. I have. I show some having been paid yesterday, but they have not hit PayPal as of right now. I also have a lot more that have not been paid from September. I did have an email conversation with a Olivia and she assured me which jobs would pay and when. I have sent a follow up email a few minutes ago. Confero owes me a lot of money right now. I have shopped for them off and on for over 20 years and I have never had an issue. But lately I have had to have a scheduler request info about outstanding payments over the last few months. I am worried.

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Thank you for responding! I’ve never had that issue either. They owe me a lot too and mine were done at the end of September so they all should of been paid. I left emails and phone message with no return call or email. I’m frustrated with them at this point. Mine have not hit PayPal either, the ones that say they were paid yesterday.
I am very worried as well. I have had to email them for the last two months about not getting paid. The last payment wasn't received until November 1st and only after writing three emails. I hope they are not going out of business. I do a lot of grocery shops for them and pay with a credit card. I need to reimburse my card over $800. Confero used to pay twice a month and always on time.

I did find out that Confero has let go most of their schedulers and evaluators. They have hired their own. But this should not affect payments. I am having issues with one of the new evaluators. The grocery chain that I work closed most of their pharmacies in August. They still have them on the reports and were told to check NA. I also state in my reports that the store no longer has a pharmacy. This evaluator has sent back up to 5 reports in one day saying the report says that this store has a pharmacy. I was told that Confero retrained her. She stopped sending the reports back for a few weeks but now she is doing it again.

Also, Confero used to book only one month in advance. In September, they booked us through December. This has never happened before. If I don’t get paid this month, I am canceling all my shops. I hope they are not going out of business at the end of December. I can't afford to pay my credit card for charges that should have been reimbursed. If anyone has any clue as to what is going on with Confero, I think a lot of us would like to know.
I’ve called and emailed them a few times and no response. If I’m not paid by tomorrow I’ll be filing a BBB complaint. I’ve never had a company do this. I took my last job on September because I felt uneasy about all the trying to schedule all the way to December.
Well I just got this payment but I’m short 3 other payments. When they do pay it will be almost 2 months from when I completed the shops.
In the past 18 yrs., I only completed 41 shops for Confero, with the last being in Dec. of 2021. All work was paid as agreed, but, in this business, situations sometimes change in the "twinkling of an eye." I will state the obvious: When a company is late AND ignores attempts at communication, it strongly suggests financial problems.
I’m not working for them after this because they did not pay me at the agreed time for all my jobs. After I’m paid for the last 3 jobs I’ll be deactivating. I’ve been with them over 7yrs but these past two years are when I really became active with them.
Update: I was paid today but only 1/3 of what is owed. I sent Olivia French an email stating they need to let shoppers know what’s going on. Those grocery store shops moved to Presto FYI and they are order/pick up shops from what I see. I’m out over 3K if they don’t pay what’s owed at this point. I hope they will at least come clean and let us know what is going on.
Update: I was contacted by Olivia via text and email stating she has forwarded my email to Elaine Buxton, CEO. I also texted with Amy who was scheduling the grocery stores in my part of the world. She is not scheduling them anymore but is still doing another project. She stated she has forwarded the emails and concerns as well . I’ve been doing this over 30 years and I have to say that the lack of communication is a sign things are not right. I personally am holding off scheduling any further shops till I see payment. I would advise others to see how this resolves before putting out any significant resources or time.
I’m done working for them after my next 3 payments. Glad I didn’t take any up until December too. Thank you for the information.
I got paid for 3 jobs but I should of been paid for 6 jobs. Nobody EVER returned my calls or emails.
@cmrgray Could you please change the subject of this thread from Payment to Confero? I suspect Confero is in trouble and more shoppers need to know. Thanks.
Shot a message to Confero through messenger on FB. Here is the response I got:

Me:What is going on with payments? Are you going out of business?

Confero:No we are not. Please explain your concern so I can forward to accounting team.

Me: I have sent Olivia an email. I received a payment but it’s about $1100 short. I have shops from September that have not been paid.

Confero: I will have accounting check into this. I am sorry you are hvaing this issue. It was not intentional. Thank you!
@cmrgray wrote:

I’ve called and emailed them a few times and no response. If I’m not paid by tomorrow I’ll be filing a BBB complaint. I’ve never had a company do this. I took my last job on September because I felt uneasy about all the trying to schedule all the way to December.

Its not a BBB issue. We are not the customers of MSCs. They are our customers. You could file with D&B and other credit reporting companies.

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Update: Confero has paid me up to what was owed for this pay period. They stated in the memo that they had technical difficulties and apologized for the delay.

Confero is a company I have trusted for over 25 years. I will continue to have faith that they will hold to the contract.
I sent an email to Amy and Olivia on 11/17. I told them about my concerns regarding late payments. I am supposed to receive a large check between November 25th and 30th. I told them that I have shops scheduled for December 1st. I am not willing to put any more charges on my credit card to work these shops if I haven't received a payment. I asked if they were going out of business. I didn't receive a response from Amy or Olivia.

I am wondering if they are not gong to be working the mystery shops for these stores after December. Maybe they are just going to have the $15 pick up shops. This still doesn't account for the late payments. I can't think of any other reason why they would schedule us through December when they have never done this in the past.
I agree that communication is severely lacking and in this industry it’s a red flag. Elaine Buxton the CEO needs to address what’s been happening lately personally in my opinion. It would help ease minds.

As far as the new $15 insta shops they don’t work for me as a route shopper. I can’t hope the shop is there when I pull in a small town and can’t always stay in that 12 hour time line after accepting a shop because my route may get delayed.
I was not sorry to see the groceries go to Presto. I was really getting tired of the scheduler nagging me all the time about a location that I did once, just to try it because I was in the area and it was well bonused. Ever since then it's been constant pleading from them. They simply cannot understand why I will not travel 300 miles, round trip, for a $10/10 shop.
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