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@JimmyP wrote:

The e-check from Retail Quotient Research, Inc. did not go through.
That's too bad. It seemed like a possibility that shoppers might get paid. Guess not. sad smiley
Hi all. I'm the one here that has been ranting about turning Red Quanta in to MSPA, the Federal Trade Commission and a watchdog agency in India. I did 7 shops in February and March for a total of $132. I have written to the thieves at RQ numerous times with threats and displeasure. Evidently I am a squeaky wheel because last week I got an echeck from RQ through Paypal for $72 - and it went through. They now owe me $60 - BUT - under the law I want DOUBLE COMPENSATION and late fees. And I'm still trying to find a way to go after them for it. I am very distressed to see many here not being paid from last NOVEMBER!!! This is unacceptable AND illegal. Here in the US, there is something called WAGE THEFT - when an employer or contractor doesn't pay on time. We are entitled to both pay and damages (and DOUBLE compensation) and I would think the fact that they have established a US pay system (if indeed they did) - we will have an even better basis to go after them.

Each of us individually doesn't have an amount owed to us that is enough for a lawyer to pursue. But if we band together, maybe we can find someone to take our case and stir the waters a bit. Me - I want to make trouble for them any way I can - no matter how long it takes. They are dishonest thieves and have KNOWINGLY cheated us out of our money. I would gladly even pay a bit to bring them to justice. Greedy lying SOBs!

I don't know if there is a way to private message on here, but if you are interested in joining me on this, you can email me at starrynightstudio at gmail dot com. Give me your name and the amount you are owed and the month(s) you did your shops. I will compile a list and look for a lawyer or some recourse in the Indian court system or probably both. My first name is Starr and I invite you to join me in making these bastards pay. ALSO - if your echeck bounced, tell me that plus the amount and date. The more ammunition the better.

Let's get 'em.

ALSO - I reported them to MSPA and asked them to put a warning on their scam page. They refused to do so. I told them I was extremely disappointed in them because shoppers are being ripped off left and right by RQ. Other shoppers need to be warned. I told them I have a silver certification from them and they don't protect shoppers with necessary info when it is reported? Just exactly what do they do? I said, "SHAME on them" and they sent me a vague form letter that was totally useless. If you want to complain to them as well - so that we make an impact and have a voice, go to the MSPA Scam Page and report RQ. Maybe they will pony up if they get enough complaints. Who knows, but I am pissed about all this and am determined to follow through to make RQ pay. Big Time. Also, on the MSPA scam page, there is a link to report them to the Federal Trade commission. I did this and never heard back. I'm going to follow up with them again. You can file a complaint there as well and maybe numerous complaints will get their attention.
All MSPA cares about is money just like many organizations. They take your money and charge for their dumb classes and certifications. I have the silver certification also, and that is all! I do not require all of the crap they try to peddle. They are like other organizations who say they are doing things, but are simply taking our money. It is called Corporate Greed! I am totally against Red Quanta, and they know of my discontent with their devious, devilish practices. I am going to see if what their CEO's email promise for payment tomorrow brings. My payment is minuscule ($30), but as I said in previous posts, I only did two shops for them to test the waters basically. They proved their lack of integrity and untrustworthy, dishonest practices. I will NOT shop for them again and have warned many of MY shoppers they are scam artists. Again I want to stress, and I do NOT use this forum for MSP business, only my mystery shopping. I am the only mystery shopper employed by my MSP, and I know not to mix the two. smiling smiley

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I was told “be rest assured that I would be paid this week.” And that it was processed on their side.....I have yet to see a payment.
These “e-checks” - are they not paying via PayPal?
As I deposited my eCheck for $969.20 this morning, I am so glad that the many negative posts bashing this company did not dissuade me from giving them the benefit of the doubt. I have appreciated their prompt communication and ease of reports.
Like everyone else here I have several shops dating back to November. Each time I contacted them they would respond with an apology and they would give me a date for payment. Two weeks ago my Account stated I was paid for a November shop...butttt it still has not been posted to my PayPal account.
I belong to numerous mystery shop companies and have never had this issue before. My mistake for not investigating them further.
Good news this morning! Although the e-check I got did not go through. I did get a new instant payment this morning that did go through! This was a significant amount of money, and there was no fee. I am still owed for two shops from a different month, but the majority of the money was paid today. I'm pretty sure the investigation by the Daily Caller really helped move things along, so thanks to them.
I'm pretty sure that the Daily Caller had nothing at all to do with the payments finally going through. I do feel, though, this thread has had more than a whiff of xenophobia and prejudice toward Indian businesses which the Daily Caller probably hoped to exploit, right-wing publication that it is. Only my March and most recent shops are unpaid at this point.
Happy for you!! I sent another email reminding them about their promised payment. Will keep you posted.

I know a little bit more about the DC investigation than you do, which in your case is zero. When DC got involved, all of the sudden Red Quanta had figured out a way to pay people from the United States, which was has been 6 months after they stopped paying people. Sorry you had to politicize this with social justice warrior nonsense. People like you are why Trump won, and why he may very well win again. This had nothing to do with the company being Indian. The interest from the Daily Caller would be to find out why Google was working with a company that wasn't paying people. It is a good investigation, regardless of what your opinion of the publication is.

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Strange happenings this morning.

First, let's back up a bit. The CEO of Red Quanta, Pankaj Guglani, emailed me on April 12. Like so many others, I was told that payment would take place by "10th May’19".

I received a notice that I was being paid via eCheck on Paypal on May 3. That means it would take 7 days to clear, or not.

I noticed this payment had a fee attached to it, the typical Paypal 2.9%. I questioned Red Quanta/Retail Quotient as to why.

Ajay Yadav told me, "It is been discussed that we will adjust the amount in the next round of payments."

Fast forward to today, May 10. I wake up, check Paypal, and see this: "Retail Quotient Research, Inc.Canceled – Money Received"

I email Ajay asking why. This was at 6:34am EST.

7:50am EST I receive an email from Paypal that I've been paid, not via eCheck, but actual payment, from Retail Quotient. No fee attached to this payment.

Last part of December, January, and February shops paid in full.


131 days since I received payment from Red Quanta / Retail Quotient.

Here's to hoping everyone else gets paid as promised!
I am still awaiting a reply to my email regarding promised payment this week for December.
Same thing happened to me today! The missing amount was deposited into my paypal account with no fees!
Dr. Terminus

Your use of the word "xenophobia" is insulting here. The discussion has never taken that turn as far as I can see. I didn't even KNOW RQ was an Indian company when I did 7 shops for them. However, knowingly with holding payment beyond 30 days or an agreed on time is called WAGE THEFT and it is against the law. So they are committing criminal acts and that is not acceptable in ANY country. If there is any xenophobia going on here it is the other way around.

I also question whether you really did almost $1000 of shops for RQ before getting paid. That doesn't really make sense to me nor does it make sense that you got paid in a timely manner when no one else here did. I apologize if I am mistrusting you in error, but your story doesn't add up.Why would you be interested in a thread complaining about RQ if you have done that much work and gotten paid on time? Sorry, doc, I'm not buying it. And please don't make any rude comebacks. That's not what this thread is about.
I never said that I got paid in a timely manner. I have had many e-mail exchanges with various Red Quanta staff about my late payments and have seen many deadlines come and go. I stopped shopping for them for two months until I started getting paid again. You are more than likely disappointed that your lawsuit is unlikely to come to fruition. As to now knowing that the company is based in India, it would be literally impossible to shop for them without knowing that fact, given that their location is clearly identified on their web page.
Oh, BTW, I have nothing from Red Quanta today as promised by them. They are a bunch of FECKIN LIARS!!! Their timeline is several hours ahead of ours and it is evening there so their business day on 10 May is over!
"Xenophobia" is the wrong term here. Red Quanta is delinquent in making payments - missing their own deadlines by months. Numerous folks have reported that "e-check" payments have not gone through. Shoppers have every right to be angry with them. The frustrations with the company go well beyond what we see on this forum: They are the subject of similar complaints on other boards and MSPA and revoked their membership. Folks' frustrations have nothing to do with the company being based in India. Their frustrations have everything to do with not being paid/reimbursed hundreds and thousands of dollars.

As to whether or not Red Quanta's payment issues are nefarious or simply due to a lack of organization on their end, we don't know. However, suspicion of their integrity is warranted when one of their schedulers has a criminal record for defrauding mystery shoppers.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I sent them several reminder emails that I was still waiting for payment of over $200 for my December shops which was promised this week. Sent them another reminder email and didn't hear anything from them. But, I just received an email from Paypal that my full payment was made and cleared!!!
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