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Glad to hear you got it without a fee, it would have been right under the $ amount. Glad to hear that you got your money.

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great, Ajay has time to browse his forum but not respond to my emails? Soo over RedQuanta!
I also got paid middle of May but there was a fee of $12.08 so I only received $394. They never mentioned about fees but who cares. And I'll never work for them again.
I finally got paid in May for a bunch of work done in December, less a $8.25 fee. The payment was months late, and they kept promising to pay, and finally did. I'm so glad people kept posting on this thread because it was very educational, assuaged me, and helped me get to the right people to get paid. A sincere "thank you" to all of the posters.
I was paid $500 in May which was owed to me for several months. I removed access permissions to contacts, camera, etc. on the app. Today I uninstalled the app after it required a pin code.
Got paid ~$48 (after paypal fees) on 6/4 and ~$600 (didn't see a fee but maybe just because I couldn't find it) on 6/5. These are for March/April shops.

Of course, they still owe me May shops payments (that they are late on) but getting paid increased my confidence in them a bit. The project manager is still Abner as of now.
I finally got paid end of May for December work. They have me marked as paid in full but I am still missing payment from November. And why am I being charged a fee for their late payment?
So, it’s been awhile since anyone has updated this. Is everyone fully paid or are people still chasing?
I still have not been paid my full amount. It is pretty insane that people are not getting paid.
I believe this shop program has faded. Most of the partnerships are gone There have not been new shops in several months (since Mother's Day). The company posted a few weeks ago about another client that is small and not in every market in quick serve restaurant business. I have never been paid for the last set of work I did; however, the company did pay me for most of the work. I don't know if people are actually going to order food through the household name search engine company with whom they were partnered. However, I think the sun has set and these shops are over. I don't think I will see any of the remaining money I am owed. A true lesson learned; I've done mystery shopping for nearly 20 years, and this is the only time I have been burned. It's my fault, and I take responsibility for it.

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I did 4 shops for this company in August 2019. I have yet toi be paid or receive an answer when they will pay me. They ha similar complaints with the BBB. My advice steer clear!
Did 4 shops in August 2019 and still awaiting an answer let alone some amount of payment form Red Quanta. Thet suck and I am an idiot for not doing my due diligence previous to accepting any shops.
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