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I recently received a Facebook message from someone claiming to be a scheduler for Red Quanta. He asked me to apply with them to conduct restaurant shops. I've never heard of this company, and I find it odd that he found me on Facebook. I don't advertise that I'm a mystery shopper on my page. However, I did comment on a post by SQM recently that he may have seen. Do any of you have experience with this company?

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I did one shop for them. The report was easy, but overall the shop was very disorganized. The company was extremely unresponsive. However, the scheduler worked with me to get the report submitted.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
I did one.

They don't pay paypal fees and didn't offer any other payment option. On my low list now.
I got a request via PM on this forum. Read some of the feedback here and did a web search on the company and decided not to respond.
I completed several shops for Red Quanta this past week for delivery/take out. The scheduler was easy to work with but the report asked for my total in rupees and the report was obviously translated to English. The way the questions were asked didn't always make sense so I'm hoping I filled it out correctly.
I've done two. The first one had a radio button set to the wrong type of shop (delivery instead of the carryout I was assigned) and it took getting the scheduler involved to get it fixed. For the second I was really looking forward to a carryout Chinese meal, but the site malfunctioned and I couln't put the order in. Got a lesser attempt fee for that one

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
The company is based in India and their payment time is 3 months after the shop. I've read the reviews for this company and it's a no-go for me. They seem like they just can't work out the kinks.
I did this through mercantile today. Not sure if red quanta was just a pseudo name for the program or if mercantile has a relationship with them, but spoke to a merc scheduler on the phone. Seems legit. Report is straightforward.
FYI, I received such an email today. I signed up and sent an email asking about available dates and times. I did not get the date and time information I'd asked for, but I was immediately assigned three shops. These were for dates and times that I was not available and would not have chosen, so I sent an email back and cancelled all three.
I've had a hard time with them. Their email bounced and there's no answer at their phone, so I have no idea how to get in touch with them. And the only restaurants available seem to be 2 local Indian restaurants.
I signed up with one of their schedulers, and they are very easy. If for whatever reason there's a problem with payment, that would definitely suck.
Definitely a problem with payments....
I did my first shop with them in November, still haven't been paid. They have a phone number, which is no longer in service and their email inbox returns an error saying its full. Not looking good here.
So these are the same app shops on merc because i was emailed the site for the shop fromba google group red quanta
And if you are in the areas i think they have a lot to complete, it said you can do 3 per email address but my scheduler signed me up for 4 because i think they are really trying to fill them, reimbursement only.
Yes you are right. They are absolutely terrible. I had to chase them for measly reimbursements for months.
Stay away from Red Quanta....

I did a shop in November and I still haven't been paid. The number on their website isn't active and their inbox is full. Their facebook page no longer exists.

Edit..finally received payment.
But their site is a mess, and their support is virtually non-existent. I won't do another for these guys.

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At the end of Red Quanta's report, they ask for three personal references from me. Permissible references include relatives; so they don't care about objective opinions of me. It sounds like a scheme to harvest email and phone info.
I suspect the report requires screenshots that include my credit card number. Also, my profile page has a place for my bank info, even though they use Paypal.
I'm cancelling my assignments, even though there's no place to do that on their website.
Just a quick FYI: the report can be submitted without providing the references, and it doesn't need a screen shot with your credit card info.

I did some of them and now I'm just hoping to get paid.
So I'm getting emails from this lady offering $25 shops in my city and wants me to email her back with a yes or no and a gmail address for Red Quanta. ??? why do I have to have a gmail. and I need to know the details of the shop and how far it is from me. They act like I will accept any shop anywhere in my city. I'm glad I came here and saw all these posts.

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A new gmail account is required for this project. Once you review the shop guidelines, it will make sense.

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Why is all this just a big secret. can someone just tell us what is required from beginning to end and what you had to do and how you were paid. One person said oh you don't need references. but that person added that she had not been paid.
I completed 4 assignments this past month. The first one did not ask for references, but the next three did. I was told by the scheduler that I should receive payment 45-60 days after completion.
@rbarker wrote:

Why is all this just a big secret. can someone just tell us what is required from beginning to end and what you had to do and how you were paid. One person said oh you don't need references. but that person added that she had not been paid.

Ah, because our ICAs prohibit giving out this information. Which happens to be the case for just about every shop.

Thank goodness I'm too stupid to be mental!
I did one for them in January through a scheduler, for a food delivery. I never had to give references. It was a little disorganized being a foreign company (english not being correct in places), but they followed through. Even though the company said 3 months for payment, I was paid within a month. The scheduler even followed up to make sure I got paid.
They don't pay for months and then they do only after religiously chasing them...
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