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Everything is still unpaid on my end. I e-mailed an invoice from Paypal today. I am sorry that happened to you. I would try to send them an invoice on paypal and see what happens. Upload everything onto the invoice. I charged a late fee as well since I have an e-mail stating I'd be paid by April 30, 2019. I am hoping this works. If not since the company is in NJ I'd have to go out there to sue in small claims court.

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Not necessarily. Since you probably did the work in your home state your local court my have jurisdiction. Ask your court clerk, as this varies by state.
Hey Ajay,

Next round of payments? Does that mean we have to complete more shops to get that money back?

I said "if everyone gets paid." I did not mean that I know for sure everyone is getting paid, so that was just a miscommunication.

There is nothing wrong with being "zealous." I didn't say you were over-zealous. As far as moderator reporter police, that was because you reported something to moderators. The people part was just because you're a person. It's all good. []
@thissucks if they do, indeed, pay your Paypal Money request, Paypal's fee will come out of it. I tried that... not worth it.
I'm still waiting to be paid for December and January shops. Last promise was I would be paid on May 10th. We'll see......
I've had a few interesting replies from RedQuanta yesterday AND today. Let me know if you want to know what they told me now about being paid for my NOVEMBER shops.
My old friend Ajay has been emailing me this week also. He says he is paying close attention to my posts. grinning smiley

That nameless person (you know who I am talking about) who I think has been blocked here now sent me an email after I emailed him telling him how I HAVEN'T been paid by RedQuanta.

Here's his reply:

.... Yadav
Mon, May 6, 5:24 PM (23 hours ago)

to me, Pankaj

+Pankaj Guglani

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 2:50 AM Ajay Yadav <> wrote:
Hi Faye,

We can understand your concern regarding delayed payments.

We are glad to inform you that we have fixed our payment issue by setting up our payment system in USA.
We have already made payments for many shoppers and due to some restriction we can't process more than 100 transactions in a day.
The next round of payments will be done by end of the week and I will make sure that your payment is cleared on priority.

Thank You. Regards

Pankaj is the CEO of RedQuanta. Did anyone hear know that???

Then here is another email from a NEW PERSON at RedQuanta, Shubhangi that I received this morning, who I have never heard from before:

Shubhangi Agarwal <>
6:32 AM (10 hours ago)

to me

Hi Faye,

Payments are processed from our end. If these are canceled I will surely look into this. Can you please confirm if this your Paypal -

Thanks & Regards,
Shubhangi Agarwal
Project Manager | redquanta
+91- 8318856049

Well, folks, what do you think of that???? I will ONLY believe I will be paid when the money is sitting in my bank account, otherwise, forget about me trusting them that I will be paid this week, like ...... said.

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Yes, I received an email from the CEO and that was who it was from. It was a form email just like most of their emails. The emails Ajay sent me this week were specific to me. I did not recognize the other employee of Red Quanta. That one was new to me smiling smiley thanks for sharing
Fcolando / if that is your actual gmail address you need to edit and delete it. Not wise to post it here.
November was paid. I am still waiting for my December shops for over $200. After sending numerous emails without a response, I finally received this:

Your payments will be done by the end of this week.
Thank you,

It does seem that the payment "week" always changes.

You're lucky. I am still waiting for my measly November payments to go through. Red Quanta's payments bounced when they tried to pay my November payments in April. I hope someday I will be paid for my November payments.
Shubhangi Agarwal is not a "new" person, I've been talking about her for some time on this thread (like page 11 - [])

I am sorry, I didn't go back that far to look to see if Shubhangi was a "new" person. Either way, I have been owed ONLY $83.16 for NOVEMBER and still have not been paid. I refused to do more for them until I got November paid.

Either way, the eChecks bounced in April, and Redquanta shows that I have been paid, even though, in truth, I have not been paid. I am going to quit responding here. Nothing gets me my money and I am sure I will never see my measly $83.16 that RedQuanta owes me. So I will not be back to this forum, because nothing I do here, nothing I do via email or getting Google Vendor Management to give me the time of day works to get me my $83.16. So goodbye forum, I will not be coming back anymore.
I know if I continuously bounced payment checks on PayPal they would cut me off. So why are they still doing business with Red Quanta?
Why is anyone? I certainly am not. I did two shops for them totaling 30 bucks and told them since they were new, I would not do any more until I was paid. That was back in December 2018. I have not done any shops, and will never do any more shops for them. They keep promising payment this Friday. I don't believe anything until I see the promise come to fruition. I edit and schedule as well as mystery shop, and I have been lied to too many times to believe anything. Darn shame isn't it sad smiley Oh BTW, I use this forum only for my Mystery Shopping. I do not use it for MSP business. I know how to keep it separate (hint hint Ajay!)

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