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I was thinking the same thing. I have assignments for this Friday with a different company. I usually double up with CFA for either the same film(s) or a different one. They get snapped up pretty quick in my area but I don't see anything for miles.

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We will touch base with you this week to make sure you are all set. Thank you for working with us!
Arch--I responded to a Craigslist ad. Mariah got me signed up and ready to go. She was very nice and responsive. I've been signed up since December and have done several assignments. Have not received any pay yet, though.........And they have apparently changed how they assign the jobs, but I did not receive the new instructions. I've had issues getting jobs for the last 2 weeks now.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
Hey SandiAigo,

Many, many thanks as I was highly curious where they recruited. They should have done so on this site first as myself and probably every other trailer checker would have loved to know. I am signed up with them for tomorrow. The pay rate is $10.00 for the first screen and either $2.00 or $2.50 I think for the additional ones. After you do a few checks for them you then qualify for self assign.
They have called me a few times but I haven't done any yet. My theaters don't have WiFi. My data plan is unlimited but slows down once I hit a certain point. Since I use my phone for work, I can't have it slow down because I used all of my 4G doing trailer checks. Plus, when I check, I usually have 2+ films with overlapping times that I check simultaneously. I can't check more than one film with a phone, which means longer time in the theater and less money.
marg704 Is there any WiFi located very close to the the theater that you could use if you are only checking one movie?? Maybe you could manually write it on a piece of paper in the theater and then walk over to the WiFi zone and enter the information?? Maximum trailer check times are usually 15-17 mins in total.
There is a Lowe's but I can't connect - too far away. The MovieMeasure rep said the phone records the trailers, so no writing down. Maybe someone who has done them can tell us how it works. I can see the benefit for instant reporting if there was WiFi.
marg704, then maybe it is worth it to get a data plan if it would definitely pay for the weekly earnings from trailer checks. Surprised that the theater has no WiFi.
PS- Some carriers like T Mobile have a data day pass at $10.00 per day. So you only use the data access when needed..not sure if other carriers offer this..
Hello @Arch Stanton and @SandiAigo - thank you for the discussion. There are a few things here. Let me try to reply to them all. If I miss any, please reply here, and I will add.
1. we recruited using a few sites but were concerned about posting here until we were more established and could guarantee regular weekly work - we can do that now
2. we want our checkers to use the app as it is fast and instant, and means there is no 'homework' calling in or going home to type into a website
3. We have a feature to allow for the limited data scenario. You need to 'check-in' at the theater (need data/wifi) but that is minimal. After that, you are allowed to operate with no data, and select the trailers you view. However, after the assignment, we ask that you get to a wifi spot as quickly as possible, and submit your data. If you email me at I can walk you through that more
4. I can also discuss how we suggest handling multiple showtimes that overlap or are too close given the trailer pack run time
5. We have changed the way we schedule (the past couple of weeks) to ensure we speak with each checker to ensure we minimize any mis-allocations. This will soon change to allow each checker to choose available assignments from our website - hopefully live in a few weeks. This will also allow checkers to 'perma-assigned' locations to allow checkers to continue with locations weekly
6. On pay, we are trying to pay out on a monthly basis. Again, please email with any queries.

Thanks, Rakesh

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Hello @Zalidina you can find it in the app store (or play store) by searching movie measure . Please let me know if that is still not found for you
Rakesh helped me sign up. I did the test...and now I'm not sure how we see what assignments are available. No one has called me...and I've checked the app and saw nothing available. I'm looking forward to my first assignment - hope it's soon.

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Hello @katfromct7. How are you? We have assignments on Feb8. Can you send me an email and we will get you all set up. We will also be able to review you test assignment and help you with any feedback. Thanks and Sorry for the delay.

We will have our website launched where you can self select your assignments soon!
I believe they call with assignments until you are established. I think that is what I read. This weekend is a slow weekend - no checks for my other companies. Only one or two movies opening on Friday and they are probably not being checked. Next weekend should be busy.
Hi Rakesh. I'm doing well - making sure to keep warm with temps in the single digits. I just sent you a reply at

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@marg704 Thank you for the information. I appreciate the helpfulness of people in this forum.

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Hello @football1 have you done a check with us? If so and there is an issue please email us at Our checkers have been paid out for January and end of February is approaching fast. I’d like to make sure we close out any issue for you. Thanks
Thanks for the support. If there is any area of improvement you see please email us at with feedback. Thanks!
I did work for them, but they didn’t pay when they said they would, and their customer service was terrible.
For some, but not all things. And there vague answers of when I’ll be paid the rest are very frustrating. Rakesh was very unprofessional about it too!
It appears CFA is back to doing some of the checks. I just did one for them this weekend.
marg704, thanks for posting, but was the certified trailer check for one of the major studios or one of the tiny ones?? Did one last week for movie measure and was very pleased with the simplicity of it and they pay better than cheapo certified..
It was one of the major studios/distributors. CFA was throwing out bonuses up until last night. Life would be easier for them if they just provided those rates from the start. A bonus does no good if the movie times have passed.
@marg704 wrote:

It was one of the major studios/distributors. CFA was throwing out bonuses up until last night. Life would be easier for them if they just provided those rates from the start. A bonus does no good if the movie times have passed.
I don't think the client was a major one. Definitely not one of the big..errr..4 is it now with the mergers? I had barely heard of them before. I think it may be a one-off.
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