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@nathanrussell, you were paid for all your January work a couple of days into February. We explained then that we had some payment system issues with paypal. We had resolved those with them and that February work would be paid at the end of February. You then accused us of being semantically incorrect, despite us sending paypal payments on Feb 28. Note, bank transfers went out on Mar 1. These are for trailer checks. For installs, we do not pay when you are done; we pay when the project is complete. There are too many moving parts to pay out mid-project. However, Accounting has paid YOU specially. We have now closed your account, and you are free to seek work and payment terms from other firms. I am sorry to see you go. Your work was all approved, but your approach and attitude, including your accusatory style makes you no joy to work with. As any company does, we have had, and will have problems in the future - we need our team to work as a team. Good luck. Rakesh

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They are legit from what i understand. I was contacted originally via facebook and then by phone call. However i have not performed any checks for them yet as 1. I was warned of payment issues by the person who contacted me via facebook and 2. I had read here that people were still having payment issues so ive been kinda reluctant to accept anything until they get those issues worked out because all though i am understanding that things happen some times and that new companies have to work out the bugs i work because i need money not just for something to do. So yes they are a legit company but im not real sure about everybody getting paid what they are supposed to be paid and when they are supposed to be paid so if you lovely people could keep me updated on that part it would be awesome!
@kellycowger They had some issues, but they communicated to their checkers well. I love how responsive they are. I get emails informing me of upcoming assignments, and when I had a problem with the app, I was able to reach a live person while I was in the theater. I've done trailer checks for them since February. The app is really easy to use and because it's real-time submission, there is no need to go home and enter the result which is awesome. I am assigned to my permanent theater, so when there is work there, I get the first pick. Can't complain!
What is their payment schedule & method? I have asked them several times but have never gotten a straight answer.
Hello @stormraven73 @Chickster and @kellycowger . Firstly, thank you for taking the time to post and share your thoughts. We absolutely had some payment issues earlier in the year. We had started with Venmo to allow us to pay without asking for personal details. The problem was that we instantly blew any limits Venmo had. This caused some people to be paid, and others not. So we fixed it. We have a new Accounting Team. We have moved to Paypal and Bank deposit. That worked much better in February and will be even smoother in March. There will always be issues about payments, as we have to pay for approved work, and sometimes we and the checkers may not agree on what has happened, but we do our best to work that out,. Other issues can arise when we had paid people via Venmo but they had not claimed it. We marked it as paid, but the checker has not received it. We hope that won't happen with the new payment methods. In terms of schedule, we pay monthly for trailer checks. SO if you do a trailer check in March, and the data is approved, you will get paid at the end of the month. We need to implement that same approach for Ads and for Installations.

If you still have concerns about payment methods or approach, please email and we will make sure we get back to you.
I used the app for the first time this weekend. It works well. I found the auto detect of the trailers doesn't work well for trailers with no talking like Frozen 2. You need an android phone or iphone to do the trailer checks. It seems like they've taken over from certified. I referred another friend and she finds it convenient too.
How do you gain access to the theater? With Marketforce and verites they provide a letter of approval from the studio, I asked the manager last week if anyone has been doing trailer checks using cell phones and he said no one has been there since me last year. (when marketforce lost the contract) So how are the cell phone people getting in? Or are some locations just going uncovered?
@Alwaysringstwice wrote:

How do you gain access to the theater? With Marketforce and verites they provide a letter of approval from the studio, I asked the manager last week if anyone has been doing trailer checks using cell phones and he said no one has been there since me last year. (when marketforce lost the contract) So how are the cell phone people getting in? Or are some locations just going uncovered?

In my experience you just tell them you are there to do trailer checks and mention the company name, Movie Measure. Worse comes to worse there is an authorization letter in the e-mail you get from Movie Measure. Quite frankly as long as you don't stay in the theater after the trailers check most of the theaters don't care as who would show up and willingly sit through trailers multiple times for free?
Hi @any007 , thanks for the post. We recommend that you start the auto listen when you feel the trailer sounds are audible, but if it doesn't pick it up, just listen again. We saw Frozen automatically match multiple times over the past projects. One other tip - kill other apps on your phone during the trailer checks. Apps like Facebook use your microphone without you knowing, and if that is open, that could interfere with your trailer listening. You can just open facebook after the trailer check is done. Thanks!!
Hey @Alwaysringstwice and @weatherman2111 A few things. Our clients have introduced us to most corporate offices of the theaters, so they know us. However, you can always find a theater that has an issue. We have the authorization in the app to help prevent any mis use (the letter getting into the wrong hands etc). Finally, we are always available during check times to assist. The golden rule is not avoid any confrontation. We've had that before and (generally) prevented any major problem from developing. Which location were you referring to that had not been checked? Would you like to be the checker there? Thanks
I have been chasing payment for my first two assignments for weeks now, and getting nothing but runaround. "I will look into it" doesn't pay my bills or answer my questions. I get replies to my emails, but they are always nonsequiteurs or non-answers. Thankfully I am only out $20, but I will be putting this company on my 10-foot-pole list for at least a year.

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How can I apply with movie measure? I would like to build more standees and do trailer previews.
@stormraven73 Not sure of your registered moviemeasure email but please forward the emails to me and I will ensure accounting look at it and get back to you on what has happened. It is also possible we paid via paypal and it has not been claimed or was denied - that has happened a few times with some of our users. In those instances, we are ensuring the correct paypal address is recorded on our side. Please forward those emails to
Thank you
@Rakesh Nigam I finally received a useful response from David. Although my questions were only partially answered he acknowledged the error and said I would be paid this month.

My repeated suggestion (never acknowledged) was to have our shop history accessible in the app. Also, we should have payment history including pending payments. Our user profile should include our payment method and the option to change it.
@stormraven73 please forward me the email and I can help try to answer any gaps in your queries. The suggestions you make are all good ones and will be part of the checker app build out for the future. They may be in place for when you give us a look after a year.
I have done three trailer checks for Movie Measure, beginning on March 22. I received payment for my two March assignments on April 2, via a PayPal eCheck. According to the PayPal notice I received, it can take 3-5 business days to clear, and post to the account. As of now, it is still in limbo.

The payment from Movie Measure is $2 short. Not a big deal, but a bit worrisome, in my mind, as this is only the first payment. I have written to Rakesh, and I am awaiting a reply.

Regarding the app, it works very well, and I really like not having to rush home after the last theater check to input all the information I’ve gathered. Everything is done before I leave the theater.

That being said, there are a couple of issues. All completed shops only appear immediately after completing a new trailer check. When I check the day after, there’s a pop up that says, “There are no completed assignments.”

Secondly, there is no payment information available in the app, nor is there a way to check online. I have no idea which trailer check I wasn’t paid for.

I’ve been permanently assigned to the theater near my house, which is nice. I did trailer checks there for the other company, for about two years, and had built a rapport with management and staff, which makes things so much easier.

Here’s hoping that the check clears by Tuesday, as scheduled. Fingers crossed.
Hello, how does this company schedule? I called today and got a very rude person. I really wonder if this will be worth my time.
I haven't had any issue with the schedulers. Sorry to hear you did. Try again, as they currently only schedule by phone, I think. They plan to add a shop board to the app in the future.

If you PM Rakesh on this forum, he responds quickly. He is the owner, if you feel you need to tell him about the incident.
i have been doing checks with certified for many years. is movie measure worth signing up with? i am in scottsdale, az.
@mkennett They are very friendly and easy to work with. They are new, so the app still needs fine-tuning, but if you are used to checking they operate similarly to Certified. No ad checks, "versions" are listed in the app, and no figuring out which version for which rating. The app simplifies and streamlines the process immensely.
We so appreciate all of your positive feedback about us! Also, as someone with experience, please do contact if you can provide any tips to include in the May Newsletter. The newsletter will be going out on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.
Hello @mkennett sorry for the late reply here, but I see that @Admin2019 has already posted with our email. You can always download our app (moviemeasure) from the app/play store. You can register on the app and you'll be contacted. To expedite, you can always use the email address suggested and list out your locations too. Thanks!
Hello @slcanty4236 I'm sorry your experience was not a good one. Feel free to message me or @Admin2019 so we can investigate. Thanks, Rakesh
Hello @ladymacleod - I wanted to follow up and see if the payment was received. We have made several significant rounds of payments for numerous projects since then, so hope your issues were resolved. If they are not, please PM me. Regards, Rakesh
Thank you to Rakesh and @Admin2019 for being so responsive. We love it when schedulers and owners respond so willingly. Communication breeds trust.
So when are we suppose to get paid for the standees we did in April? Anybody know?

I see there are 3 more standees hitting the theaters, Midsommar, 47 Meters Deep Uncaged, and Dora the Lost City of Gold but Movie Measure isn't getting any of them. Anybody know why?
There are multiple companies for standees, and some are done by the theatre themselves. As for pay, it went out May 1st (May 10th for Avengers trailer checks). Some standee projects were not completed until after the 1st and those will pay out June 1st. You should have gotten an email with the list of which projects would pay in June.
Yeah, I know there are multiple companies. Sometimes it gets split up between them. Secret Life of Pets did. In this case, movie measure didn't get any of them.

Didn't get no email. In looking in the app, it really doesn't say when you completed an assignment.Just a general date for a group of locations with a date sort of near when they were done. I see I'm going to have to start keeping paper records so I know what I did and when and how much it paid.And if I want any pictures, going to have to take those separate from the app. Looking at my mileage records, the 12 Child's Play were in May. The 14 Stuber were in April and the 5 Secret Life of Pets were in April.

Found an email for accounting. See if we can find out what happened. Good thing I don't need the money. I just do them for fun. After the first one it's the challenge of how fast can you do them. It's like doing 3D puzzles. Plus it gets me out of the house and I get some exercise.

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Wait a minute, after rereading your reply .... when the project completes??? So even if I do the work in April, if the project doesn't complete until in May, then I won't get paid until June? That would explain why I didn't get paid. Even so, I didn't get an email letting me know. Like i said, good thing I don't need the money.
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