Ipsos myster shopping payment 10/25

Hello has anyone been paid by ipsos yet? They have been doing so good with the late payments I hope they not back on that again. ????

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I haven't had a check from IPSOS for a while, so I just wanted to double check on this. For the jobs on the Pay Statement for 10/15/2019 to 10/22/2019, that processed on Tuesday, pay today correct?
I so wish they would go back to every other week payments. It is easier for my bookkeeping and shoppers could spend half as much time fretting over if the money is going to be on time. Mine hasn't arrived yet but it's still early in the day here on the west coast.
Thanks everyone! Are they pretty dependable with posting it on Friday? I am really looking forward to this check!
For the most part I get my money at the same time every Friday. But every once in a while you won't get paid until Monday and it usually falls on a Friday I need it the most lol go figure!!
The weirdest thing is the big box Audits, that are also ran by IPSOS paid early, yesterday, and these are the same exact way. They are processed on Tuesday and paid on Friday.
So how can they pay for some projects and not others?
I emailed the person that handles payments and they did confirm there are some issues with PayPal and payment will not be posted until Tues smh this crazy....oh well guess I'm off until Tuesday lol
It says on the pay Statement that we get paid the Friday after the jobs are processed on Tuesday.  Im waiting on a $1372 check and have spent so much money on doing these shops, I am out doing more of them right now. I have another 75 scheduled to do and am supposed to go out of town on a route on Monday.  But there is no way I'm doing any more shops and especially going out of town unless I get paid.  I hope my rating isn't affected by not doing these shops but I only picked these up because the statement I got on Tuesday said I'll be paid on Friday. I have a very important bill due today and I am screwed.
And with the time change next Saturday, the days are to short to do routes any more, so I was going to work all week. This is such bs. LOL looks like I will also be on vacation until at least Tuesday also.
I know the feeling it sucks I am in the same boat I was using some of this money to finish doing my audits. I'm just going to email my scheduler and be honest then on top of that I have to spend money during the shop so i'm not even going to stress myself. I'm going to sit on my house and relax this weekend since the funds a little low lol.
I got a partial payment, which I am very unhappy about. They keep offering me assignments but I'm going to hold off on taking anything new until my account is fully reconciled. I'm trying not to be too upset because they are the quickest payers I work for, but I don't appreciate not getting a heads up (well, aside from my friends here on the forum!)...I take my payment schedule as seriously as they take their due dates.
I don't think they understand that we pretty much work for ourselves and we need out money on time to put back into our business especially when you have an assignment where you have to spend money
I understand sometimes these companies aren't always reliable but when I got the statement Tuesday i pushed off my cable bill until today. That's my cable, internet and phone. And because i already made a promise to pay they won't work with me at all. It says right on the statement
"Each pay cycle executes weekly, every Tuesday, payments are processed to shopper PayPal accounts every Friday. "

I wouldn't have set up anything if i didn't read that Tuesday. And now because I left at 7am and Drove 235 miles to do BPs, I'm completely broke because this was really the only check I get this week.

I am sitting in my car in a city 75 miles from home crying because how am I going to tell my kids that they will have no TV or internet. My kids are gamers, that's how they make money. Ugh I am so beyond pissed off.

Thanks everyone for replying and listening to my complaining all day
Tomorrow is another day.
Hi what shops do you do for them that your making that much???The most I’ve made is like 350 and that’s because of the high bonuses
In another thread someone posted that they were told payment won't be made until Tuesday due to PayPal issues.

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Those are all the green gas shops. I did 66 of them in a week. I was hoping to do that again this week, but I'm not putting anymore into these until i make something.
Well, glad it wasn't just me! I was expecting something from IPSOS today, but didn't get it. We'll see what happens come next week. Good to know I'm not alone!
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