Ipsos myster shopping payment 10/25

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Mizzie....I know exactly what you mean....sympathies....

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You have 75 shops to do and then you go on a route on Monday? And today when you posted is already Friday and you are not out doing those shops. How many shops can you do in a day? I live in a big city and I do not think I could cobble together 75 shops at one time for one msc let alone do them in 2 days. Even three. It would drive me crazy. How do you manage 25-37 shops in one day? day after day?
I’m glad you folks mentioned Tuesday for payment. I was counting on payment for this Friday and now this Monday.
Any updates, I have tried emailing and asking support and get no response since Friday. No pay and no communication?? Ms at least sends you a message with an expected time frame when their payments are late, is this the norm for ipsos? I've only done a few weeks work for them here and there and finding myself a bit upset atm
It is a little unprofessional. Can you imagine we didn’t do a shop and did not communicate with them!!!????
I spoke to my scheduler this Am and she was aware of the late payment so she gave me more time to do my shops. The payments are supposed to be posted tomorrow smh
hello - the big box audits are in a different platform - Sassie versus Shopmetrics. We were able to pay some projects last week. The rest will be paid tomorrow (Tuesday) due to an issue with finance. Keep in mind we are still one of the fastest paying companies in the business, and starting 11/5 we will be paying TWICE weekly for the remainder of 2019.

Amy Darnell
Senior Research Analyst
Ipsos NA - Mystery Shopping
Ipsos is definitely the fastest in the industry in terms of payments!! smiling smiley I appreciate the weekly payments and payments twice a week for the rest of 2019 will be amazing! Keep up the great work.
I think it is extremely unprofessional to not pay on time and also not communicate with shoppers. This is going to shape how I make my decisions on who to shop for going forward. I am a seasoned shopper.
Ipsos is not good with communication. I contribute this to arrogance. Somehow shoppers aren't important enough to them.

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Twice weekly UGH. Please go back to once a month and put the extra manpower into a team that responds to shopper issues. Maybe a working support phone # or a contact person that emails back.

It is presumable your are answering on behalf of ipsos, I appreciate your time in doing so and I'm glad it's not the norm.
That said, I would like to throw this out there for thought, do as you will with it.
I have been doing this about two years now for multiple other companies and I know it's like a thing that you just get paid when you get paid lol but I'm good with that, I can handle that. Many pay very slowly, others quickly, some give you rough time frames, others give you set time frames and dates to expect pay. I am fine with it all and make it work for my personal needs.
For me, I use the companies with set payment dates and time frames for my regular monthly bills like rent, utilities etc and make sure I do enough jobs to cover my expenses with those companies. That gives me hard numbers and time frames I can budget and plan my finances with, and the rest that pay all whenever they feel like it at 4 am on a Wednesday, we'll that's my gas money, diapers for my tot, a red box on a Saturday night etc.
It is okay that life happens, and that things don't always go as planned, I can always figure out a few days, call a bill company and say hey I had a paycheck issue etc etc. I consider myself a forgiving and understanding person. However, when a company has a set pay date/time frame and that fails, its a common courtesy to communicate. So when there was no "hey sorry FYI" email amongst the dozens of we have great shops available for you! Blah blah, I was a little worried it was just my check. When I sent multiple emails through various contacts for support including the schedulers I'd worked with for 3 days and no one answered... Well then I was just hot MAD.
Not because I didn't get paid, but BECAUSE IT DIDN'T SEEM TO MATTER TO IPSOS.
ONE AUTO GENERATED SORRY ABOUT THE PAY PROBLEM EMAIL SENT OUT WOULD HAVE MADE THE DIFFERENCE. This makes the company look UGLY, not because they pay late every now and then but because they don't show the people that are doing the work for them any respect or regard when it happens.

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Still waiting ???????????????????????????? I just sent and email just to reconfirm we are getting paid today!!!!!!

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No IPSOS payment from October 25th yet...it's now October 29th. I have sent two emails to them, but have heard nothing.
No payment from them for October 25th. It's Tuesday, October 29, nothing so far at all.
Mines normally come around 10:30 I was hoping I would have it earlier seeing as how they are 4 days late smh
I'm registered with almost 30 companies I think I'm gonna put Ipsos on the back burner for a while....they are the only company I work for that has ever paid me late.

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Any one can file a complaint with BBB against any company for any reason , regardless of their relationship to that company
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