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I just got a really low grade on one of my reports, and this was in the email I received:

"Note: this rating is final, and we are unable to provide detailed feedback on the specific errors found in your report. Your rating does not impact the amount of compensation you receive for this report. iShopFor Ipsos Sassie only uses even numbered ratings."

That's not helpful at all, and their editors are certainly not infallible. (Shop guidelines, for example, often contain obvious errors.)

If I am not told how I erred, how am I supposed to improve?

The last time (and the only time) I strongly disagreed with one of their editors, she at least gave me the specific reason for the score. Because she gave me detailed feedback, I was able to prove she misinterpreted my report by showing her my answers/narratives directly contradicted her conclusion that I had done something wrong. She adjusted my score accordingly.

Without knowing the alleged errors in my report, and with IPSOS' position that this rating is final, there is nothing I can do about this. Of course, it is good that I will be getting paid for the shop, but this will definitely have a negative impact on my willingness to shop for them. Next time, an editor may decide I will not be paid for a shop because he/she thinks I did not follow shop guidelines.

I will still shop for IPSOS, but I will probably wait for higher bonuses.

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They also appear to have some of the Maritz editors left over specifically for three specific gas clients. You can tell from the comments/requests made when clarification is needed.
What kinds of shops are getting edited? Nothing I do for them has enough narrative to require editing.
I have noticed this as well. There is a telecom shop that contains one narrative box requiring one sentence. And I've noticed one of the editors decides to grade these low and add a note that "Please check your punctuation and grammar." Which is beyond silly, as there is only one sentence of narrative. I did one last week and wrote a 5 word sentence that didn't require any sort of punctuation just to test how this would go, and exactly the same result. Seems these editors need a hug, or a new job. I'm not going to do any more of these telecom shops as this editor seems only to be working on those.
I believe lots of editors have saved "canned" answers they copy and past when they are completing the editing. I've gotten several with the exact same wording to include "no further action is required" or something to that effect.

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I have received a few emails with "5" grades on reports that previously I never got a grade on. (Bank shops) I also don't receive a grade on all the shops, just here and there. Five seems to be a good grade with them. This is Shopmetrics I'm referring to.

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I believe "5" is the highest score possible for their Shopmetrics shops. For their SASSIE shops, "10" is their highest score and the scoring goes by increments of 2. So, the score can only be an even number.

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Well, at least they paid me for a cellphone shop that I did not have to hang around for after I found out the wait would be 2 to 3 hours. I thought for sure I would not get paid for that. Nothing showed up from any editor.

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It all depends on the editors. I have gotten what I consider RIDICULOUS requests from editors in follow up. I mostly do their gas station audits. One editor wanted a DIFFERENT picture of a dirty canopy column than the one I had because it was "more dirty". Another apparently wanted me to stand in the busy street to get a better overall photo.

When the requests are ridiculous I just tell them to check with the senior editor on whether they think the edit is necessary. Usually means the shop gets approved without further issue.

And IPSOS is the only company, IMO, where the editing is super inconsistent.
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