You're on the road, and you have an IPSOS report you MUST submit. Do you use the app, or wait until you can access the website?

Just got a new phone, it seems to work much better in the rural areas.

I need now to master getting reports in while on the road.

Thoughts, hints, personal history with IPSOS app? It's been a while since anyone posted horror stories about it, LOL.

Not Presto; I've given up on that one, just the app for the regular IPSOS shops I took off their website.

Thanks in advance.

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I use the app for shopmetrics shipping jobs, and I access the website on my phone for SASSIE shops.
I do the shipping shops on the Mobit Audit app on the road usually between shipping shops. I save it and usually, but not always, submit when I'm home so I can check it out, turn photos the right way and get the submit number. I don't do Sassie gas stations on my phone..ever.

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Thank you both. That's exactly the info I was hoping for.

Gotta find that app and download it and give it a try today.
The issue with IPSOS app and using the browser interface is that separate versions are kept. If you do part on the app, and it is synched, then fine. But if you do part or all on the browser version, then go to the app, you will be informed that you have two versions and which one do you want to keep.

So I complete as much on the app as I can (mostly image upload and data entry) and finish with any comments on the browser. I can then save a copy of the report there, then submit.

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I started relying solely on the app a couple of months ago. It's true that I don't get a confirmation number or a copy of the report, but the shipping shops are so simple I don't feel like I need the backup. And my shops get approved (and money arrives) like clockwork.

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One reception bar! Not even a bar, that tiny little dot at the small end of the bars! It's all I needed to complete an entire report, with multiple photos, on Mobi Audit (the Ipsos app is the same but does not access other MSCs). Chew on that, Presto!

Couldn't wait. The deadline is a real deadline, no wiggle room whatsoever, 8 hours. I wouldn't be home for more than 8 hours.

Fortunately, even for me, it worked!!! And when I got home exhausted 10 hours later, I wasn't facing a huge pile of reports to file. I LIKE that!

smiling smiley

@jay225 wrote:

i’d wait if that’s the option that would cause less stress.
I do exactly the same as SoCalMama. The website on the phone works much better than it used to.
I don't use the app. For the current limited-reveal gas stations the reports are simple enough that I enter via the website on my phone before moving on to the next location. If I'm doing a big loop that includes the more involved gas stations, I will work with my scheduler in advance to set the due date for one day later so I don't miss deadline. The shift from Maritz to IPSOS has required some adjustments when it comes to gas station loops, but the quick payments more than make up for it in my book.
I use the website on the phone for all three platforms. As long as I have service, I always completely report and submit a shop before I move on to the next one. If I am doing a revealed audit, I do it on my phone as I complete the evaluation.
Did a whole survey on the app one time just for it to crash, delete everything and I had to do it again when I got home…
To IPSOS' credit, they have implemented a date change feature that makes route management much more efficient.

You can change the submit date once for each assignment.

I spread 3 days of reports over a stretch of time that made report submission way less stressful.
I was doing a presto/IPSOS shop yesterday because I was going right by the location anyway, so I figured why not. Let me tell you the problem that I had. Every time I would upload a picture it would say a newer version needs to download to the phone, then a table, and finally my Chromebook. And each time it downloaded I would erase the picture that I had put in earlier. But the worst of it is they pulled the GFK stuff as when you answered a question it would go into a decision tree and pull up different questions.
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