Help! Didn't get paid from Ipsos Shopmetrics side. Who can I contact?

I'm a new member here, but not new to Mystery Shopping. This is the first time anything like this has happened.
I see my pay statement in Ispos Shopmetrics pay history, but it there is no corresponding Paypal deposit. I've contacted the only email that I can find associated with payment ( twice, and I've heard nothing in return for over two weeks.

Does anyone have a better email contact for payment problems?

Thanks in advance,


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The statements are typically generated on Mondays and the payments transferred the following day.
Did you do other shops for them that have been paid, either before or after the missing payment?

I had a problem, and reached out to the scheduler. She forwarded the payment problem to someone else, who took care of the problem. There was a typo in my e-mail that I had listed for PayPal -- totally my error, too! I corrected the typo, and my payment came the very next pay cycle.
I completed my first shop through Jen in the fall of 2005. In the passing years since that occasion, all of my contact with her has been first rate.
@jenniferatgfk wrote: and ask for payment. If you don't hear from them ASAP, let me know

I have a shop "received" since early September which has not been paid. Shops before and after it had been paid. Thanks for the info and I will use the first email address given and hope for timely payment. It's the multiple steps online order and shipping shop.

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