Cirrus marketing shop apply problem

Everytime I try to apply to Cirrus, they keep saying that's haven't answered their questions. I write them out and answer. What are they looking for? On the question what is my work ethic? I answer and they say it isn't answered. Please someone give me feedback?

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Chalk it up to a stroke of good luck that they don't want to qualify you on their initial survey. I wish that had happened to me.

They are not the ideal company to work for. It takes a minimum 105 days to get paid after completing the job. The hourly rate doing their jobs is horrendous. You will have to chase them down for your payment.
Yep, exactly what heywave said... think of it as your guardian angel helping you avoid the pain of working with them.
Consider yourself lucky.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
@7welcomehome77 wrote:

I second that. They owe me $700 since March 2022!

Did you submit an invoice? This is one of the few companies that makes you do that.
Dont even bother to apply. I did 36 apartment shops in february and march 2022 and not even one was paid. All my reports were completed and accepted. They dont even return calls and email.
They owe me $3050. They never returned my calls and email. All my shops were accepted.

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@gwarren9463 wrote:

They owe me $3050. They never returned my calls and email. All my shops were accepted.

Did you submit an invoice?
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