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Small Claims Court will work. Send the certified letter. If no response, go to small claims court and obtain a judgement. You know the clients that they are contracted with. You send the judgement to the client who is required by law to withhold the amount from any payments going to them. That will get their attention for sure.
I received payment in December for October shops, and I didn't have to ask for it. However, it took multiple emails over several weeks before I received payment for September shops. Ajay ( was the person who got me fully paid.

As for Carrie Coyle, she answered my first couple of emails about late payment, but thereafter she had clearly blocked me. Her involvement is what has put me off this project. Although Red Quanta was slow to pay me, they were actually prompt in responding to my emails, and Ajay even called me to offer his assistance.
This company owes me more than $800 and has promised to pay 12 times now; but have not paid.

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Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
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Red Quanta has hundreds of blogs all over the world where shoppers have reported not being paid or being paid months after they were told they would receive their pay. This is not ok. They owe me more than $800 in reimbursements. Money I paid out of my pocket to help them promote their business. This is wrong and unethical.

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Hey k19024r,
The OWNER OF THIS FORUM has a rule that we are not to link the MSC and the client together. This is what myst4au is referring to. You broke the rule and should edit your post.
You can report Red Quanta to marketing department at the main corporate offices in Northern California. Look it up online. Clearly this forum does not care if a company rips you off so you have to take matters into your own hands and protect your right to be paid for the jobs you do.
I contacted MSPA Asia and they sent me an email and told me they would be contacting Red Quanta regarding the money owed to me. They said they would also research the other complaints that are posted online on blogs around the world. I feel very good about MSPA Asia taking action on my behalf. I didn't realize they helped in this way.


I contacted MSPA Asia by email (your company claims to be a member of the Asian & US branches) regarding the fact I have not been paid. I also told them that this is a pattern with your company and supplied copies of blogs from all over the world to that effect

Anu Mehta, the Executive Manager of MSPA wrote me an email and let me know that they are going to start an investigation against your company. In addition they told me they can sanction your company, as well as publish their results. In addition they can cancel your companies membership and notify their members of your companies failure to pay shoppers in a timely manner, as promised.

I expect to be paid immediately. Your constant excuses and delays are not acceptable. I did the work and there is no excuse for you to continue to withhold my money.
I was told I would be paid $348.96 on 12/22. Never received it and then I was told my PayPal account would be credited on 1/15. Still waiting. I have been a mystery shopper for 20+ years and have never had to contact a company for payment for shops.
A payment was finally credited to my account in the amount of $290.70 (I'm still owed $500) after my complaint to MSPA Asia. The money is on hold by Pay Pal and I'm told it could take another week to clear (if it clears at all). I'm still very unhappy with Red Quanta because of the rude way they treated me, and all the emails it took to get paid. I'm sure I will have to go through the same "trauma" to get the rest of my pay. In the mean time MSPA is investigating the company and will sanction them if need be.
Abner P is the Red Quanta scheduler-obviously he's trying to cover for the company as he is still looking for new shoppers.
Abner P is the Red Quanta scheduler so he is not a shopper that was not paid. I guess he is trying to make the situation seem OK since he is actively soliciting for new shoppers (knowing they will all have to deal with late or no payments).
Are you telling me that Abner P created a brand new forum account, used his real name, and posed as a shopper just three comments after he was named as the scheduler for these guys?

I first thought that it's probably just someone trolling us, but after experiencing firsthand the widespread incompetence and deceit at RedQuanta, I believe it could actually be him!
After talking with Abner almost daily, and sometimes more than once a day (phone and email), I received an "eCheck" at Paypal for my November shops. It's a little frustrating to have to chase the money down, then wait for it to clear, but it did eventually come as he said. I did end up emailing Carrie and shortly thereafter I received the eCheck, so there's hope. If you're still out, bug Carrie, it might actually do some good. Be persistent. You did your part of the deal by doing the shops, stay on them to fulfill theirs.
So I got an email this morning, from Red Quanta, actually 23 of them. Definitely form letters, but here it is:


Hi *****,

Thank you for being a part of our shopper network.

We are pleased to inform you that the payment for FOPA November audit (shop id - ******) has been processed. The amount of Rs 24.97 has been credited to your null account no. null, the same should reflect in your bank account that you provided to us within the next 2-4 working days.

It should reflect into your bank statement under the head of "NEFT Retail Quotient Research Pvt Ltd". In case you don't receive your payment within the given time, please mail us a scanned copy / screenshot of your bank statement along with the Brand Name, Shop ID, Date of Audit and we will look into it immediately.

Please note that as a new business practice, we might be reimbursing you in one single bank transaction for multiple audits in a specific audit period.

Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Team Redquanta.,
Blog: []

It's telling that the dollar amount is stated in Indian Rupees, and that the bank info is "null". This strikes me as odd, since they only offer Paypal payments, and they never give the option for anything else. Maybe in the future? I think I'll stick with Paypal though.

Also, the more shops I do with them, I see updates/upgrades on their website, so maybe they're starting to figure this thing out. At first, there was nothing as far as a shop status, now it shows up on the mobile site, but not the desktop site. There is also now a text message when your shop is approved, although it states that you'll be paid in 30 days, when i reality it's almost 90 on the dot.
I am also a shopper who is not getting paid by Red Quanta. Perhaps if we share our Red Quanta contact info with each other we can call and email them often enough to finally get paid. My emails I have for Red Quanta are:,,, Other than than overseas phone, only number I have is Ajay’s: 3156364247.

Anyone else have contact info the add?
After sending an email, I just received payment for my November shops. They do pay, but very, very slow.
@cws wrote:

After sending an email, I just received payment for my November shops. They do pay, but very, very slow.
I was finally paid for November.
I also have a number for Abner, but it always cuts off, doesn't even go to voicemail. 315-636-0087. I have gotten through on the toll-free number (thanks, MSPA!), 833-833-0909. I think that's a Skype number, as it rings a few times, then the dial tone changes, and rings a few more. I've received calls from Abner, but they always show up as "No Caller ID." Carrie's email is also
Abner phone number has changed three times since I did shops at the end of October, now it shows as "Private Number" and what ever the new number is, is no longer accessible-this should give people an idea that there are a lot of people who are upset about slow or no payments.
This is scheduler Abner Pinto's contact email:
This is the email of the person at their corporate office who handles payments: Shubhangi Agarwal
Through some snooping around, I was able to find the email for their CEO and the Business Development department and sent an email yesterday. (I was going to wait to see if I got any results from them before posting here). The email went thru yesterday, but when I tried to send one today the addresses are no longer valid. I am now being told next payment date is going to be mid-Feb, but I am definitely not letting up on the pressure until then. Already fell for that when they told me I would be paid in mid-Jan.

If you know anyone else’s name in the company, their email naming protocol appears to be first name then initial on last name with no space at At least that was what worked yesterday, don’t know this for sure.
@jrich You seriously were paid in Indian Rupees?

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I'm glad we have this sharing community; I'm owed around $250 and am due my first payment soon. I stopped working for them when I realized they are unethical. Thanks everyone for the valuable info. I am saddened that it takes so much effort to get paid by them.
I commented above that I finally received a payment which was credited to my Pay Pal account on January 20, 2019 (a month late). Well now I have another problem the $295.70 e-check I received has still not cleared, so I do not have the money. I spoke to Pay Pal today and was told it is possible the funds well never clear if the sender does not fund their bank account. So it appears I am still not paid-now it's getting close to 90 days past due and I'm still owed more than $600 over and above the $295.70.
@Eric in Tampa thankfully, no, it was US Dollars. They're based in India, so it must have just been a form email from over there.
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