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@ LosAngeles Shopper: I see what you are saying. Carrie and Red Quanta have been mentioned in this forum for long time now, if not longer; so when I see shoppers being owed so much money, it make me cringe. Also, doing so many shops for one company or usually is a bad deal.

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@LosAngelesShopper wrote:

As you'll see, the "Like" and "Reply" links are next to each other. Unfortunately, you can't unlike on this board.
Not true. Next to your name where you "liked" the post, you should see a small "x". Click on that "x" and you will "unlike" your post. Easy-peasy.
But you didn't Reply either.....confusing
Someone mentioned creating a new post; it is a good idea, just to keep it on the same subject.

@LosAngelesShopper wrote:

Oh great - thanks for letting me know - I'll try to find that post and unlike it.
I decided not to reply...I use my phone and everything is super small - hard to type.

Why is this even a concern/issue to a couple of ya'll? I don't care about Carrie Coyle - I care about getting my money back.

The point of me even posting was to see if anyone had trouble with RedQuanta not paying. I've NEVER run into this problem in my many years of shopping and therefore don't use this forum. I should've researched this company before shopping, but didn't think they'd rip Shoppers off because I was paid 24 hours after competing some with Presto and was paid when I booked shops through Carrie.

I've seen that some Shoppers have eventually been paid, but it took several months and lots of emails/complaints.

If the law firm moves forward and requests information from others, I will definitely post. For now, I'm going to avoid this forum because I feel like there are some troll-like/bully behaviors and nobody deserves that.

I wish the absolute best to everyone who's been affected by RedQuanta!
@LosAngelesShopper wrote:

You are mistaken. After I asked about her here and searched for her, I read her post explaining her history and went to reply. As you'll see, the "Like" and "Reply" links are next to each other. Unfortunately, you can't unlike on this board..

You CAN unlike something on this forum. When you click "Like," your name appears at the bottom of the post that you liked after "Liked by:" with a small "X" after your name. To unlike, just click the "x" after your name and your name will be removed from the Like.
Google Pay is weird; you won't see your purchases in there, you have to go into your Google Account settings (for the account you set up for the FOPA shops with DoorDash). See [] (after login).
I had a scheduler call me a few days ago. He didn’t even ask if I wanted the shop. He TOLD me the shop was in my area and that he was going to assign me. He assignment me not just one but two! I told him I couldn’t do it this week because my schedule was full and he kept insisting. Then he said until Saturday, then until Sunday and then until next Tuesday. The instructions are super disorganized and communication is awful! Too pushy and rude. Then when I asked him twice when his deadline was for the shops, he never answered the question. His name is Abner. With this attitude and everyone else taking about payment issues, all I have to say is, you’ve been warned.

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They promised to make payment early March, after reaching with them. They owed me so much $$, I was hoping since all jobs winding down, hope they will pay soon.
I’m still waiting for payment of my November shops I performed. Each time I was given a different expected payment date. I was last told 2nd week of February. I followed back up again and am still waiting for a reply. So now I am past the 3 month mark of which I saw some saying that is when they are paying. ( So glad I only decided to do only a few shops to test the waters of this company)
Keep it up. I'm still being the annoying one calling and emailing on a daily basis for my December shops. November finally showed up for me, but I think it's because they just got annoyed with me. Keep it up. Good luck!
FWIW, now nobody in at any of the emails or phone numbers listed above in this thread are answering. Anybody have new/updated contact info?
I'm still owed over $800 and they are not responding. They promised payment several times and the last was this week-which never came. They really suck-and they know full well they are lying and deceiving shoppers when they send requests for more shoppers. I guess they feel like it is OK to stiff shoppers or delay payment as long as they can get more new shoppers to do the job!
I received an email from a Shubhangi Agarwal over the weekend:

"Hi ******,

We apologize for the delay in payments & appreciate your patience.

Due to a certain bureaucratic chain of approvals in our Fed system, we are facing some delay in processing the payments.

We do not want to give you an incorrect date for processing your payment for November shops. Hence, we would request you to give us time till 1st week of March.

Once again sincere apologies for the Inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubhangi Agarwal
Project Manager | redquanta
+91- 8318856049"

We'll see what happens...
I got the same response today. I will say I have never been completely stiffed by the company yet. Obviously payment has been slow, but I have always gotten paid except starting this mid-November. I guess we'll see if we are getting stiffed here or not. They should be long past November shop payments though and just be paying us everything we are owed.
FWIW, I contacted the MSPA-NA and they said their lawyers are involved, but that's all they can say.
These mofo's owe me $700. I also seen some fraudulent activity on one of my new cards right after I used it on one of these shops. So essentially @#$%& these people.

Here is Abner phone number. I have taken the liberty of putting it on numerous blogs and drug websites.

(315) 636-0087 @#$%& these guys
I received the same basic excuse from Abner. I wish the payments worked out because I enjoyed doing the shops.
So I talked to my brother who is a lawyer. I am going to give them 2 more weeks to pay me out my $700 or I Will start fraud lawsuits. i'm not talking against the company itself either. I am going to go after all the individuals I can find at red quanta They have so elegantly given me all of the targets on their about us page. Even the CEO and COO. Now I know they are most likely in India, and this is a fools errand. But while these lawsuits are pending or done in absentia, these individuals can kiss ever coming to the United States good bye. That might be a big enough threat to shake lose a few hundred bills. Especially for the higher ranked individuals. This is probably being petty, and will end up costing me more time and money than what is owed. But @#$%& red quanta, i'm going scorched earth on these mother @#$%&

BTW here is the CEO's and COO's email addresses,,
Hello- I am owed almost 600$ so I am very interested in this topic. I was going to dispute on my credit card and see what happens. I am in contact with MSPA, but so far no results. I hound redquant and no results. Does anyone have any path that resulted in them being paid?
skirtee, you only have 60 days to do the dispute on your credit card.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I feel your frustration. I submitted all of the info I collected to a law firm that specializes in class action lawsuits...fingers crossed.

I also looked at the reviews on the RedQuanta app and there are tons of complaints of non-payment.
They made sure I was paid (but were 60 days late on payments) when I kept shopping. Now that I no longer am accepting assignments from Abner, I'm not getting returned emails or payment. I'm starting to have a very sick feeling in my gut as they owe me over $800 (also they did not give me credit for three shops but gave no reason for same). What concerns me is that they may file bankruptcy and use it as an excuse to stop paying all together. Then just turn around and start all over again!
I just sent an email to the CEO of Red Quanta which said:

1:00 PM (8 minutes ago)
Should I be contacting Google regarding your companies consistent failure to pay shoppers when you promise to do so? Sincerely, KL

I got a reply from the CEO within 2 minutes stating:

Pankaj Guglani
1:02 PM (8 minutes ago)
to me, Adnan Shubhangi, abner.p, Carrie, NeetishaKhetan

We will be making your payments immediately.

Adnan-Pls look into this and clear
I don't think a credit card dispute would work. You did not have transactions with Red Quanta, you had transactions with the various food delivery companies, and there was nothing disputable about the transactions.
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