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Good instincts. It's Carrie you should be suspicious of. If you do a search on her and Private Eyes (which you may have read already in the past), you will see she is notorious for ripping off shoppers.

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I received a phone call from someone in their office yesterday. I shared that I had difficulty in receiving payment and would not be willing to do any future shops.
I did four shops back in April, and, after several emails (and an acknowledgement of the email from RQ, but nothing else except from Carrie, and a few excuses,including the PayPal payment was sent but not accepted (no PayPal record of funds awaiting acceptance) and RQ did not have my PayPal address (it did)) Carrie paid me on August 31. I received a phone call from Red Quanta last week. I think it was Ajay, and when I asked about payment, he told me he guaranteed I would be paid, but did not reference prior issues or corrective actions. I told him that based on my prior experience with RQ, I was not interested in working for the company. Unfortunately, it appears RQ still has the contract for shops in my area, as I don't see them on Presto.
We were paused for a few days as we awaited funding, but the FOPA project is now live once again on Presto! As many shoppers know, we pay out within a few days via this platform. Here is the link:


Brian Mula-Howard
Senior Director | Confidential Consumer
380 US Route 1, Falmouth ME 04105
Office: 207-619-7708 | Mobile: 561-350-3420
@northeasthop wrote:

Just curious--has anybody been paid by RedQuanta for shops completed in August?

Hah. I just got paid for MARCH.
I'm still waiting for them to complete paying me for shops I did in May. They keep calling me, and I keep telling them to finish paying me. I had some back and forth with them where they acknowledged that I hadn't been paid in full and that it would be coming soon. That was 3 weeks ago, and I still don't have the payment. On the one hand, WTF? On the other hand, I was going to spend that money anyway, at least I can write it off as a business loss.
I'm new here, and I'm glad to see active participants on this forum!

Ok, thanks for the info. I was just checking to see if they had gotten any better about paying recently (wishful thinking, I know). Benita told me they would start paying for August shops last week (the guidelines say that they'll pay within 8 weeks), but I didn't complete any in August, so I thought I'd check here. I'm owed for a few shops I did in September, and reading this thread makes me think that they will *probably* pay eventually, but it's not easy and certainly not automatic.

I have been enjoying the CC/Presto shops, though. They always pay on time.
I got scheduled for Red Quanta through Carrie Coyle earlier in the year. Everything worked out fine. The shops are great. Red Quanta reached out to me themselves recently.
I want to know how they got my email, given I have had NO dealings with Carrie or Red Quanta.

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Carrie sent me emails too, and I have never had any dealing with her or RQ, either. I know she was a scheduler for some other MSCs and had access to their databases at one time...hmm.
@audrialyn30 wrote:

I want to know how they got my email, given I have had NO dealings with Carrie or Red Quanta.

Carrie apparently has emails for anyone who was registered with any of the companies Private Eyes scheduled for before she bought the company. Carrie has also worked recently as an independent scheduler, either on her own or through Private Eyes, for Sinclair and Mercantile and I'm not sure how many other companies. She has added to her email database the email addresses for all shoppers registered with those companies. Mystery shopping companies make a lot of information available to their schedulers, even those who are independently scheduling for them.
This company owes me hundreds of dollars and has the nerve to ignore my payment requests and keep asking me to do more shops but wont pay me?! Good riddance. I will shop with the French company instead that is offering these SAME food platform shops. They pay in 24 HOURS and offer a higher reimbursement for the delivery shops!!!

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Has anyone done a Gigwalk food delivery shop? The welcome email comes from Nikki and says it is Red Quanta's project. I trust Gigwalk but am gun-shy of Red Quanta.
Is the FOPA project still up? They went back up for a couple of days but then all disappeared a couple of days later.

@howardb wrote:

We were paused for a few days as we awaited funding, but the FOPA project is now live once again on Presto! As many shoppers know, we pay out within a few days via this platform. Here is the link:


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I live in Canada and have been contacted by RedQuanta and assigned two shops. Are you also in Canada withh these shops?
When I was first contacted by RedQuanta it sounded like a scam--I checked out their website and there were some things about the website that did nothing to alleviate any of the my concerns. I emailed MSPA to confirm that they are a member, which they are. Does that give them any more legitimacy? I've read all of the reviews and it sounds like they had a rough start but have gotten out some of the kinks. Has anyone had a recent experience that they are willing to share? Are they legit?
shopper64 says he got paid, and so did a few others. I am not taking my chances, but that's just me.

MSPA membership does NOT give any MSC more legitimacy. I think Freeman Group had a MSPA membership, but that did not stop them from not paying shoppers before they eventually went bankrupt. I don't even know if Franchise Compliance had MSPA membership but their owner ran off with a lot of shoppers' money, including me ($218.33). NSS went out of business after their owner died and they owed me about $700 in fees and reimbursements.
I just completed shops for them in October - two rounds of 4 delivery shops. I wish I had paid attention to this thread before I had - I would have only done one round. But I won't do anymore until I get paid. The guidelines I received said payments are made 8 weeks from the date the shops are performed, so I'll wait and be optimistic. The problem I do see is that on their website under "Payments", two of the shops are missing. So I'm short about $50. I've reached out to a few people but have received no response yet, so we'll see - they're not late on the payments, so hopefully they're working on it. I'll try to remain optimistic.
I got paid... eventually, but I will not do any shops for them again. As I said before, I just got paid in OCTOBER for shops I did in April, May, and June. I had to email multiple people, multiple times to harass them. First they claimed they didn't have my paypal address, even though I know I put it into the app, and they paid me before (back in January) just fine. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and re-entered my email.

A month later I still didn't get paid so after several ignored emails, they responded with a screenshot claiming to show that they paid me but I never "accepted" the funds. My account history had no indication of this request. I searched my spam folders also with nothing. I talked to PayPal customer service twice, and said they couldn't find anything with the transaction number shown in the screenshot. Multiple rounds of emailing again and I was paid, by Carrie (not Red Quanta), and I still had to wait a week for the funds to clear before I could confirm that the money was finally mine.

Only go through CC and Presto!
Still not comfortable with shopping for them. Too many other reliable companies that need shoppers.

First thing I do every morning is find something to be thankful for. Lately, people have given me a long list of things to be grateful for. So I have to lie back down to say all my gratitudes. Lo and behold, I fall back asleep smiling smiley
Yeah, I'm still chasing my final payment. So annoying. I would have considered working for them again if they'd fixed this issue a month ago, but now, no thanks.
@amberngriffinco wrote:

Getting hit hard w/emails. Are they legit?


There's a long current thread about Red Quantra: []

There are also a couple of other threads discussing them. Do a search and you'll find it all.

Edited because the moderator combined the new thread Amber started about Red Quanta with this one. There are a couple of other threads Amber can also find by using the Search feature.

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I did 8 FOPA shops for Red Quanta-I spent $200 now they are not returning my phone calls & I think it is going to be a nightmare to get paid. I did the Presto Shops which were similar so I thought this company would work-but the fact that it has been two weeks and they only approved two of the shops I did is not a good sign. I also did a seach on the company and there is a Consumer Complaint site in India which has dozens of complaints from shopper who say they were never paid. I'm finding other sits to the same effect. I wish I'd looked them up before I spent $200. I've really never had a problem with getting paid on these type of shops. I'm tempted to call their client and let them know they do not pay or pay months later. Not OK! Especially if they are part of MSPA.
Update: I received full payment for all the shops I completed in September via PayPal e-check from Carrie Coyle. The payment was pending for a few days, but it has since cleared and no fees were charged.
Another update: I finally got paid the amount that was missing for my May assignments, but it clearly took forever. So, there was a lot of chasing, but I was eventually paid.
I signed up with them 2 weeks ago based on an email asking me to do so. After 4 attempts, none of my shops worked (part of this is testing a Beta ordering site for a leading restaurant delivery service). Not worth my time since I could never actually order food (though sending in the error screenshots does net you $5 still).
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