Sinclair Customer Metrics not paying as promised

I think in the big picture, the number of shoppers who never see this forum is far greater and they will have no problem finding new shoppers who won't have a clue about what happened to you. I just hope that they quit using shady schedulers.

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I really would’ve thought they would’ve cleared this up by now, I know I don’t sit around wondering about it anymore LOL. But it’s kind of ironic with the business that we are in which involves keeping Customers happy so they don’t go to the competition. Yet with all the Mystery Shopping companies available For us to work for, Sinclair does not have a problem with people discussing an unresolved issue from six months ago concerning a few dollars that have never been paid.
Most MSC reps don't read the shopper forum. There are some that do, but I don't think Sinclair is one of them. Maybe you should send them a link to this thread along with a reminder that they gave your sensitive and private contact information to a scheduler to fill shops for them and then you didn't get paid what you were promised?
Absolutely agree with Jasf that you should contact a higher up at scm. $70 isn't a fortune but it's nothing to sneeze at. The 'scheduler' represents scm so they should pay you. It's easy for them to look it up.
They did contact higher ups. The company has told them that they are not responsible for what their scheduler scheduled.
Yeah that’s why I kind of gave up and just don’t use them anymore. They certainly were never a big part of my life anyway LOL. I just wanted to warn other shoppers on here that they don’t abide by what their schedulers tell you, so be careful.

That's what I thought. Thank you for confirming my suspicions. It's not Sinclair that's at fault.

It's Cari Coyle...right?

So, there you have it. Cari again.

I knew it had nothing to do with Sinclair. She's bad news.
Of course it had to do with Sinclair. My contract with them, or any company, does not have a clause that says that their Agents might make scheduling and fee agreements that they may choose to not stand by. If it said that, or anyone thought that may be the case, who would work for such a company?
It seems several MSCs have used Carrie Coyle, Private Eyes, as their scheduler, and it appears that shoppers are being ripped off. Unfortunately for the MSCs, even if their agreement with Carrie was very clear, the shoppers will hold the MSCs responsible for the losses. Hopefully, everyone having this difficulty will forward their complaint to the MSCs in question along with this link: []

It makes it very clear that hiring a scheduler who rips shoppers off is bad news for them and for the industry.
In these times of data breaches and other data issues (Facebook), an email stating your (Larry) displeasure at them sharing your data and contact information with Cari and then having her make promises on SINCLAIR'S BEHALF was a violation of your trust and you are definitely owed this money. That with a link to this forum thread so that they are aware that it's their good name on the line in a community of upstanding, professional shoppers...they can afford $70 and this one of those situations where they should pay up. Also any email correspondence with promised bonus amounts to back up your claim...maybe that will help you get paid. If it were me, I would not give up on $70. Heck, I would not have given up on it for $20.
If you think about the small percentage of shoppers who actually post here in the forum and then think about the vast number of shoppers who may have been burned and stung by this with no recourse...shameful. Making deceitful promises just to get shops scheduled with no concern about hurting other people...
Wait, the scheduler is Carrie Coyle? OP, I'd put her on your 10-foot pole list. She doesn't have a good reputation.
Yes, hun...we figured it out. OP was in the dark. Still doesn't help that Sinclair won't own up, really makes them look bad.

Wish there was a way to bring this to the forefront better so that other shoppers could be saved the pain.
so, thanks to all of you I finally got paid. when i mentioned that i was familiar with her dubious past the money suddenly showed up in full. thank you
This is one of the reasons I appreciate this forum so much. Seeing shoppers helping each other in situations like this is awesome! Had it not been for the feedback tnlarry may have never been able to get the pay that was promised.
Just now I see this desaster. You got paid 6-7 months after performing the shop and after having to go through all this trouble. Similar/same happened to me. Horrible. Sorry that you had to go through this. Cari is bad news. I still get email from her...upsetting to see dishonest people working with us, shoppers
Yeah, I don’t really know how it all works I just know that I’m done with Cari, and Sinclair LOL. And I’ve noticed I’m getting emails to do banks from another Carrie and I’m guessing it’s probably the same person, But I’m not sure. I’m just going to stick with the companies that I’ve been using, because I know I’ll get paid and I know the schedulers

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Jersey Girl, apparently Sinclair just pays normal fees. Cari as an outside scheduler promised bonuses and she got paid from Sinclair but didn't pay the shopper.
I think I read that Sinclair did not even pay the base fee to the op complaintant so they must have farmed the whole shop out.
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