BARE and the mysterious shipping company

I hope it's OK to start a new thread on this. I, like others, am avoiding these shipping company jobs since moved from Maritz. But I am keeping an open mind until a few shoppers report on how they are going, Where they are finding shipping supplies, is BARE accepting a receipt for 1 box if purchased in a quantity of 25 boxes for example, what if you don't have numerous relatives to send stuff to, what if you sent the parcel to a random address/company, Bill Gates forexample. smiling smiley I would appreciate any input.

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I just did the first round. You can keep sending to the same relative.
It is my understanding you can purchase 25 boxes and reuse the receipt.
Currently ready to start the ready post round...winking smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
I just did one and sent one package being reimbursed up to $10.00. Pretty easy except this did not have correct St., and was hard to find...otherwise easy. Guess you guys are talking about something else.

Live consciously....

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I did one to try it out. It was just the ReadyPost shop so I just needed one receipt since the package is on the receipt with my shipping.
I did one of the provide your own box. I was appalled that the postage reimbursement would not have covered the 1+ pound required box with the required method plus required-if-suggested extra services to go half way across the country. Foolishly I sent a 3+ pound box and the shop cost me most of my fee as well.
Excellent feedback, boys and girls. Keep it coming for me and others considering these shops. So far I don't feel the love.

And the 2-3 day window further limits the desirability of the jobs. Maritz version was not lucrative but could at least be routed into a full day/week of mystery shopping, personal errands, etc.

I suppose that these might benefit a lonely person who sends them to a fictitious address and gets them all returned. Everyone loves a surprise package. smiling smiley

Come to think of it, the White House is rarely occupied now days. Maybe the staff would enjoy an occasional surprise.
I did this shop last week and had no problems. Since most of my relatives have dogs I just buy a pound box of dog biscuits and mail it to them with a note explaining. Also I bought my box at a grocer where I was doing another mystery shop and that covered the cost of the box. The postage wasn't bad either.
For the regular box A shops, do you need a certain type of box or is that just for the dim weight shops?
lisams901 Wrote:
> For the regular box A shops, do you need a certain
> type of box or is that just for the dim weight
> shops?

I just bought a regular size box that would fit a box of dog biscuits. I think it had to be 12x12x12 or less in size.
It must be 12x12x12, or less...

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.

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BARE BEWARE of the new shop posted for warranty

Time of shop not disclosed UNTIL you accept but assured it is in business hours!
Hard to juggle that one!
I just took one and it indicates any open hours after lots of noise and nonsense about assigned day parts. You just call different hours of the day different things. The other choice piece is that supposedly you will be assigned a price range/item and mine indicates I get to pick my comfort level.
I found it in the guidelines. The specifics for my shop seem to be in red print. Further down the page are the categories for each type of location but those do not seem to correlate to anything in either red type or on my survey. Very confusing, very potentially easy to do the wrong thing. I very carefully saved the instructions as well as my blank shop report in case there are "issues" later.
I am staying off for now. I have enough work with other companies to keep me busy and not have to worry about having to get something to mail to someone for I do not know how much.
Does DARE have other interesting shops? I did not see anything in my area.
Yup, I have printed and read and reread the instructions too. I still have questions that give me pause to do these jobs and risk rejection. BARE really needs to clarify the guidelines. I did not understand, for example, if I can use a box that is oversize in one direction (13"winking smiley but less in the other two, oversize in all directions, etc.

And my main objection is that I really don't have any regular need to send packages anywhere on a regular basis, nor do my relatives deserve free dog biscuits.
I sent package to my daughter in a Post Ready box. They said to send 1 pd, and two packages of spaghetti is one pd. Cost was 8.60 and reimbursement is $10.00.Since I send to her often, wasn't a big deal, except the address (street name) was different than instructions showed, so, we cleared that one up. I'm guessing there are many different types of these jobs offered by Bare.

Live consciously....
I have several of these shops scheduled. I intend to mail these to my own home address. The instructions indicate that you need to mail them to any zip code different from the post office zip code. Nothing prevents me from sending a package to myself. I will just use my work address as the return address. Otherwise, I find this shop pretty much the same as Maritz.

The only thing I do not like is the limit on reimbursement. It should just cover whatever it comes out to, like Maritz used to do. Since the instructions are pretty rigid about what we are supposed to purchase and how to mail it, they should cover the cost fully.
I guess that is technically legal but I don't know a lot of people who would ship a package 10-20 miles. It sounds a bit suspicious.

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I did 3 of the postal shops last week. They were very simple. As long as the post office zip code is not your own, you can mail it to your self. Thats what I dd. I found things around the house,put in a small box until it weighed a little over a pound. It came back to me the next day. Give it a try. It was actually fun.
Of course one of the things that was missing from the previous company that did these shops was the opportunity to have the reimbursement be useful. I remember doing I think it was $10 shops where I had to pay over $25 to mail the package that had been sent to me. That $25 I was out of pocket until reimbursement did absolutely nothing for me in the long haul. The same will hold true if you are packaging up your stuff to send to yourself. It is a way of earning $10 and being reimbursed, but it does nothing for you in the long run beyond the fee.

If, on the other hand, you can send a small 'care package' to a friend or relative, you actually can reap some benefit from the reimbursement. Otherwise it is just a $10 shop and you are out of pocket until reimbursed.
Flash Wrote:
> If, on the other hand, you can send a small 'care
> package' to a friend or relative, you actually can
> reap some benefit from the reimbursement.
> Otherwise it is just a $10 shop and you are out of
> pocket until reimbursed.

Yes, this makes me miss my e-bay days, when I used to sell stuff. These shops would come in quite handy. I could offer free shipping AND insurance on e-bay and not be out of pocket for any of it. Too bad I no longer have anything to sell.
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