NSS...Out of business, Owner died/ For recapped short version see pinned thread on page 1 by LisaSTL

I had hoped I would never have to start this thread. I have not gotten payment from March even though my account says the check was ready weeks ago. There is no longer a contact phone number for their accounting dept. I have emailed them twice starting last weekend and have not heard back at all. The schedulers tell me they do not have a phone number so email is the only way to get in touch with accounting. Has anyone else had an issue this or last month?

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No problem, I get paid by check and just applied for a job....did you write their contact on the site? i bet the check comes soon....

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Mark Twain
I had actually deleted this thread(I see it is not deleted)because I read on the top thread here about payment dates that it was the end of the second month after the job but then I re checked their website as I usually get paid much faster and the website says payment is the end of the 1st month after the job.
@AnneAshley wrote:

I did one of their shops on 3/30 and have not been paid.

I got paid in late April (PayPal) for February shops.

I believe they have a check option as well and that it might be faster. But, yeah, it took quite a while to get paid.

See Level HX, Market Force, Maritz CX, and Quest for Best seem to pay me the fastest.
I thought pay by check or paypal is 6 weeks from date done.

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Mark Twain
Maybe they changed their pay time frame and have not updated their site. I am still getting checks as their paypal was not working correctly and was slower then checks. If it now works I will change to paypal. At the very least they should have responded to my email but they have not and its been a week. This company used to be very responsive but things seem to have changed lately.
I just got emails from another company to do the pizza shops and am concerned that NSS might be losing their contract. NSS was far better to work for and did not quibble over bonuses. The other company sucks when it comes to bonuses. And I could not believe how many shops had been taken on the new MSC site since they are reimbursement only. NSS was making my car payment - literally!!
When I looked at their site the other day I did not see any pizza shops but they have a whole new site and I thought perhaps I was not finding things correctly or they had already finished them for the month...highly unlikely as they seemed to always have them before. So perhaps they lost the client. Hopefully they are not having cash flow issues as they owe me part of a car payment.
I got an email from Paul asking me to do their restaurant, doing it tomorrow and correspondence has been fine?
This must be about a specific client.

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Mark Twain
I switched back to check payment and was hoping I did it early enough. I guess it was not,. I hope to get the March payment with Paypal on Monday and then April with check around June 5. The new company pays a lot faster.
No Irene, I am missing payment from 2 of their clients I shopped in March..both food shops, one is Asian the other pizza. And now it is at least a week since I first emailed them and have not heard a word. When I called all I was told was I had to email. I personally will hold them hostage if they call begging me to do one of their shops.
Payment for March before I accept. Just like the trick of the msc that says take our unpopular shop and we will give you a popular one...for non payment it is pay me or find someone else...and if you are calling me with a bonus obviously you do not have anyone else. It is too bad as I always liked them. The site three weeks ago said the check had gone out already. All I am asking for is an update...Is it on its way? When should I expect it?
They sent me an email Thursday to do the location near me, which I do 3x a month. The email was from a scheduler who does not normally handle my area, but I get emails from her often about locations near where I used to live. She would not schedule me as she said it was a mistake that I received the email as I was ineligible (okay by me if I was not going to be paid anyway!). I am showing payment was received in March, still waiting on April and of course May. I sent am email as suggested above to see if I can garner any sort of response. This is crazy - this company was excellent to work with and very fair. If they lost the client, I'm not sure they will be able to stay afloat as this was all that was available in my area aside from random seasonable shops and merchandising over the years which were few and far between. I've received January and some of my February payments, though the site says I have been paid for March which is incorrect unless it is forthcoming.

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WELL, maybe good news?: I just checked my pay account on the NSS site and it shows a check was cut for March jobs. I just don't have the check yet. You may want to check your NSS account to see if they have posted your March jobs check. Seeing it posted is a good sign- but I want it in hand. I'm hoping "checks in the mail?" With that a new MS that is now doing the PJ shops (no fee) also -- we will see if NSS gets its hat handed to them ;( that is a sad smiley because I like NSS.
I have also not received payment for March. I switched to paypal and was thinking that was the delay, but by their own FAQs, paypal should have posted already. I also don't see any shops available and have not received the usual bonused offers this month. I'm starting ro get nervous because around $150 of my income every month comes from this MSC.
I just got someone on the phone. They said paymemts were running late, but we should see them very soon. They just had a meeting about it.
I too just spoke to someone on the phone who told me they had straightened all their issues out with payroll and they have started issuing the checks for March.Those of us waiting for one should hang on a few more days as it will take a while to send all of them out.
I asked about the pizza client and was told the pizza company was taking a one month breather and we will see those again next month. Keep your fingers crossed. I have always thought they were a very nice company and was surprised at the lack of info coming through in the past two weeks. Based on today's contact alone they are back to being nice about explaining things.
I actually see acceptable pizza shops for this month still on NSS.

But there are less of them. A lot less. I also performed one last week and I think there were some open still last weekend to do with a bonus.

*shrug* smiling smiley

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I have done shops for National Shopping Service for several years and I have found it a pleasure to work with them. Recently, things seem to have changed. Payments made to me have arrived later and later. I am sorry to say two checks they sent to me this year bounced and were returned NSF. The current paycheck for March hasn't gotten to me at all. I have not been paid in months. Retail and grocery clients of theirs that I have done shops for in the past are no longer in the tool, as if there has been a downturn in business. I hope things turn around and NSS gets matters sorted out. I truly want to continue working with them.
With the loss of a huge retail account two years ago, they did depend on their pizza shops, but, now maybe in a slump. I did two of their BBQ restaurants and received a 10.00 bonus for a great restaurant 3 miles from me (I didn't ask). I'm awaiting one check the end of this month, so far they haven't been late with anything for me. I would be patient with them, they have always had good intentions and will work it out. They have been one of the easiest companies and our relationship goes back 10 years, one of my first. My sadness is when I go to their site, no jobs at all....boohoo!!!

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Mark Twain
Like, Irene, I will be crying if they lose the pizza shops! Those shops have been making my car payments and I will sure miss them if they go away. And I sincerely doubt that the MSC doing them this month will bonus. I am always surprised when people take these food shops without something more besides reimbursement only.
My understanding is that checks for March shops should have gone out at the very end of April. I, too, have called, was told to email, but got no response to email sent to accounting on May 18. I also did shops in April and May, so I hope this is not a harbinger of a problem...
I did 2 pizza shops in March and have not been paid. I contacted the help desk, accounting, schedulers by email, and 1-800 number, but they are not responding.
I did several bonused shops for April and May and am hope I get paid. I also emailed them twice, no reply. No shops in my area either, which is unusual.
I did several bonused shops for April and May and hope I get paid. I also emailed them twice, no reply. No shops in my area either, which is unusual. Also, I saw the shop I normally do on another MS job board.

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I think my next step is to start replying to schedulers that I will pick up future shops when I am paid for March shops. Heading to my email now.
Also did bonused shops in March and April and really wouldn't mind getting those payments. I'd have ordered Pizza hut if I just wanted pizza.
I figured that they had problems when they bounced checks in February. If I don't get paid it is a bad debt on my taxes. Plus the kids liked the pizza.
@Bookwormmom wrote:

Also did bonused shops in March and April and really wouldn't mind getting those payments. I'd have ordered Pizza hut if I just wanted pizza.

I did bonused shops in March, April AND May!! smiling smiley

Could be a massive several hundred dollar debt for me if they are bankrupted. sad smiley

Hoping for the best!

It's already 5/29/17 and I haven't gotten a March payment yet.
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