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I have never said anything positive about Red Quanta. I have never shopped for them and remember having no desire to sign with them when I first heard of them - through a Carrie Coyle email..... Something did not feel right from the beginning... I saw a post about Carrie very shortly thereafter and chose not to involve myself with them.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

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@Yello wrote:

I’m owed lots of money too and only decided to work for them because I saw favorable posts here. So it’s not naive because I did my research... apparently the company has since gone to doo doo.

Can you post a link to the favorable posts on this forum that made you decide to work for them? I don't recall seeing anything but negative. I just did a search and can't find anything positive. If anything so positive it encouraged newbies to take these shops was posted here, I'd like to have a look at it and I think our forum should discuss being very careful about giving positive reviews to a relative unknown, especially one that so quickly goes bad.
There have been a number of folks, brand new to the forum, who have chimed in and said that they have enjoyed working for RQ.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
@MFJohnston wrote:

I have never said anything positive about Red Quanta. I have never shopped for them and remember having no desire to sign with them when I first heard of them - through a Carrie Coyle email..... Something did not feel right from the beginning... I saw a post about Carrie very shortly thereafter and chose not to involve myself with them.

Yeah, I noticed that. That's how you got on the Big Dogs list on the previous page.
People here said over and over “red quanta definitely pays but it may take a while”. I am ok with that. I am certainly not ok with not being paid at all!
I am very patient with MSC's - more than most folks. There is precisely one for which I would ***never*** work -
Red Quanta. Those folks who are reporting being paid have hounded the company. I am a member of other groups, too, and Red Quanta is a topic of discussion (for non-payment) there, too. Red Quanta is losing (has lost?) its MSPA membership due to failure to pay shoppers. One prominent representative has felony convictions for defrauding shoppers. I view even registering with RQ as risky.

Yes, a handful of folks on this forum (mostly folks who are as active and established in this forum as you) have said that they eventually get paid. There are FAR more folks who do not get paid.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Now Shubhangi says payments will be processed by April 6th, so a week from today. Add another week (I'm assuming it will be by Paypal eCheck) for it to clear, and FOUR months after the last shop was approved for December 2018, we ***should*** be paid.
The only way I’ve been able to get a response is by asking if shops are still available. Right now it’s only one service that starts with a Z.
jrich is saying on another thread that she's received a notice her/his shops are being processed for payment. Fingers crossed!
This is the worst company i've ever dealt with. I did 2 shops and got paid. so I did a few more the next month, now i'm out over $300 for shops i did in NOV '18. and still emails that say another week or so.....

can any legal action be taken? prob not but tossing it out there. I did finally notify GRUB HUB of RQ's problem with payments to us shoppers and asked if they know about that? maybe they don't want to be associated with RQ like most of us don't
My thoughts exactly!

@sestrahelena wrote:

@HonnyBrown wrote:

I wonder why the people who have positive experiences with Red Quanta are new to the forum. Has anyone else noticed that?

Yes. And because I am naturally suspicious of everything, my first thought was that RQ is telling employees/contractors to get on the forum to say good things, maybe even with (a promise of) extra pay. Just my conspiracy-oriented brain working.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
After several threats of posting negative feedback on forums and contacting GrubHub to let them know RQ is stiffing us to 15 RQ email address i had, I finally did what I said I would do.

Surprise, 15 minutes later I had an email form Paypal that I got an eCheck pending for my total due. I'm done with them.

Good luck to everyone else
FWIW I received an email late yesterday from PayPal for an “eCheck in Progress” from Carrie Coyle. It's about $100 too low, but Shubhangi asked for copies of my records to compare... so I sent her screenshots of the red quanta site.. we'll see what comes of it. Anybody else?
Hi everyone,

I received a payment for November 2018 shops today after NUMEROUS emails to ALL of the staff at RedQuanta, however, I am still owed several hundreds of dollars.

The payment came from Cariann Coyle, via a PayPal e-check. This is rather confusing to me - does anyone know why the payments are coming from her? She didn't schedule the majority of my shops. Can't we deal with her directly instead of all of the employees who keep stringing us along at RedQuanta? I assume she is U.S. based. Let me know your thoughts.

I forwarded Carrie's information to the law firm who may be able to help us with a class action lawsuit and will keep everyone updated if it moves forward.

I also encourage people who have been affected to report it to the Internet Crime Center:


and the FTC:


Thank you and I hope we all receive our money back.
Good luck getting a response from Carrie, all I’ve ever received is solicitations for new shops and now 2 PayPal echecks. I’m under the impression that she is the U.S. rep/scheduler for RQ. Other U.S. phone numbers mentioned earlier in this thread are Skype (internet-based) numbers that redirect to India. This is obvious based on the change in dial tone when calling them. I have never seen a number for Carrie, only an email address.
Boycott Red Quanta and Warn Others!!! I joined this forum specifically to post this warning as I have recently been stiffed by Red Quanta. I did 7 Doordash shops for them in February and March and have not been paid. I am out $135. I have sent numerous emails to Shubhangi whats-her-name and all I get are promises of future payment. I told them I had reported them to MSPA and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and guess what - they don't care. Not only that, I did not get a response from the FTC. Furthermore, MSPA - after numerous requests to post a warning about Red Quanta on their scam page - sent me a freakin' FORM LETTER today that was vague and useless. I told them I do not understand what they even do if they will not put a warning like this about a known company who does not pay shoppers on their very own scam page!!! I am really disillusioned with them. So here is what I would suggest.... email MSPA at mspa (at) hqtrs (dot) com and ask them why a warning is not posted on their scam page about Red Quanta. Maybe if enough of us contact them they will actually do what we think they do. You can also file a complaint with the FTC at ftccomplaintassistant (dot) gov Again, if they get numerous complaints maybe someone will notice and follow up. You can email Shubhangi at shubhangi (at) redquanta (dot) org and fill her inbox with demands for payment. Let her know that ALL of us are reporting them to everyone we can - including the FTC and each other. I intend to followup with Doordash - which is who I did the 7 shops for - and tell them I was never paid. Also, those were 'reimbursement only" shops, so RQ didn't even PAY for anything. They just scammed all of us out of our own money. Please join me in warning all your shopper contacts about this. If we join forces maybe someone will pay attention. Isn't that what MSPA and the FTC are for? Or are we being duped by RQ - and then hoodwinked by MSPA and the FTC by sending official complaints out into cyberspace to them and no one even has the courtesy of getting back with us? I am furious about this. I have mystery shopped for over 25 years and never had this happen. I am not easy to fool and I will not be made a fool of now. This is illegal and we are owed payment. ALSO - IF YOU LIVE IN NYC - check out the "Freelance Isn't Free Act" that went into effect on May 15, 2017. You have the right to file a complaint with the city for nonpayment and if the judgement goes against the "hiring party" -in this case, Red Quanta - you will be awarded DOUBLE payment. You have the right to be paid after 30 days from when the job was completed OR by the date specified. I would love to see a bunch of you NYC folks go after them for DOUBLE compensation. In fact, I told Ms. Shubhangi at RQ, that based on that law, they owe me DOUBLE as well! I filled both MSPA and the FTC in on this law - and you can read more about it at []. And one more thing... RQ has a flashy homepage at redquanta (dot) com where they advertise that they are trusted by over 250 businesses around the world - including Google and Microsoft. I will be contacting those companies as well to tell them that their logos are being used as false credentials by Red Quanta on their home page. If enough of us do that - we'll have an impact. RQ needs to go.
@raygine they had quite a few delivery services, some I'd never heard of before. Most of what was done on this board appears to have been Doordash.
@fantazyland how did you get 15 RQ email addresses? Did you just email everyone on their contact page?
The latest from my December shops. The date of my payment keeps changing.

Thank you for your email.

I understand your concern. Your payment of $248.96 will be processed from our end by 2nd week of April'19.

Thank you for your immense patience and support. We won't let you down again.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubhangi Agarwal
Project Manager | redquanta
+91- 8318856049
Carrie, I guess she has yet another name now: Cariann, is an infamous scheduler who left many shoppers with no pay. I had a terrible experience with her and cought her in lie. More experienced shoppers and forum members are well aware and would never take on shops with Red Quanta. There is a whole thread about her. Yes, she is in US, scamming American shoppers.
Some good news! On April 1st, I finally received the last of what RedQuanta owed me: a $100 payment for all my shops completed back in November. It was a paypal e-check from I was pretty persistent and sent them the exact same reminder email (to all of the RQ emails I had obtained from this board) requesting payment every week or so for several months.

While RedQuanta's actions and excuses are inexcusable, I truly hope this means that all shoppers will be paid eventually. I wish you all the best of luck.
Glad you got paid. While I have never shopped for RQ, I still feel badly for those who have, and who have had to persistently ask for, week after week after week, for monies that rightly belong to the shoppers. No one should have to go hounding after their money as you all have had to do.
It would be helpful in the future if someone would post the MSC(s) that this scheduler (who has a known record of not paying shoppers) works with.

That way shoppers can be alerted and make a decision of whether they want to take a chance and work with her.

I hope you all get paid.
I got an email from Carrie (!), and she said that she's trying to get Red Quanta to pay up, but they're more than four months behind pay. I guess they pay her, then she divides it out to whoever is owed. She stated that if she were to back out and say to RQ "forget it, figure out the pay yourself", nobody would get paid.

Yes, it's frustrating to wait (and wait, and wait...), but it does appear that the $$ is coming. I've now been paid twice. Still waiting on $564 myself.

FWIW, Carrie also said that she reads the posts about her and RQ, so there's that.
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