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Aww dang, I did the 'Z" food ordering just today. I hope I didn't spend $25 on 3 burritos for no reason. sad smiley I did it through the GigWalk app - one of the associated emails about the job came from a Red Quanta address.

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I know. But I only got them because I thought they would be free. The only Z restaurant in town is mediocre. I'll deal with mediocre for free. smiling smiley
I finally got paid for shops done in November. Glad I got paid and I'll never do one again.
Think positive: if the burritos were good, you got something of value for your money.... and in 4-6 months there’s a chance you’ll get paid, too.... RQ is the one MSC with wilhichbinwill not even register...

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I've done plenty of these shops on GigWalk and always got paid within a few days. It's amazing how few restaurants are on the Z platform -- I'm currently in Los Angeles for a few days and there are exactly three eateries within 30 miles of downtown LA available, none of which interest me. All of NYC has I think 5 restaurants between the five boroughs.
Oh lord. RQ just sent an email to do orders from a very attractive delivery company. I *know* better, but I am still tempted.
@shopsuey wrote:

Oh lord. RQ just sent an email to do orders from a very attractive delivery company. I *know* better, but I am still tempted.

Like more food delivery shops? Or some other delivery company...?
@NinS how long did the Gigwalk/Z shops take to get paid? Same as RQ? I noticed that the form is EXACTLY the same, literally, word for word, as the RQ shops.
@jrich Yes, more food delivery shops for one of the services that delivers for more restaurants. Like, I could eat Shake Shack everyday with this service. I obviously have the wrong attitude about RQ. While they are clearly crappy and no one should work for them, I know that their story about the government issues is plausible. I work with contracts in India, and there is a lot of paperwork/bureaucracy that surrounds money coming in and out of the country. They also haven't completely ghosted on the people they owe money to and payments are coming in (finally).

I'm not advocating for working with them or trusting them, but there's a part of me that's thinking, "What if they end up paying everyone, and it's all fine, but I didn't take these assignments and get all the free food!" and now future me is annoyed at past me.

I just keep reminding myself that I. Know. Better. ::smash cut to me stuffing my face with fancy dumplings and Shake Shack::
You may enjoy the food now but there is lots of potential for time spent (emails) chasing payment over many many months.
I'm the one who posted about contacting MSPA and the Federal Trade Commission. I do wish other people would follow up with them as well. I'm only two months out waiting to be paid but I am so furious I can't even think about this without getting mad. I was told I would be paid by 4/15 but I'm not holding my breath. I will NEVER work for them again and I truly wish I could sue them. This is ridiculous - and illegal.
I talked with the MSPA-NA before they dropped RQ, and they didn't seem to be able to do much besides dropping them from their "approved" list. I think some were talking about going to the MSPA-Pacific to try to convince them to drop RQ as well. If you notice, RQ recently tweaked their website, and the MSPA logo is gone... How's the FTC complaint going?

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Unfortunately, the FTC has not gotten back with me. I will have to followup on it again. So much for so-called watchdog agencies. I am infuriated all the way around on this. What they owe me - $135 - is not enough to sue for - and even if you win, you might not get paid, especially from India. But among all of us there could be a class-action suit. I think I will threaten that as well as contacting companies listed on their home page to say that I am writing to those companies to tell them that RQ is using them as false credentials. I don't mind being a squeaky wheel.
@jrich Gigwalk pays really fast. I usually got paid 1-2 business days after submitting the shop. The longest I got paid was 4 business days. On the Gigwalk FAQs, they have a policy where if the client fails to review/approve your shop within 14 days, the Gigwalk platform will automatically pay you.

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@callinectes If you did it through the Gigwalk app, you should be fine and will be paid. I did a bunch of them through the Gigwalk app and always got paid within a couple of business days. The Gigwalk platform also will automatically pay you after 2 weeks if the client fails to review/approve your shop.
I may be a sucker, but I did one more through the Gigwalk app. Still waiting on it to be approved for some reason, but I'm kind of surprised it was E X A C T L Y the same system and questions as RQ had. Makes me wonder who else has shops for the "Fopa" system...
@jrich There used to be other MSCs that scheduled the FOPA shop (exact same questions/system). They didn't last long though. I think only RQ and Gigwalk have them now.
FWIW, I got a form email from Pankaj Guglani at RQ:

Hi **********,

We would like to inform you that all November Payments have been cleared.

We will clear pending payments for the period Jan’19 & Feb’19 by 10th May’19

Sincere apologies for this delay and we thank you for your patience and support .

Pankaj Guglani
CEO | Redquanta
I got a similar email.

Hi N*******,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in your payments.

We faced some regulatory issues with Federal system which prevented us from paying on time.

That issue has been partially resolved and your payment for the shops done till February will be credited by 10th May'19.

Thank you for your immense patience and support. We won't let you down again.

Pankaj Guglani
CEO | Redquanta
Hello everyone - again. I am the one on here who has been contacting MSPA, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) etc. Well it occurred to me last night that India must have some sort of Better Business Bureau. I looked up the American BBB and they list Red Quanta as "NON-accredited" with a rating of D-. They tried to contact them by mail and the US Postal Service returned the mail and labelled it "attempted - not known."

This should be enough to tell you that RQ is nothing but a fraudulent company using their India location to scam Americans and others.

However, I did find The Consumer Guidance Society of India at []. They have a video explaining what they do. There is a number to call if you can make international calls - I can't. There is also an email - to which I wrote a very long letter with plenty of references about how RQ is giving its home country a bad name. I also included a link to this forum so they can read pages upon pages of legitimate complaints. I have asked for DOUBLE compensation based on the Freelance Isn't Free Act and the fact that it is very common for small claims courts to award double compensation as well as making them pay attorney fees and court costs.

I also copied the RQ people I have been in contact with (shubhangi, pakjar, benita, carrie) so they can read for themselves the crimes I am accusing them of. And these are indeed, crimes.

You are welcome to file a complaint with the Indian agency as well. The more they hear from us, the more likely something will be done about it.
I’ve never heard of the freelance isn’t free act. Too bad it’s a ny-only thing sad smiley oh the things you learn on this forum!
Everything this company says is an outright lie. I have been told the same three times. This company is a fraud. They owe me for four shops conducted at the end of October and the beginning of November.
But Red Quanta makes the highest Rupees payment within the mystery shopping industry, so they must be good, right? Who needs US dollars when you are paid in Rupees...6 or 9 months later.
@callinectes ditto. It sat for a while, and after I asked about it, it mysteriously got approved. I'm pleasantly surprised how fast they pay
Gigwalk is great. They sometimes pay the next day but normally never take more than a week. I did shops for RED QUANTA back in December and still have not been paid.
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