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Amy @ Summit Scheduling

I've never dealt with her before. I've never done or even applied for a shop with Ipsos before. But today I received an email from her that says I've been ASSIGNED a shop. In Colorado. I'm in Canada. I assume she mixed up the abbreviations for Colorado and Canada, saw... Continue Reading

Kim @ Summit Scheduling

Kim responds immediately to me every time. She just one-upped her boss Judy, breaking the 3 minute response record by responding in 60 seconds. Always has my back and is super flexible with making up a route through BFE for me. Food banks and Girl Scout cookie recipients join me in... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling

I know it's the holiday and people are stressed and overworked but lack of response from a scheduler for the second time on shops for the same company is extremely frustrating for me. This is my second issue with a particular scheduler for Ipsos. I don't see any... Continue Reading

Dawn @ Summit Scheduling

Anyone have any experience dealing with her?... Continue Reading

Air Duct Cleaing via Confero Compass through Summit Scheduling

Has anyone completed an Air Duct Cleaning Service mystery shop offered from Confero? The shop pays for a $100 air duct cleaning service. I'm hesitant since I completed a carpet cleaning service through another company and never received payment. They even had me buy special insurance to mail them the... Continue Reading

Shout Out to Joni from Summit Scheduling

I was supposed to do an oil change shop today and due to rainy weather, bad traffic and early closing hours on a Sunday, I was not going to make it in time to meet the "arrive an hour before closing" requirement. I performed other shops instead, drove home... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling

I had an issue with a scheduler for Summit Scheduling who was scheduling amusement parks for Confero. I asked for a specific date, and got an email saying it was mine. So far so good. It was weeks away, so I just put it in my calendar.... Continue Reading

Dear Reality Based & Summit Scheduling:

:)... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling.....

anybody have "communication" issues with them?... Continue Reading

Can anyone tell me about Summit Scheduling??

Can someone please tell me about this MSC? My application was just accepted from them. But, just like every other MSC, I don't want to schedule any shops with them until I find out if they pay on time, how the reports are....etc. Can anyone give me some insight... Continue Reading

SHOPPERS BEWARE of BRG & Summit Scheduling

The following is the last letter sent to a scheduler at Summit Scheduling after they refused to compensate me for a shop performed for BRG. Ms. Summit Scheduler: Please be aware that my stance has not changed regarding this matter nor did the error and subsequent modification of the assignment, by your... Continue Reading

summit scheduling shipping shop?

Hi everyone - I received info on this shop yeseterday. It just reeks of scam. Have any of you done one of these and found it to be legit? thanks! Laurie t. Greetings Shoppers! Bare International has some great shipping shops in your area, all packages will be sent to pre-determined food... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency bad/Summit Scheduling good!

As I was going through some postings about a week ago I came across a note about Judith Gill with Summit Scheduling and it was very positive. I noticed I had done a shop for Summit Scheduling with Shadows Agency in August and had never gottten paid. I did as... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling/IPSOS

Did anyone else get an email from Summit Scheduling to do a shop for IPSOS? I was supposed to take pictures of charge card signs, cash registers, etc. at a catering service. When I got to the address, it was a private house in a residential neighborhood. ... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Summit Scheduling and Editing

Try Judith@summitscheduling. (Source). June 02, 2016

[quote=aayaey] Thanks for the reply, I never had a scheduler, I would just get emails from Judith from Summit Scheduling saying XXX Warehouse Club demo shops are open for this month please visit: https://insights. (Source). May 06, 2016

Thanks for the reply, I never had a scheduler, I would just get emails from Judith from Summit Scheduling saying XXX Warehouse Club demo shops are open for this month please visit: https://insights. (Source). May 06, 2016

I don't have any experience with RBG so I can't offer any insights onto how they treat shoppers - but I can say that my experience with Summit Scheduling? (Source). April 15, 2016

Does she do this often? Maybe I should deactivate from Summit Scheduling. (Source). April 13, 2016

for Ipsos and their scheduling company and thousands of assignments for various MSCs (some who do their own scheduling and others who utilize scheduling companies) and Judith the owner of Summit Scheduling is far-and-away the most proactive person i have met in this wacky business. (Source). April 04, 2016

The only way I've gotten it to work is email Judith @ Summit Scheduling. (Source). April 01, 2016

..that's really odd. Maybe the scheduler was overwhelmed and accidentally scheduled you the wrong location. I am guessing you could try to contact judith@summitscheduling. (Source). March 19, 2016

Donna with Summit Scheduling sent an email looking for shoppers to tie up a few loose ends and offered travel pay. (Source). March 11, 2016

My learning curve was accelerated by a scheduler who was with Summit Scheduling and he helped me better understand this industry. (Source). February 25, 2016