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Robin Myers, RBG (Reality Based Group) 4 KevinE
LuzMaria - Mystery Shopper Services 3 WeimLover
Customer Service Experts editor, thanks for making me feel valued. 4 bcm2016
Shoutout to the Forum Members! 5 Loloeq
Kudos to Measure Consumer Perspectives for quick payment resolution No Replies 1 sarahshopper
Kudos to North Fork for the Christmas Gift Card! 2 PasswordNotFound
Thanks to Bare International for writing explicit guidelines 6 ChrisCooper
Kudos to Customer Impact! 5 DareWright
Albatross and Kailea Humphreys 5 kenasch
Major Shoutout to Morgan at ACL!!! 2 MysteriousLurker
Reliable Companies: Pay Days 19 Itsybitsy1
Kudos to Sinclair Customer Metrics No Replies 1 CoffeeQueen
Kudos to DJC - Fast Fast FAST Pay! 11 AustinMom
Sandy with team 2 at MaritzCX No Replies 1 Liz36
Leslie Mueller at The Shadow Agency No Replies 1 stormraven73
Kudos to Donald at Trendsource! 5 rosaestanli
Primo Solutions No Replies 1 Irene_L.A.
Shout Out to A-Closer-Look 13 sbrown44105
Sally A. Craig with KSS 6 MA Smith
Trendsource on-site business inspections This topic has been moved.
Kendra Kane - Amusement Advantage No Replies 1 Teraisa
Kudo's to Trendsource (The Source) No Replies 1 Irene_L.A.
Shout Out to Laurie at Service Scouts No Replies 1 petrohd
Meagan at MSI No Replies 1 MtnMimi
Nathan at Shoppers View No Replies 1 Susanluci
Shoutout to Stericycle 2 JohnieQ
Shout-out to Kim Troli No Replies 1 goldilox
My schedulars No Replies 1 49tonya
North Fork Research is awesome!!! 11 mamx44
Kara Coyner with See Level HX 7 Kjwdez
SeeLevel's Mindy Alvarez No Replies 1 PuaM
Kudos to Jackie Jacoby at Kern Scheduling No Replies 1 dakotagypsy
Nice Work GfK 4 btemps
Kudos to MSForum for providing a "Place of Honor" (devoted to those who have gone "Above and Beyond"winking smiley No Replies 1 ChrisBaley
Kudos to Ellen at ath No Replies 1 HonnyBrown
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