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Mercantile 5 Irene_L.A.
Sue from Jancyn 3 teriraia
Be aware of deceptive behaviour of Brittany Goodman of Intouch Insight This topic has been moved.
Everyone who must deal with my drek 2 Shop-et-al
Elise At About Face 4 queen_kittycat1
Felicia Riske - Sinclair Customer Metrics 3 Mousegal
Melissa at Sinclair rocked!!!!! 2 Lattegal
Holly Bishop at Mercantile! 2 MikiNV
Kudo's to Service Sense No Replies 1 Irene_L.A.
JenniferB Summit Scheduling 2 Want985
Nikki DeBray Atkins No Replies 1 MA Smith
Kudos to Market Force 2 pegleg2000
Thank you Customer Impact! 5 Loloeq
Charlotte at A Closer Look 3 pegleg909
Hannah Brown and Intellishop No Replies 1 Want985
KSS Shelly is Kern's best asset No Replies 1 iShop123
Heather at Intellishop, Thank you! 4 anonymous2017
Circle of Service 3 Irene_L.A.
Kudos to Maritz Team 06 2 iShop123
Mercantile 7 Irene_L.A.
Kudos to Lisa Corbett No Replies 1 BirdyC
Big thanks to Cindy at summit scheduling ( ipsosus ) 4 Sassyangi
Dallas Area Forum Members - Passport for Paws Needs Your Help This topic has been moved.
Clear Evaluations: Classy Move! 9 MFJohnston
I'm love RBG and their schedulers! 7 MA Smith
Cancelled Shop via E-mail - Already completed Shop - Intellishop This topic has been moved.
Compliment to Kalki @ Bare International No Replies 1 charleyhorse97
Kudos to Reflections for fast payment 2 iShop123
Kudos to Service Solutions for incredibly fast payment (Service Scouts) 7 iShop123
GFK 4 squireparty
Shout Out to Patricia @ A Closer Look 2 MountainCacher88
Thanks to Angela at ACL, The source and Marketforce schedulers!! No Replies 1 soccermom
KUDOS Customer Impact 9 adamaimeemom
Informa scheduler Lisa Denton - The Best No Replies 1 laura007
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