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I didnt work through KSS. I just contacted my scheduler, Robin, and she has been doing everything (along now with Pete) to get me paid. Thats terrible that you feel that way. Have u reached out to your scheduler? Pete, can you help her maybe? Please? What a crappy position to feel you are in. Im sorry sad smiley

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Kimberly texted me back and told me to contact Vitor. Vitor just texted me and told me that he no longer works for the company, and to contact Robin.... I texted Kimberly again...
I'm so confused now, lol. I just heard from Kimberly and she didn't refer me to anyone. This is a big cl*&#(f&^ck. Hopefully payment will go out today. I am gonna trust her at her word. I hope you get paid, too. Everyone.
Hi guys and gals. It's Kimberly from Measure (the founder)-

I wanted to reach out to you fill you in on everything. Honesty is best, right? So, here’s my 6 month tale. Back in late October, my former CFO and I amicably parted ways. I hired a new guy. He seemed bright and sharp, and like he knew what he was doing. Woot! Anyone who knows me I can’t add my way out of a paper bag, so his solutions seemed like great ones. Switching accounting platforms, streamlining processes in billing/payment. Simplifying AR/AP. There was new technology that was so awesome, he said! We knew there would be hiccups along the way, but he assured me that he had everything under control.

One thing we implemented, which I am sure many of you are very familiar with, is using an answering service to answer the phones 24/7. This was to accommodate overseas clients who may have questions or need to get to us, and to accommodate shoppers. We know that many of you may not read instructions, or may have questions at night after the shop day ends. We wanted to make it easier (not harder) to get messages to us so we could help you. It seemed to be working well.

Then-we got hit with the cashiers check scam-you know the ones that newbies and non-shoppers fall for, where a very large check gets sent to an unsuspecting person in exchange for doing a western union transfer; this one was that one, and a large iTunes gift card. With, of course, Measure’s name on it. In February and March, we received no less than 1000 calls from people asking if it was us. So, we turned off the direct connect from the call center to emailed messages bc we couldn’t keep up with the phone calls and do business.

During this time, I was assured that shoppers were being paid, or if there were delays, that payments were about to go out. Fine, Ok. I get it. Let’s just let the shoppers know. Robin, Armando, Becca, me-were all assured that payments were going to go out, or that we were waiting on things to be clarified by the client.

About 4 weeks ago, I began to get suspicious/ aggravated/ annoyed. What was the influx of calls coming from? Why was the call center calling me directly asking me if we were scamming people. I started poking around, asking questions from new CFO. I started getting questions from the new accounting platform that we were using, because they hadn’t received any information that they were asking for so they could reconcile the books each month. I talk to new CFO, he assures me it’s being taken care of. But, I’m not trusting it. Start asking for copies of invoices, looking to see where shoppers were and weren’t paid. Looking lot a not being done.

With that, I put on my investigation hat, and dug into conversations with vendors, our accounting platform provider, my team, and other experts. Whew! Discovered a lot. Lit a fire under new CFO, while inspecting what I expected. I knew the guy had to go, but me not being a math whiz (I got a 100% on the English portion of my grad school admissions test, and a 0% on the math, to give you an idea!), needed a backup plan and proof. I got it this morning. Thanks to a few persistent shoppers, a conversation with Maggie (thanks for listening Maggie, and for your heartfelt message Misti), I was able to let him go. I had my contingency plan in place, and all the I needed to drop the proverbial ax on new CFO.

With regards to the tax shops, some of you have been paid, others have not. The issue that arose was a handful of bad seeds that caused issues for the whole-we had some fraudulent shoppers submitting false reimbursement amounts (a few innocent mistakes as well), and the client has to verify each individual shop with the IRS system. This couldn’t be done until after 4.15, and it takes a while it seems. Now, for each of you, that seems like, well just pay me my amount. The issue is when so many shops are done, with such high reimbursements and payments, it’s not a good idea to pay out that large sum without 100% verification-as we might be left on the hook with tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent reimbursements that we can’t bill for.

So, with that said-it doesn’t look like he’s transferred money into paypal (despite telling us that he transferred it over last week). That takes a few days for the funds to go from our bank to paypal. Currently, we are going through all the paypal transactions just to make sure he wasn’t doing anything sneaky. I don’t believe he was, but we were advised to check that out. And our bank account is on freeze for a few days until we are sure that he doesn’t decide to write himself an insane check out of anger, or whatever.

I’ve been in this business for 18 years, and it kills me to see our reputation tarnished. To see shoppers who’ve trusted us and now are angry, hurt, and frustrated. I feel your frustration. I’ve worked too hard to have this happen, and I am on top of it. Robin has been awesome thru this, as has the KSS team (thanks Lorri and Pete-I owe you!), Steve at Quantum who schedules our video, Becca and Jenna who’ve done great work on the back end, and to the Independent Schedulers who’ve worked with us in the past 8 months who’ve weathered the transitions, too.

I ask that you bear with me a few more days-I need to make sure that his behavior was laziness and not something more malicious.

I hope this helps. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I’m a single mom, and I feel your pain.
Measure Consumer Perspectives
I am really sorry to hear about your situation and what happened to you. It sucks when someone trashes something you have worked so long and so hard for. It means so much to me that you came here, you owned what happened and you are giving us a time frame for payment. I think its the crickets that puts everyone on edge. Seeing your post made me feel a ton better about working for Measure. A little information and what to expect goes a long way with me. Thank you so much and I will continue to work for you anytime.
For ten years I have worked with Measure and been a staunch supporter. It was Kimberly who actually got me started video shopping. I get problems, but I am finding it unconscionable emails and phone calls from your vendors are going unanswered. In my case there are three emails from late April along with the two phone calls I finally made today. And while I like Steve a great deal, he was my scheduler for my outstanding video shop and he did not inform me of any problems. I contacted him first and all he did was give me the email address of someone at Measure, the same someone who won't answer emails.

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Kimberly, thanks for the update.

I think you are being way too easy on the guy you let go. Embezzling by a trusted employee is a common cause of small business failures, believe it or not. There are a few things you can do in future (that fall under "trust -- but verify!)...never, EVER let the guy who can sign checks balance the bank accounts Do that yourself, and do it often! That's an extremely simple but quite effective hedge against embezzlement.

MCP owes me only a very small amount, and now I know it won't be coming in as scheduled, I can relax about it. I'm sure I can borrow a few dollars from my neighbor to complete my shops (i.e., gas money).

Best of luck, and I'm looking forward to completing more shops for you.
Kimberly said Steve was lazy. She never accused him of embezzlement. She's going through her books to make sure he doesn't embezzle after he got fired.

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
@HonnyBrown wrote:

Kimberly said Steve was lazy. She never accused him of embezzlement. She's going through her books to make sure he doesn't embezzle after he got fired.

One WOULD NOT accuse one of embezzlement on an open forum.

smiling smiley
MCP is a stand-up company that, in my experience, ALWAYS looks out for its shoppers.
My experience:
I did a nationwide luxury car service shop route for Kimberly a few years ago for two consecutive years. MCP/Kimberly paid the shoppers a week IN ADVANCE for the shops... seriously, who does that? I had plenty of money to go do the necessary work, stay in decent hotels, and there was ample support from MCP along the way.
My only issue with MCP these days: their great treatment of me kind of ruined me for other companies, LOL.
HA! Good point!

@ceasesmith wrote:

@HonnyBrown wrote:

Kimberly said Steve was lazy. She never accused him of embezzlement. She's going through her books to make sure he doesn't embezzle after he got fired.

One WOULD NOT accuse one of embezzlement on an open forum.

smiling smiley

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
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