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Discussions About Audits

Maritz gas station "dark audits" - what are they like?

Are they really "fast and easy" as Maritz claims? I'm looking at one that's just a 10-minute walk from my house, worth it for $9 or should I wait/ask for it to be bonused?... Continue Reading

Theater Audits

Exactly what is involved in a theater audit? The instructions aren't detailed until you accept the assignment, and I'm trying to decide if it's worth doing. The pay isn't much, considering you have to collect data for all the showings of the film, which means you could be making multiple... Continue Reading

Field Agent - Dumpster Diving Audit :-)

So, here is something I haven't seen before. For $6 "Hi Agent! For this audit, you will be required to locate a dumpster behind/near the [Famous Electronic Store] location listed. You will take up to 5 photos of the dumpster as well as the contents of the dumpster and answer... Continue Reading

About Face parking lot audits

Is anyone doing the shops for the evening hotel parking lot audits. I have done 3 rounds and make $50 approx each round. So far very simple but new to this so I want to make sure all is good with this shop. I have the invoices for all 3... Continue Reading

About Face Parking Lot audits

Is anyone doing the shops for the evening hotel parking lot audits. I have done 3 rounds and make $50 approx each round. So far very simple but new to this so I want to make sure all is good with this shop. I have the invoices... Continue Reading

how are the RBG grocery audits?

i've never done a shop/audit for them before, but saw these on presto maps, and am thinking about trying one out. it seems pretty straight forward, just check prices, and plug them in on the app. are all the items they're looking for grouped together? how long does... Continue Reading

GFK background check for audits

Does anyone have experience with GFKs background checks for audits and may know what their criteria is to pass or fail. The rep I spoke with didn't know. Has anyone failed and if so what for, in general? Thanks-... Continue Reading

MobiAudit memory hogging

I was running out of memory on my iPhone today and discovered that MobiAudit was using over 1 GB of space. I'm pretty sure it's storing all the photos I've taken over the past 3 months. I couldn't see a way to wipe its data and ended... Continue Reading

Maritz Bundle Gas Station Audits

I do a lot of out-of-town gas station audits over a range of sometimes 200 miles one way. Maritz bundles the shops in routes of 2 to 45 or 50 stations. An example of one route was about 30 gas stations in my hometown and the other 15 or 20... Continue Reading

Field Agent Beer Pricing Audits make me uncomfortable

The beer pricing audits where I have to ask the price of 12 oz, 16 oz, and bottle of craft beer, domestic, import , and some other types make me uncomfortable. There are 100s of these audits near me though. I don't see how I can be discreet and ask... Continue Reading

Broken Guidelines and no response on alcohol audits

My guidelines for an alcohol audit have a broken link that goes no where. I reached out via phone but am awaiting a call back. Nothing thus far. I tried email too and the same quietness. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the guidelines or could give me... Continue Reading

Sizing Audits

How time-consuming are sizing audits? There are some in my area that require going through more than 600 items, and the shop only pays $15. It seems like a lot of work for the money, but maybe it's easier than it seems.... Continue Reading

Aldi Audit

This is the audit that's done on Wednesday and Tuesday. When the email went out for next week's shop, did anyone notice a lower fee?... Continue Reading

Cricket cell shops - audit - has anybody done them?

The job write up says 'could take 2 hrs' but from experience I know sometimes these numbers are way off - either you are done quickly or they take forever. Is 2 hrs realistic? Seems low pay if they are 2 hrs. Feedback please.... Continue Reading

Where can I find Team Merchandising/Reset/audit Jobs?

Hi, I'm trying to find out what companies have work for teams. I'm not picky about the job just need work for atleast two people. Thanks!... Continue Reading

How long do the Intellishop tool audits really take?

I am not finding any other shopper info on these audits at car dealerships. I have some tool knowledge as there's a mechanic in my house, but Intellishop offers $75 for a 5 hour audit? Onsite, and then reporting time? Does anyone have foreknowledge? Thanks...... Continue Reading

Save-a-lot audit HELP!!!

So, I got a call yesterday from the MS company that does Save-a-lot audits. I have enjoyed doing their bank shops so I thought, why not. I asked for a bonus ($10) as it was a bit of a drive. Now, after looking at all the steps, I am thinking... Continue Reading

Recrutement - clients mystère audition

Bonjour, Je travaille chez services terrains, nous recherchons actuellement des clients mystères portant une prothèse auditive dans les départements suivant 59, 62, 67, 68 pour des missions dans ce domaine. N’hésitez pas à postuler sur le lien suivant pour rejoindre notre équipe . Cette mission est sympa et très... Continue Reading

Ross Sizing Audits

Has anyone done these shops - consisting of checking items for correct pricing (600 items)? Sounds boring, so I don't apply.... Continue Reading

babies are us audit

Any one does babies are us audit. I can only see a test project with 0 fee attached to it. I like to see how the assignment is, Please share your experience.... Continue Reading

*gasp* They lowered the fee on audits!

I noticed that one type of audit, the one where you may be on your feet in a retail store up to three hours while pricing items and/or performing ADA verification, has a new and lower fee. The new fee is $24. Recently, the initial fee was $25.... Continue Reading

Revealed Audit, wrong location

I did a revealed audit at the wrong location today. (Thanks GPS for saying, "Now arriving at 404 B Road, on the left... and how that heck does after leaving 949 B Road with the intention of going to 404 B Road, do you get to 348 B Road,... Continue Reading

Maritz Revealed gas station audit

Has anyone done one? Multiple pictures required - Twenty needed. 72 taken with Nikon camera with 640x480 which is what they required. So, now 3 pictures don't meet their standards. At midnight they sent the message saying there is 24 hrs to fix the problem. Question: has anyone else had... Continue Reading

MobiAudit Troubleshooting

I am having trouble getting the MobiAudit app to show all the opportunities that are available. Does anybody else have or had this problem and if so what are you doing to fix it?... Continue Reading

Save A Lot cuts audits

So today while conducting my out of stock audit at Save A Lot the manager came out to me to inform me that she got an email from corporate. As of October 1 they will only be conducting the audits once a month. There goes half my income... Continue Reading

Coffee Shop & Ice Cream Shops/Audits?

Who are the best MSPs for chain coffee and ice cream stores?... Continue Reading

MobiAudit troubleshooting

I am having trouble getting MobiAudit to sync opportunities. I only have about 8 companies in my profile, but they are not showing the jobs available in my opportunities tab. (And I'm positive there are jobs because I see them on the MSC website.) Any suggestions on what I might... Continue Reading

GFK audit background check for audit program

I was wondering if anyone here knew what type of background check GFK conducts for their electronic store audit program. Is it a level 2 with fingerprints, or just a general background check? Wasn't sure and didn't want to waste time or money with it. Thank you for the help!... Continue Reading

Grocery Audits/ Commissary Audits -- Just say "NO"

A lot longer than the promised "6-8" hours. Price tags were often not there, scatched or not legible. A price scanner would have been necessary to get some prices because of this. They were out of stock but still had a price tag (hard to do if you have to... Continue Reading

Menu audit for$15? Why so much? Really hard?

I found a job this morning that pays $15 just to get photos of the menu board at a place. The place is not named. I looked up the address and it's a grocery store but it's the sort that may have a particular coffee shop in it. Apparently I... Continue Reading

MobiAudit on ios10

Just upgraded to iOS 10 and although mobiaudit works, it seems you can no longer use the "take photo" option without it crashing the app. You can stil take a photo and then select it from the camera roll but that takes a LITTLE longer.... Continue Reading

Last try tomorrow with MF audits

I've been screwing these up all week. I seem to forget one thing each time, or get something wrong. Tomorrow I've got an am fast food and 2 gas shop/audits. Does anyone have advice about cheat sheets for the gas shop/audits? 31+ pages of instructions with tiny photos may be a bit too... Continue Reading

electronic store audits..anyone have any

Anyone finished these audits and been paid? What about not finishing in one day?... Continue Reading

Mall Audits by Intellishop, seriously???????

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

GFK-grocery store audit for shop fee $110? Look up to 800 items.

Hi. Has anyone done this type of shop before? Just want to get a feel of this type of shop. GFK sent an email for grocery stores where no drug or background test were required. Need to look for items and enter prices onto reports. The shop may take a... Continue Reading

Have Anyone done a Commissary and Grocery Store Audit (Military Base)

I see a few shops available and I'm just wondering how hard are these Audits? I'm not looking to get into a BB situation.... Continue Reading

Anyone signed in at jobslinger today and tried to access the information for "Beverage Freshness Audit" by Superior Product Pickup?

Hi. I would like to give my fellow MS'ers about the link on Jobslinger for the "Beverage Freshness Audit" by Superior Product Pickup. I tried to find more information for the job today, was sent to the volition page, then received a message that my computer was compromised by a... Continue Reading

Anyone doing the "Missions" app audits?

I was just wondering what the general opinion of these audits is among the forum shoppers.... Continue Reading

Parking Lot Audits

New to mystery shopping. Done about 12 shops trying to get a variety to find which types I like best. I saw a request for hotel parking lots audits and am wondering what that entails and is it worth the effort?... Continue Reading

MS + Revealed Gas Audit - Worth Fee?

Is the Two Number gas station mystery shop followed by Revealed audit worth the $8+5? I've recently did a few of the locations when they were MS only shops and not sure if it's worth exposing myself on the Revealed audit as it may cause me to be more recognizable... Continue Reading

Wireless "Retail Audit"

I'm doing a wireless kiosk shop where I have to request information about a smartphone upgrade or adding a second line. No big deal, I've done wireless shops in the past but it's been a while. Well I'm reading through the guideline and I'm overwhelmed by the amount... Continue Reading

Ross Sizing Audits - Any tips on how to count and record the mis-sized items.

Let me start by saying I have done many Ross Sizing Audits over the last two years. It seems like lately the racks are messier than in the past. in the past, out of 5 categories I could always could on 1-3 not having more than 6 mis-sized items. Now... Continue Reading

Best buy audit vs. best buy price audit

Anyone out there thats done both of these audits as well. The normal best buy audit is my bread & butter I've done close to 100 of those shops and love them but these god awful price audits man! I swore I'd never do one again but of... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Have anyone work for this merchandise company? It based in Delaware.... Continue Reading

MF perishable audits

Anyone have experience with these? I feel if I do this, I will be outed when I do a regular grocery shop.... Continue Reading

Shell audit

Has anyone done the new Shell audits where there are no gas or product purchases. There are photos, measurements and POP info. Did you like the shop and was it worth the pay? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Menu audit help

I think the title says it all. I did one of these last week and went to the location twice, photographed every menu board on the property at different times of the day to ensure I got breakfast and lunch/dinner items. There were some menu items required that... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits - How Have the Assignements Changed Since 2012-13?

During the period of 2012-2013, I performed several hundred gas station audits for MF and Maritz, in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Now I plan on returning to do these shops. Is it still possible to perform long routes for MF, picking up the bonused $50 shops? Or is there... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audits

I look forward to doing sizing audits as they are fairly quick and the report is a breeze. Usually they can be done start to finish in under an hour. I also looked forward to their timely payments via PayPal; however, has anyone else noticed Jancyn has become one of... Continue Reading

Intel Audit

Has anyone done one of these? Was it worthwhile in your opinion? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Monthly Pricing Audits Nationwide

GfK has monthly price audits available starting July 25th! The audits pay $30-$50. You will be gathering pricing information on all audio equipment in the store. These are in most states so please reach out for more information! Christy Ensley Field Coordinator GfK Mystery Shopping GfK | 200 Liberty Street... Continue Reading

Monthly Pricing Audits Nationwide

GfK has monthly price audits available starting July 25th! The audits pay $30-$50. You will be gathering pricing information on all audio equipment in the store. These are in most states so please reach out for more information! Christy Ensley Field Coordinator GfK Mystery Shopping GfK | 200 Liberty Street... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Audit input

Has anyone done the retail cell phone store audits where you call the manager ahead of time to set up an appointment? I believe they were AT&T, but the jobs I see now appear to be "authorized retailers." How time consuming are they, and do they require a lot of... Continue Reading

Question about the Sizing Audits

I am seeing something I haven't seen before----the company which does the sizing audits and the CS audits is now doing a shop which combines elements of the two. Does anybody know if this is because the total number of shops for this company is being reduced, and/or maybe they... Continue Reading

SNAPAudits CastRetail CastForce C.A.S.T

These are all one ion the same under different names! It started as C.A.S.T. Creative Agency Services Team, Inc It had some reputation issues on the ground. It morphed into CastForce. I began working for them in late 2013 under this entity as an IC. After a a few months I was in Love.... Continue Reading

cirrus storage audits... how are they?

cirrus was about the only company other than sentry i hadn't signed up with due to all the hate they get on here and the ridiculously long payouts, but they had a storage audit only 20 minutes away from me for a decent fee($45) so I decided to sign up,... Continue Reading

I Need Audits!!!

Oustide of GFK and Maritz, can anyone lend a hand on other companies that perform Audits. I love MS and all, but I find myself enjoying audits more. Any help would be welcomed. Please and Thank You.... Continue Reading

Janssen Pharmaceutical Audits

was just contacted. Annual inspections are coming down to this MSC soon. Anybody has had any experience doing these ?? I know you have to be certified and have a background check on file.... Continue Reading

I could not be the gas station auditor as I am not over 70.

I could not be the gas station auditor as I am not over 70. That's what a manager told me right after he sent the cashier to the back to put a shirt over the nonapproved one to be ready for her picture (of course, that will be commented... Continue Reading

GFK's offer of $85-$95 for Electronic Store Audits, are they worth it?

Has anyone found the GFK Audits to be profitable? How much time did you spend on your last audit inside the store and also writing your report? Have you ever had one of your GFK Audits thrown out by their quality control team costing you six or eight... Continue Reading

Anyone done Goodwill safety audits?

How much time does it take to do a Goodwill safety audit, including the report afterward? Thanks in advance for any help.... Continue Reading

Revealed Tobacco Audits

I have done not revealed tobacco audits in the past where I go into the store, make a small purchase and attempt to buy tobacco without an ID. Normally I'd get like 9/10 locations would pass this. I saw a bunch of revealed tobacco audits a few days ago and... Continue Reading

Monthly Pricing Audits Nationwide

GfK has a new monthly pricing audit program! Auditors are required to have a recent model smartphone capable of downloading the GfK mobile app to enter data in a covert manner while onsite. Reports are submitted directly from a smartphone, and no additional reporting is required. ... Continue Reading

market force $20 audits

anyone have experience?... it gives a good long time in the little quiz just wondering if they are worth it...... Continue Reading

How long do the MCD Menu Audits usually take to perform because they raised the pay from $6 to $7.00!

I counted four MCD Menu Audits remaining and they raised the bonus making total pay $7 plus $1.00 for food to provide proof of visitation or justify why your sitting down staring at their menu without ordering anything. Are you using your phone app or laptop to get them... Continue Reading

Market Force MS vs Audit

The gas stations are posted for June in my area. This post was initially going to say let me know if you can figure out the difference between MS and Audit; I just figured it out for myself. In my area, it appears that the audits have the... Continue Reading

Ross sizing audit new requirement

Just got an email with a new requirement. They now need a picture of the category with the most mis sized items if there are more than 7. I asked them to post a sample picture in the instructions so we know exactly what they expect the photo to show.... Continue Reading

Snap Audits

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Mobi Audit for Strategic Reflections?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Menards audits?

Has anyone does the Menards Facility Safety Evaluations? They say "take 30 photos from a list provided in your guidelines and answer a few questions about each area." and that the audit should take about 45min. It doesn't say how long the report takes. It also states that you should try... Continue Reading

Best Buy audit and Target Price Audit

Has anyone done these audits? The best Buy pays $95 and the Target Price audit is $40. I'm thinking about doing these but what do these audits entail?... Continue Reading

Questioned by public about gas station audit photos

I have had two incidences while taking photos for gas station audits where someone has approached me, one angrily and one extra strange, to ask what I was doing. As if it isn't obvious that I'm there in a professional capacity. I make sure that I'm dressed in business casual,... Continue Reading

Sizing Audit Help

Okay, so I've done several of these now. Unless I actually identify a manager and hear their name or get a good look at their nametag, I ALWAYS have to ask the employee. I even had one situation in which I think I was given false information, but I never... Continue Reading

Phone audits for MF

I did a MF phone audit (not a shop). The fee was $26 and I had no idea how much effort it entailed. Just reading the guidelines took 90 minutes. I waited until the last minute to read the guidelines and didn't want to cancel the audit the day it... Continue Reading

restaurant menu audits, how do you do them?

i'm thinking about picking one up tomorrow because it's in a town I have a bunch of shops, but i'm not sure how I would pull it off. if I could just grab a take out menu and take pictures off that it'd be easy, but how do you take... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit-A Story

I had my first taste of negotiations with a gas station audit in a kinda away or in between civilizatiion setting, but just off an interstate. The MSC called me and asked for a price: I responded, "$20". I knew I could pick up another MS-Audit at another station... Continue Reading

MobiAudit app

I did a couple of shops for Ace this week using the MobiAudit. Are there any other MSC using this app? Are there any other MSC using apps that you like?... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop and Audit

Has anyone else noticed that many companies are combining mystery shops with audits? I recently had to cancel two Marketforce shops because I realized there was a revealed audit after a mystery shop, all for only $9! That's not enough $$ to make it worth my time, not to mention... Continue Reading

Have you done the new mystery shop/mini audit lunch at a hospital?

The MSC is asking for an experienced shopper or a shopper with auditing experience. Has anyone done these $25 shops? How in-depth are they? I'm considering taking one near me but I've heard how bad the $20 hotel audits for a different company were. Wondering if I should bite.... Continue Reading

Gas station audit for $9!!!

So the fees have not been increased, still have to make 2 purchases and they threw in an audit, same fee. The instructions are 33 pages long. My lesson is to just not assume that they would be the same as last month and I should have known... Continue Reading

Big box audit question

I'm curious about these assignments. I've read the assignment details which specifically say the audits take approximately 7-8 hours and require constant standing, bending, squatting. I'm really interested in trying one of these assignments but I'm being scared away by these warnings. I had back surgery a few years ago... Continue Reading

Ross Dress Audits: As "easy" as they say?

There's one open near me, and I'm tempted, but when an MSC says "less than an hour in store and 5-minute report," I get suspicious! LOL. Are they worth $16? A couple of months ago they got bonused slightly, so maybe I should wait and see if this one does....... Continue Reading

Chevron Audit

I would like to get some general information from those of you familiar with this shop. I have done hundreds of gas station audits, but none for this brand. The base fee for this brand is higher than the other audits for the same MSC, so I'm wondering... Continue Reading

Market force audit vs retail?

There are some audits and retail shops listed for the same client. I am wondering what the difference is because from the initial description, it sounds like they would be the same. The shop fee is lower for the retail shop, but in the description it says it... Continue Reading

Maritz dark audit

I decided to give them a try given the bonus they are offering. I created a route for myself but am concerned about timing. Does anybody know what time these gas stations turn on their lights? I called one and they said they close at 7:30 and I don't know... Continue Reading

AT&T Audits

Has anyone seen any of these lately? I think the original MSP lost the contract and I haven't seen them pop up anywhere else so far.... Continue Reading

What are your tips for doing menu pricing audits?

I think with the fast foods I can just walk around and take photos of the drive thru boards. I am not sure how to take the Panera menu boards inside without being noticed as they have many boards with lots of items. How do you do it and what... Continue Reading

Best Buy audits

I am looking at these and thinking of doing them. Has anyone done them? Are they worth the $95? And is there anything other than the drug test I need to do? Thank you in advance for any helpful responses.... Continue Reading

What is Audit and Why Pay $25+ for Drug Testing? Why do IC pay for Drug Testing if they not employee?

Why do Audit Jobs make you buy drug tests? Are audit jobs so good you should pay fees to have drug test to become their employee? Audit jobs I when I join and wonder if its good idea to become a MSC employee if they want control over... Continue Reading

GNC audits

Anyone do these? I've posted here before and I think many of you know by now I'm a huge fan of announced audits! I have never done an announced audit I didn't like. Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, shop rite, gas stations, etc, etc....I've done them all and... Continue Reading

Best buy auditors, do you agree?

Nothing makes you want to shoot yourself more then walking into a store and seeing this: Continue Reading

Do any shopping companies audit lawyers and/or charities?

Since I began mystery shopping, I've learned a lot about how many different kinds of professionals get shopped---people from bankers to healthcare providers to funeral home workers and pet groomers. Does anybody know of any companies which audit lawyers or charities? I think those kinds of audits would be really... Continue Reading

marketforce really holding out on these announced grocery audits

marketforce has these announced grocery audits that I like to do but only when bonused. They normally pay 15 with addition 15 reimbursement but usually by the second week they're getting bonused to 25, then 30 in the 3rd week and then 45. So I always wait. There's... Continue Reading

sears/kmart announced audit

Has anyone ever done these? I love announced audits but I'm wary of doing these because it says you have to do the audit alongside the employee. I don't like having to do the audit with an employee. 1. How does any business have an employee they can... Continue Reading

ISS offers a price audit thru another company

Has anyone gotten an email from ISS offering a price audit of a popular fast food chain? ... fee is $7 and it is thru Survey Czar. I was wondering exactly what the job was but I emailed and got no reply. A price audit may be to take... Continue Reading

Movie theatre audit

Good evening, I signed up to be an auditer on yesterday, does anyone have any pointers or feedback they would like to share. And since I signed up last night, what is the wait to hear a response from them? Thanks... Continue Reading

Not a White Glove Audit Warning

Did anyone else get the email from "Quality Assurance Review" regarding gas station shops being overturned for being too critical and warning that we could be removed from the program if it continued? I can't tell if it was a mass email or specifically directed at me. If it was... Continue Reading

MobiAudit App

I an having trouble getting the app to work for me. What url are they wanting?... Continue Reading

need right answers to Bbuy auditor quiz (Feb)

[I]Request asking for confidential info has been removed by Mod. Please reach out to the company/scheduler for this information. Besides, if you can't pass the test on your own, you may do the audit wrong, and then you risk not getting paid. [/I] Warmly, Mike... Continue Reading

Best Buy announced audits help

If anyones eyeballed these shops but hasn't taken the leap yet I can help you out. I've been doing it for 6 months now and I love it! They're high paying and if you wait for the right time and are willing to drive a bit you can... Continue Reading

The 2 Hour Hotel Audit

I see the pay has gone to $40 and the income requirement has dropped to $30,000. The ones around me have just sat there the whole time.... Continue Reading


I just did my first two revealed gas station audits, and much to my surprise, they were so easy! Only the first part is "secret", when you check out the store, buy the gas and a $3 item, and make your payment. After that, when I went back... Continue Reading

Mystery Audit Assignment - Onion Insights

Easy, Exciting and of course Lucrative Assignment. Simple need to Evaluate the Store as per the guidelines and parameter. [I]Mod note: Welcome to the forum raj. If you are representing a company, please feel free to add a signature line with your company name and contact info. Also,... Continue Reading

Pricing Audits

I just signed up for a companythat does pricing audits and I'm wondering what people think of them that have done pricing audits. They want you to remain undercover but at the same time record the prices of 250 items. Reading those guidelines it sounds almost impossible to... Continue Reading

Announced audit shops

I'm semi new to all of this. I got my feet wet in the mystery shopping world 5 years ago but then never did anymore shops until this past year and I have been doing many now. I'm actually a huge fan of the announced audit shops but... Continue Reading

Is this an audit to you?

I received an email yesterday with Grocery Audit as the subject line. I love audits. An audit to me means, go check something, count something, take pictures, maybe fix something, maybe take something down, maybe bring something to someone's attention. I even do "audits" where I buy everything they have... Continue Reading

Need Advice on Casual Dining Menu Auditing

I've accepted a menu audit, but this is my first time doing one. This assignment apparently requires photographing indoor and outdoor menus, and I have to make sure I get all of them. Does anyone have tips on the most discreet ways to do this?... Continue Reading

300 Item Audit?

Has anyone ever completed the 300 item audit for the grocery store? Pay is $50 which to me does NOT seem like a lot for 300 ITEMS! But, I have never done it so if it's super easy and you get out quick well then $50 sounds right. LOL any... Continue Reading

Companies that are available in MobiAudit?

Sound off if you are aware of MSC's that use MobiAudit? I have used it for just the company that asked me to, but I travel routes a lot and would love to be seeing jobs from more MSC's I don't think this violates any rules, I am not asking you... Continue Reading

Sizing Audits

Are Sizing Audits posted for January yet? I have not seen any and normally do by this time of the month.... Continue Reading

Prevnar Signange audit

Did anyone do one? Is the pay ($12) appropriate for the amount of photos required?... Continue Reading

Auditing shops

What companies perform a lot of audits... Continue Reading

searching for work from home quality editor job in mystery auditing company

I am having 7.5-year experiences as an editor and I am searching for work from home quality editor job in Mystery auditing company you can contact me [I]Mod note: Your two threads have been combined to keep replies all in one place and because there was no need to... Continue Reading

Has anyone done a revealed HR Block audit?

I just saw them listed for January and they don't pay too much but it is not like having your taxes done . I think they were done last year... Continue Reading

Heads up, don't take the pokemon audits!!!

I'm furious right now. I applied for this shop that I figured would require 4 or 5 photos, and a little observation, but there is 20 pages packed with questions. I've done around 500 shops since June and have never seen anything remotely like this. I have... Continue Reading

New BP night audit

This one just showed up for next quarter. When I asked, I was told it's unrevealed and you take a few pictures in the dark of a BP station from across the street. Hi, Homeland Security. Nice to meet you.... Continue Reading

Airline mystery audits

Is anyone aware of mystery audit available for aviation industry?... Continue Reading

Comfort Inn audits

Anyone done any of these? I went today and no one had a clue about the audit, even with my letter of authorization they refused to let me do the audits. Talk about a wasted day.... Continue Reading

Pricing Audits - What happens if you get caught

I see a pricing audit for vitamins that says it takes 30 minutes to an hour and pays ok. But, I answered the email with: Is this a revealed or unrevealed audit. What happens if I get caught? If this was Walmart, no problem. But these are tiny stores and anyone in there... Continue Reading

Covert audits??

Has anyone had experience with these? You are supposed to do an audit of various computer products and electronics and take photos , all covertly, showing a letter of authorization only if the store employees become suspicous. I'm supposed to one of these this weekend and can... Continue Reading

HELP! Questions to ask a bank auditor? My brain cannot think of one question. Please help! Thank you in advance! :)

HELP! Questions to ask a bank auditor? My brain cannot think of one question. Please help! Thank you in advance! :)... Continue Reading

No more pricing audits :(

I just found out today that the client Trendsource has for the pricing audits has decided in 2016 to go internal. These were the 100 item list that offered $16 reimbursement along with a $12 payment. I have been with Trendsouce for many many years, and have working with this... Continue Reading

hardware store audit

Never again. What was I thinking? Although it was fun to do it was not worth the money.... Continue Reading

New to revealed car dealer audits, any advice?

I will be doing my first car dealer audit today and one for each day of the week. I remember some posts about these audits and how tedious they are. The guidelines are never-ending but the questionnaire is actually quite short and straight forward compared to some other shops I've... Continue Reading

Market Force gas station audits.. Worth it ?

See a few gas station audits on the board listed for $18 each. How long do these audits take to complete and input? If it's only like a 15 minute audit with mostly yes or no questions, and a few pictures then maybe. Otherwise I might pass on it.... Continue Reading

quick service audits

I am thinking of taking one of these. You need to pass a test, order from the drive thru and order inside, then give the manger an LOA to take 7 photos. Fee is $12 and reimbursement up to $10. Has anyone done any of these? Feedback please.... Continue Reading

UPDATE: Checker Patrol and National Audits??????

What is the latest status of these two former movie theater audit msc's please??? I worked for Checker Patrol several years back, but my assigned theater from a small chain closed down. No work since then. Website is till active. National Audits I never worked for...called and they took my info... Continue Reading

Theater Auditing Company

despite what it says in a certain Mystery Shopping Magazine, another company, VeriTES does quite a bit of the theater auditing/checking in North America. We have also gone by TNS Media Intelligence and Theatrical Entertainment Services in the last 30 years. and we are our clients first choice for auditing... Continue Reading

BB Audits

I did not tdo these audits when they were two days long. I started doing them this year in Feb/Mar. The first couple were rough and took eight hours because no training can actually prep you for the reality of actually doing it in a store. But once I got... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audits

I've only ever done the mystery gas shops for MF (though I've done gas station audits for other MSCs). But I noticed this month that the Mystery Shops were replaced with revealed audits at the same locations. They were originally posted at the same price as the Mystery... Continue Reading

Unrevealed Auto Center Audit with photos from Trendsource

I keep getting urgent pleas to do one of these in my area. They want this done at a place that mostly sells tires. I’ve only been inside the one near me once. I can’t begin to imagine trying to take covert photos in this place. I was wondering if anybody... Continue Reading

Plenti card gas station audits

Does anyone use the Plenti card while doing gas station audits? If so, how was your experience.... Continue Reading

Your thoughts on the clothing store sizing audits?

I saw an sizing audit and didn't really understand what was involved with the audit. Has anyone done one of these? How hard was it, how long did it take, what did you actually have to do? Thanks for the info.... Continue Reading

The $85 audit shops

How bad are these? They hand on the shop list forever. Can they really be completed in 8 hours or there about?... Continue Reading

Does anyone use an I-Pad for shops/audits?

I was wondering if anyone used an IPad to take pictures for shops or submit results? If so, what is your opinion.... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits/Mystery Shops

I've done audits and unrevealed/revealed mystery shops for lots of different MSCs. There is one question I've never had any of the companies ask, and I think they should: Did the retail price on the "main station price sign" match what was charged at the pump? I have run into price... Continue Reading

New Gas Audits

I just logged onto an MSCs jobsearch page and the gas station shops which used to only require a purchase of both gas and an item in the convenience store now have been changed to revealed audits. Has anyone requested the new audits and what types of pictures are... Continue Reading

Very Basic Question About Using A Tablet for Audits

Let me start with a disclaimer that I feel totally stupid even asking this question. I accepted a last minute assignment with bonus to do a fairly easy retail audit. This is my first audit ever. I can either download the MSC's app onto my tablet and... Continue Reading

Hyundai Dealership Revealed Audit

Has anyone performed one of these audits in the past? The purpose of the audit is to evaluate the "amenities" that are offered to customers. There are 12 required photographs for the assignment. The audit is described as quick and non intrusive. The payment for the audit is $20. I... Continue Reading

MobiAudit for USPS

I didn't want to high jack the USPS thread, that is pretty much now just about the report. I have an Android phone. Installed the App. Tried to set up a profile but keep getting "incorrect password or id". Then under profile instructions it says username, password & URL are provided... Continue Reading

Pet Store Price Audits

I am returning to the MS world after a 10 year break and a lot has changed! Viva technology! I have a question about these audits. I received a call from a scheduler this morning wondering if I could do one next week for $20. She said 90 items and... Continue Reading

Grocery Audits--which MSC?

I have done grocery audits for a couple of MSCs in the past, but has anyone done the audits for both Reality Check and JM Ridgeway to compare? I was wondering if company's questionnaire is easier/harder than the other's...... Continue Reading

Revealed audit vs mystery shop

I notice that a new-to-me MSC has a revealed audit for Coca Cola Co., at a ubiquitous FF chain which is frequently mystery shopped by another MSC. To my mind, the two are mutually exclusive. I wouldn't be able to successfully mystery shop a location that I had openly audited,... Continue Reading

What is involved in GfK's electronics store full day audit?

GfK is offering multiple all-day audits of electronic retail stores in my area. They require a drug test and background check be completed for this audit. There have been no takers for a few weeks which leaves me to wonder: Is this an awful job and everybody is staying away? Or, are... Continue Reading

Fast Food Photo Audit - Blurry menu boards & inside location

I accepted a fast food photo audit and have 4 locations to complete. One of these locations was inside a mall, so I had to walk in to take photos of the menu board. What on earth do you use as your excuse when you're doing this and people look... Continue Reading

The renovations of the Gas Station audit

The new forms are in. It is more like a Inventory than an audit. The new shops have an extra 12 online "docs" that are at least 3 to 7 pages long. With a few being more pages. They are also advising US, "to PRINT in... Continue Reading

Gas station audits.

Which MSC does the Exxon shops now ? I enjoyed the bonus with them. Are there other good gas audits to do ?... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audits

The instructions say that you need to get the name of the manager, and it is usually posted. For anyone who has done these before, where did you find the name of the manager? Or did you have to ask an employee? And if so, what did... Continue Reading

Beverage audit routes...anyone?

Has anyone accepted one of these? A nearby county is bonused $150, so I'm thinking about it. I just wish they would disclose how many locations are in the route before you apply. It's small town/backwoods kind of area, so I don't imagine the stops are very dense, but I... Continue Reading

Beverage audits gfk

Has anyone done any yet?... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audit

I've been doing the gas shops for a couple months now and noticed that they just changed some of them to an audit. Has anyone done the new audits? They are revealed and the instructions say to plan up to an hour at the station. So far they are paying... Continue Reading

Jancyn [client named deleted] Audits

Does Jancyn offer anything besides[client name deleted] audits ? I am S/W of Chicago in DuPage & Will Counties. [I]Mod note: ICA violation fixed. It is also against forum rules to link the client with the MSC. Please refer to the posting guidelines when posting.[/I]... Continue Reading

RBG and Audit Shops?

Hello! Has anyone ever done a pricing audit for RBG (Reality Based Group)? Are they difficult? I have a buddy and about an hour of time to spare. Do you know how many items I'd be tasked with auditing on average? How long does it take YOU to complete? :-)... Continue Reading

GFK [client deleted] audits

Is anyone else having issues getting email responses for the end of month bonus [deleted] shops? It seems everytime I get an email about an emergency shop and only having 2 days to complete, I email stating I'll perform for the bonus offered within 30 min to an hour of... Continue Reading

Beverage Audits

Has anyone done one of these yet? They have been sitting around for awhile and were bonused today. It looks to be a pretty straightforward shop, but not much pay if the establishment does not complete the survey.... Continue Reading


I have been doing shops for a few months now, I have been offered a retail store audit, 85 items and 15 questions. One of the two stores everyone knows. Not much info on the shop,I have no idea what is involved, they say about 3 hours, 25.00, any suggestions.... Continue Reading

Recognized at gas station audits?

Are you getting recognized at gas stations audits before you reveal? I am. Many of the CSR's are regularly there and wave hello as soon as I approach the c-store after getting gas. I did a Bolla station/store this week and they had a tent offering hot dogs and coffee... Continue Reading

Circle K Great Lakes Food Reveal Audit

Has anyone done any of the Circle K Great Lakes Food Reveal Audits? You must attend a WEBEX call before completing the shop. It pays $20.25 which is a significant amount more than an unrevealed Circle K shop which pays 6.00. It seems as though this shop... Continue Reading

GfK Beverage Audits

Apologies in advance if there's already a thread on this topic--I searched and nothing came up. Does anyone have information on the GfK 'beverage census routes'? Based on the company, I'm wondering if I should be running towards or away from the opportunity.... Continue Reading

Grocery Store Pricing Audits

Hello all, I'm doing my first grocery store price audit this weekend. I've read forum messages about how long it takes and stuff like that, so I'm just going to take a run at it and see what happens. My question for the group is, does anyone have any tips or... Continue Reading

Bare Audits

I have been working for five years, once a month, to audit four stores. I hardly ever have any mistakes. The person that is proofing the shops keeps sending back twelve to thirteen items to re-check. With four shops, this takes more time out of my weekend.... Continue Reading

drug testing for auditing jobs at best buy

Saw an ad for this recently. Why are they requiring this? We work for ourselves, we are ICs. I can understand testing employees, but ICs for temp auditing jobs? Sounds to controlling to me.... Continue Reading

Photo audits - fast food

I have never done a photo audit. I've seen a few listed before, but have always hesitated because they sound like you need to go back a few times to get them done. I just saw a simpler shop though that sounds like it's just taking the pictures... Continue Reading

Firestone audits

Has any MSC picked up the Firestone audits yet?... Continue Reading

Grocery Perishable Audits

Anyone do these? Are they difficult? There's one by me that is offering double what they usually do.... Continue Reading

Maritz - Grocery Audit

I have done this audit three times for a $25 bonus but, even with the bonus, it is taking too long. For the last audit, I went later in the day hoping the store had its act together and I would take less photos. Wrong. This must be the worst... Continue Reading

Market Force grocery audits

Anyone ever done them? They are paying about $30 total and say they should take about 75 minutes. I assume that means time in store with additional time for the report. If you can give me insight, please do--and thanks in advance. Robinv... Continue Reading

GNC Audit

Has anyone done one of these? It was brutal! Questionnaire was huge and I had to take a lot of pictures. Writing up the report, answering questions, re-sizing and posting pictures made me feel like I was back in college doing an all nighter! I hope it's accepted.... Continue Reading

$120 GFK Revealed Audits - Need help this week!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

AT&T Audit

I should have listened!! I agreed to do this for $15. Read the paperwork & it is just too much for $15! Too many areas to make a mistake. I just emailed to cancel. This would have been my 1st assignment with this MSC. What will be the repercussions of... Continue Reading

Cash Bar Audit

Hi all, I have my first cash bar audit tonight and have a quick question. I apologize for having so many questions, but look forward to being able to contribute to the forum in a more positive way in the coming months! For the shop, me and a guest will order... Continue Reading

Auditing Gas Stations: How do you keep the different requirements straight in your mind?

I do have cheat sheets, but they seem inadequate. If I'm doing a string of BP's and suddenly two bonused Shells appear on the board, I worry that I've forgotten everything I knew about Shells. Do you have particular strategies or methods to keep all of the different requirements straight?... Continue Reading

Card Skimmers at Gas Pumps - Tip for Auditors

During an audit at a busy Phillips 66 I found a card reader that was open. The pump was pump #2. There were 8 pumps at the location. It was a Phillips 66 located in an industrial, working class part of the city. I told the manager. He checked and... Continue Reading

Family Dollar Audits

A bunch of these Family Dollar store audits became available in my area. They are currently listed at $15 per assignment. Has anyone completed one of these assignments yet? They are listed with an MSC that seems to deactivate people from tiime to time with no explanation. The guidelines are... Continue Reading

My Sassie Rover app went crazy today as I was completing the audit - can I recover?

I was literally on my last few items - checking for energy efficiency labels when Rover shut down my iPad. Every time I try to get back in the audit it creates a blank audit. 6.5 hours of work. GONE. Has this happened to anyone else and did you find... Continue Reading

Has 3 Grocery Audits under my belt. Will you share your bag of tricks to get these done easier?

Anyone care to share their secrets or strategy on how to note, and do these shops efficiently. Getting ready to tackle electronics here in Chicago. Thanks...... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone audit. Worth it?

I've haven't done any shops with GFK yet, but was thinking of adding one of their Cell Phone store audits to a rout I'm planning. I haven't done any audits for anyone only mystery shops. The fee is $15.I know it depends on a lot of factors wither or not... Continue Reading

$125 Payout for Audits

The e-mail subject line: "Are you avalable to work this weekend? $125 payout for audits" The body of the e-mail says: "Can you complete a {company} audit today or tomorrow morning? Payout for total of 3 is $55 TOTAL" This type of e-mail is my pet peeve. This is a legitimate... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop, Audits, Demos

Which one do you prefer? Does anyone do all three? Which one pays the most.... Continue Reading

Pricing Audit

Does anyone have experience with the TrendSource Pricing audits? I think I did this 3 years ago before I knew anything about mystery shopping. If I remember right, it was frustrating and hard to find the items. I realize this isn't a traditional mystery shop, but still. I have learned... Continue Reading

What companies do the revealed audits?

I'm new around here :) I enjoy mystery shopping but I really prefer revealed audits. I was wondering which companies offer more of these assignments. I actually really enjoy revealed gas station audits.... Continue Reading

need info on TCBY audits

How long does it take to fill out the audit of a TCBY store's condition? (This 45-minute audit is bigger than a mystery shop.) Is there some reason to avoid these jobs? Even with two bonuses added, an audit in my area has gone unassigned for many days -- unless... Continue Reading

Helion Processor Chip Audit

Has anyone done one of these audits before? Can you give me any insight into the report complexity. It sounds relatively simple; although lots of observations and counting. I'm just worried about narratives, although I can't see there being too many. Thanks for any input.... Continue Reading

Gas Shops - Now with Audit

I was enjoying doing mystery gas shops; but the company has now made them a 'mystery shop followed by a revealed audit.' I feel if I sign up for one of them; it will blow the possibility of ever doing a mystery shop at the store again. Plus,... Continue Reading

Another reason to buy gas cards for your audit routes

Skimmers! Continue Reading

Fast food "delivery truck audits"

Are they worth it or are they the IKEA of the fast food world? It would be nice if you could do a few a day on a route but it's hard to tell if that's possible based on just the PPT they send out.... Continue Reading

RBG electronics price audit w/CodeREADr app?

I will be passing by this large mega discount store. It appears as if you have to scan the bar code of the product with an APP on your phone and then enter the price for 40 cents per line item. They are describing things like "fitness bracelets". This is not... Continue Reading

i-SPY Hospitality Audit Service - feedback

Is there any more recent feedback on this company? Thanks.... Continue Reading

TrendSource Audits

So I really want to get into doing these so I have been looking at a tablet as that seems to be what this MSC wants their pictures taken on. I've see the words "three-eights" pictures. I'm stumped as to what that means. Anyone else with a tablet? Are they... Continue Reading

Ross sizing audits

I keep saying no to the Ross sizing audits because of the description. The number of items they want you to check seems enormous. Is it easier then I am thinking?... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audits

Are the Best Buy audits as painful as they look?... Continue Reading

Tax auditor call

Just got a call from CA state auditor who asked me several questions about big MSC. Auditor mentioned that other shoppers were contacted too. Anyone got this kind of call? What is it all about? To be honest, I'm not sure if they investigating me or the company. If it's... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audit

I am so scared to do this shop. Not to mention I can't even pass the test (scored a 96%). Watching the video and reading the guidelines I am still so confused and unable to comprehend what I am supposed to be doing. It seems so hard!... Continue Reading

The other side of gas station audits

I meet a lot of gas station owners who are put out that I'm auditing them. Some of them are downright snotty. Well the other day I met a guy who was delighted. He could not have been more pleased, and with good reason. His gas station was the... Continue Reading

Odd thing happened at the Exxon audit today...

The manager of the Exxon told me that another auditor had visited "yesterday" and took all the same required pictures that I was taking. The manager asked me why are they having two audits done so close together? Sounded to me like the MSC/Client is auditing the auditor, either me or... Continue Reading

pricing audit

Many times when I am shopping I see people who seem to be doing price audits. They aren't acting secretively. Who might they be? I ask because a grocery store price audit hit my email inbox. 70 items for $25. There isn't any information about if it is covert or not.... Continue Reading

Auditor vs Secret Shopper

I'm trying to decide if I want to sign up for In Touch gas station revealed audits. The guidelines specifically state that you may not mystery shop the locations, even if it's for another company. Since I'll be limiting my options if I'm auditing, is it worth it... Continue Reading

Two Men and a Truck Audit

Anyone completed this? Just looking for tips, advice, or warnings. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Would you believe the BBB is easier than the Whole Foods Audit?

I completed both of the above shops yesterday and found the BBB shop easier than the Whole Foods. The compensation is definitely better on Whole Foods but for sheer ease of entering, BBB wins hands down. And yes, there was a bonus on the BBB shop. :)... Continue Reading

Have any of you done the cookie shop audit?

If so do you mind telling me if it's an okay shop or a horrible shop! I will take your word for it :-)... Continue Reading

College Dining Room Audits...

I have done these for another MSC but it seems the BIG mystery shopping company has them.. ..have you done the College Dining Room audits before? They seem to differ with this company a little bit...:) This time they are big on food groups, how many types of salads, all kinds... Continue Reading

Ace Menu Audits?

Lots of these available. They pay $8 to get a picture of the menu(s) but nada reimbursement for buying a meal? Am I missing something here? Most of the places you'd be hard pressed to get a picture of the menu without eating.... Continue Reading

Evening Hotel Parking Lot Audits

Am I reading this correctly? "This audit requires you to visit your assigned locations in order to capture data on business vehicles parked in the lot during the evening. This information is referred to as a "lead"....Shopper payment is $2.50 per location for 1-9 locations and $4 per location for 10+... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audit - Test Issues

I like these audits, but they can be a pain from time to time. I just took the test and it won't release the questionnaire or the access code for the audit. I have an audit tomorrow, so this should be fun!!... Continue Reading

Pharmaceutical Rep Sample Audits Help Needed, Please

Does the pharmaceutical sales rep, after inputting the count, save it or submit it? (heart)... Continue Reading

New Shop and Audit from MFI

Has anybody seen the guidelines and questionnaire yet? All I have seen are the screening questions. They look much the same as when they just called it an “Audit”. The biggest difference is reimbursement for gas. I suppose this is part of the “Shop” aspect for the new program. Are... Continue Reading

Has any mystery shopper ever been audited by the IRS?

I am keeping good records, and I don't anticipate any problems, but I was curious if anyone has been audited by the IRS (only as mystery shoppers, not other professions). I did a quick search on IRS audits through the forum and did not see any other threads indicating... Continue Reading

Grocery Store Mystery shop and revealed audits

Did anyone else notice that the purchase reimbursement has dropped from $3 to $1? They are expecting an awful lot of work for $11. Your thoughts?... Continue Reading

AT&T Revealed Audit

I'm curious if anyone has conducted one of these audits, how much time they take, and what is involved? Thanks for any info.... Continue Reading

Sizing audit - Ladies - Lingerie - Panties

I saw a $5 bonus email to do a simple sizing audit at a discount store I shop at anyhow. As an older male shopper, I think I found the one job that I'm not comfortable with. I'll shop an adult store, but for me to spend enough time to... Continue Reading

Chevron gas station audits

I signed up for two of these at $14.50 each. After reviewing the manual and learning what is expected, these seem a bit daunting to me. I hope someone who is familiar with Chevron assessments can offer some advice. I was recently disappointed when I found out that I could... Continue Reading

Revealed audit - she will be fired for no up-sale!

Such an uncomfortable shop today. Sweet little clerk, all of 20 years old did not up-sale but was nice and when I did the reveal a little nervous but no big deal. Everything going peachy, the shop is hitting all of the marks and out comes the nervous... Continue Reading

GFK phone audits

I glanced at a few of these and the audit looked fairly simple and straight forward. Less than 20 questions, all simple answers. Then after I took them and started to enter them, they got longer and longer. Several answers opened up new questions... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Instructional Materials for GFK Audits?

I'm sure I must be blind, and I feel really silly asking, but I can not find anything except the tests for these shops. Can someone please explain to me where I would find the test-prep materials?... Continue Reading

trendsource the 8 dollar audit

they are doing a 8 dollar audit no purchase is it worth it a lot have already been taken... Continue Reading


Spend $35 and drive 100 miles each way for drug screening. Drive 110 miles each way and work 10 hours for $95 and a cheesy "bonus". Two week turnaround sounds pretty good and there are four more "audits" during that two weeks, total of one E-mail daily, at... Continue Reading


I am steaming you, my fellow toilers, are going to catch it.... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Audits

I'm doing my first route of Maritz gas station audits. A question for those of you who have done them- After you make your purchase inside, do you reveal yourself right away, or leave, go to your car and get your stuff and then come back to reveal and start... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audit

Has anyone done these? I am not sure if I should invest on a tablet and try these out. There are 3 of these in my city, one less than a mile from my home. Any advice?... Continue Reading

Extra Space Storage Revealed Audit

Has anyone conducted these audits? Are they straightforward and how long do they take? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Parking Audit

Has anyone done A Closer Look's parking audit? OK or should I pass?... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audits

Can anyone give me some insight into these audits? I've never done them and wonder are they worth the time and effort? It seems like it takes a long time to do them... I just found some info on here that answered a few of my questions - never mind!!!... Continue Reading

Glossary of Mystery Shop/Audit/Merchandising/etc. Terms?

Hi there. I am new-ish in this business. I spend 8 - 10 hours each month looking up information about the types of work we can do. I am reasonably certain that I know less than 10% of available information. It might be helpful to have a glossary of terms and,... Continue Reading

Home Depot Audit

That was the easiest $28 I have ever made in my life. Time including shop and report time = 12 minutes. Boom.... Continue Reading

Retail Auditors needed

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

GFK MYSTERY SHOP AUDIT ASSIGNMENTS - Completed Shops earn $85.00/ea

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello Fast Food Audits

Insula Research previously conducted the fast food pricing audits. They were bought out by Mystery Researchers, who was quickly bought out by Beyond Hello. Sadly, Beyond Hello sent out an email with the new pricing audit shops, and they have dropped the commission to $8 each (down from $11 when Insula... Continue Reading

GFK Audits

Hey, has anybody done any of those all day audits that pay $85 to $95 and take 6-8 hrs? The ones where you have to pay $30 for a background and drug test, then do at least 2 audits in 3 months in order to get your money back? I was... Continue Reading

Exxon $5.00 audits

how bad are they only pay 5.00 no purchase... Continue Reading

Kmart Audit

I just signed up to do an audit at Kmart. I've never done one before.. Please someone tell me what I got myself into.... Continue Reading

First assignment : Price Audit

Hi everyone! So I'll have my first ever assignment next week. Its going to be price audit for electronics, about 80 items. Any tips on how I'll go about this job. Its unrevealed price audit by the way. And I'll be bringing my 1yo daughter along. That alone makes me... Continue Reading

Exxon audit discovery of the year!

I had several recent horrible experiences finding gas stations through Google maps so I started confirming that the site listed on the MSC page was actually correct by going to ExxonMobil's webpage. I found this quite accurate and has great info such as hours of operation so I can... Continue Reading

Sears/KMart audits

Did the company that had them last year lose the contract, or are they not doing any till after the full holiday rush is over? Those were good money.... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits

Has anyone ever done the gas station audits that require a safety vest? There are a several in my area, but before I get my safety vest, I was wondering how involved they are to require a safety vest! What has been your experience with these? Thanks!... Continue Reading

disappointing a scheduler, also questions about an audit

Can somebody walk me through veeerrrryyyy slooowwly how to do one of those audits at a clothing store, like where you have a spreadsheet and have to record prices? also I'd like some opinions on something for Ross clothing store. Apparently i have to go look for mis sized... Continue Reading

Mrs. Field's audits

I keep seeing these listed. Has anyone done one? I don't have the experience they were asking for (I forget how they termed it) but they seem to be getting desperate. Plus I can make up for lack of operational skills with my cookie tasting skills!... Continue Reading

Long Audit

Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has done the 5-9 hour audit that requires a background check and drug test beforehand. Pays $50 - $100.... Continue Reading

NERVOUS! My first audit!

Hi guys! I am so freaking nervous! I just signed up for my first audit for a client at a major auto show! This will be my very first audit ever. From what the scheduler has told me so far, I will be checking out the display and stuff like that... Continue Reading

GNC Audit

I haven't done one of these and I'm scheduled to do one next week. The job was initially promoted as "up to one hour." However, the letter of authorization says I could be there from one to three hours! This audit looks really intense. It pays $18. I'm wondering if... Continue Reading

HR Block Audit - Can only do one

UPDATE 1/3/2014: After only being able to self-assign one of these shops before all were removed from my job board, today I was able to assign two more, for a total of three, before all of the remaining shops were removed from my job board. NOTE: This post refers to the... Continue Reading

Jackson Hewitt/H&R Block Photo Audit

There are a few Jackson Hewitt/H&R Block photo audits available in my area. The assignments are described as being quick and easy. They are currently listed for a $10 fee. I have a feeling the assignments are neither quick nor easy. Any feedback from others who may have performed either of... Continue Reading

First Secret Audit - Advice, Please

Good Afternoon all! So I have my first secret audit coming up, and it is for the Marine Corps Exchange. Has anyone done one of these before who would be willing to give me some advice? It is secret, but exceedingly lengthy... So I'm wondering if anyone has any... Continue Reading

Tax Audit Shops are out (Revealed)

I love doing these and they are officially out now. Yeah! :) Edited my title. Revealed audits.... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Shop Audits

I saw listing for revealed cell phone shop audits. Can someone fill me in a bit in what is required? Do I need to be certified on any way? Are they easy or hard? And any other important stuffs, I might need to know. :) Thanks!... Continue Reading

Which companies do audits or buy backs

Hi All, Are there companies that do audits or product buy backs (not sure if this is the right terminology)? I did mystery shopping and merchandising in England and I use to do stock and price audits and sometimes I would go check certain products and if they were in... Continue Reading

Expert Audit Stericycle

Hi , I am new to this and a little confused, received a check and directions as to how to get started, but need to know if this is the real deal, the web page looks real,any have experience with Stericycle?... Continue Reading

Grocery Pricing Audit

Anybody have any tips on this type of audit (the 100 items price audit) ? I just picked up two locally (big box stores so being observed will not be an issue) and I don't expect they will be difficult but it always pays to ask. I like to browse... Continue Reading

Companies that offer on site audits

Hello, Hope this question is allowed. Looking for referrals for companies that offer the business verification audits. I like them :-) :-)... Continue Reading

Sizing Audits

So... Sizing audits. I've not done one and have honestly only been shopping for a few weeks, but I continue to see them popping up in my area. I imagine, the first few audits I do will be exceedingly slow and seemingly not worth the fee, but with... Continue Reading

GFK Big Box Audit - I'm sorry, what!?

Anyone seen this yet?? The shop is scheduled for 11-28 (today) and the question is asked, "Can you complete the background check and drug screen by this date?" Excuse me? 4 to 9 hours!? Seriously? "-We are expecting the background check/drug test to be available for you on Monday October 13th." "-We... Continue Reading

Just finished my first gas station audit. NEVER AGAIN

This has been the longest day ever. At $14.50, I freel like I made about $2 an hour. I was onsite for 2 hours and took over 100 pictures. The place was in horrible shape! And, they had a breaker go out so lots of lights were out. At home,... Continue Reading

Who Schedules GNC Audits in MA?

I am looking to pick up some GNC shops. What company schedules them? Also Market Force Used to schedule Movie Theatre audits and Standee setups - thry no longer do them - who picked them up?... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audits

I'm doing my first one tomorrow and I'm a little wary after finally getting to read the instructions. If anyone is doing one today or has done them in the past, I'd love to to get some details on how it went for you.... Continue Reading

Arby's revealed audits

Has anyone done these prize type audits where you order a Beef and Cheddar at the drive-thru, and then go inside to change your order? I realize it's a prize shop and I don't have a problem with the reveal part of the shop, but I don't know what "changing the... Continue Reading

MobiAudit Questions

Hello all, I have used MobiAudit in the past (probably 3 years ago), but haven't since then. I am going to try using it for some gas station audits I have coming up, through Ritter Associates. I will be using it on an iPad Air. I have a... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audits

Has anyone done one of these for the clothing store? It seems VERY time consuming for the pay... Is it as bad as it seems?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit Companies

I have been shopping since May and found out I really love doing gas station audits! I am signed up with Market Force, Martiz and Ritter. Are there any other companies that do audits?... Continue Reading

Impossible Starbucks Audit

I agreed to do a Starbucks audit where I had to photograph the menu (discreetly) and write down the prices for drinks, pastries and sandwiches. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The spotlights are angled in such a way that when you take a picture, it comes out white. Also, the pastry... Continue Reading

Intel Audits

Has anyone done these audits before? You do not provide the authorization letter unless an employee asks if you need help more than once. You are to count the amount of computers, tablets, etc, with Intel in the store. You also have to take photos as well.... Continue Reading

CORP RISK SOLUTIONS: Only does open audits??

Does Corporate Risk Solutions only perform open audits and no mystery shops??? Everything on their job board at this time is only open audits.. Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Petroleum Tester Audit w/ Photos

Has anyone done this? Any details or advice would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Maritz Travel Bonus for Gas Station Audits

I passed the screening test after proving that I could email a 640x480 jpg. I was told that they audit the yellow station, the green/teal station, and the red, white and blue station. I was surprised that the shop fee is just $11. A reimbursed 2-gallon fuel purchase and a... Continue Reading

Police Department audit?

This is a new one.....Just saw an assignment to audit a police department.... Continue Reading

School Audits

Has anyone done the MF school audit? It appears to be the food service company.... Continue Reading

Best Buy Audit and ATT Revealed Audits Question

The Best Buy audit pays $95, and the ATT revealed audits are at $20. Are these audits any more time-consuming than gas station audits or Verizon store audits?... Continue Reading

Evening gas station audit

Hello everyone. I have a question on the red, white and blue evening gas shops. Do I need to wait until it's completely dark before starting or can I start when the station lights come on at dusk? I didn't think the guidelines or test question were very... Continue Reading

"Audit Your Local School" - Any Information?

Does anyone know anything about the audits currently being bonused at $18 on one of the big MSC jobboards? Do they take less than 1 hour to perform? How is the report?... Continue Reading

Verizon Photo Audit?

Has anyone done this? Total PITA or should I go for it. How long did it take? It's $28 in my town right now, like a mile down the street from me.... Continue Reading

Pet Food Audits

Anyone else doing these right now or have done them in the past?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit Instructions

I'm going to be doing my first gas station shop/audit. For other stores, I've printed out the instructions but this one has a 'manual' that's about 40 pages long! And the recommend you print it in color! I know I'll need the details, but is there a way to... Continue Reading

Anyone done Audits for GFK?

GFK sent an email about an audit. Nothing is said in the email on how much they are paying, but they did say the audits would take all day?!?... Continue Reading

Kmart Audit

I have my first Kmart price audit tomorrow...anyone have any tips they can send my way? Really hoping it isn't as complicated as these forms appear to be. I know it will take a lot longer the first time.... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits by MSC - Compare and Contrast

I've now done quite a few of the Market Force gas station audits. By doing the same shop so many times, and filling out the report so often, I find that I can perform the shop and audit in 30 minutes. I've found that some locations that are not in... Continue Reading

Being audited

So I received a lovely e-mail requesting that I re-submit an authorization letter for an audit I did four months ago. I was too excited to start MSing last year and skipped the part where the MSC says I need to keep documents for 12 months. Just my luck that... Continue Reading

PDMA audits

I have been doing PDMA audits for over twelve years for what is now Global Compliance/IntouchInsights. I enjoy them but the number of assignments has decreased over the years due to industry changes and downsizing. I would like to find other companies to work for that do these audits. I... Continue Reading

Whole Foods Grocery Audit?

Has anyone does this? Is it a total PITA? Approx how long did it take you? Thanks, friends! =)... Continue Reading

200-500 item Audit - Undercover? Anyone do these?

Received a message for a shop that pay .xx/item, total pay around $50/$150 per audit. You MUST use Excel spreadsheet, not Google, and recommends you have a friend with you who's entering the information or if alone, use a recorder and take pictures. COVERTLY. What store is not going to... Continue Reading

Airport Comparison Audit

Can someone tell me what it is. I work PT at an airport so I have access. I saw a shop for some comparison audits but do not know what is involved. TIA... Continue Reading

Sizing Audits

Has anyone done the sizing audits at popular cut-rate department stores? The guidelines state that you must audit 625 items in five categories in about 45 minutes to an hour for $16. Is that practical and possible? How long does it take to debrief the shop when completed? $16 doesn't sound... Continue Reading

RSG Menu Audits

I did multiples of these this past weekend. The instructions said that there was a $1 expense reimbursement for the required purchase (POV). All of my shops are in the received status with $0 expenses and just the $14 payment. I submitted a receipt with each one as required. The shop... Continue Reading

Sav-a-Lot Grocery Audit

Has anyone done one of these? MSC called, added a $10 bonus for this mystery shop/audit. Yep - 2 for 1. So, now it pays $20 for what is a quick shop then audit. I just pulled up the instructions and 35 page! guidelines/questionnaire. I have to laugh at... Continue Reading

Gas Audit Question - Help please

I performed a gas audit. Regular fuel was for sale at each pump. There was an ethanol sticker that said the gas was oxygenated. I reported that only gas was for sale at the location. Then when I went to report, the reporting software said that E-10 was reported as... Continue Reading

What Kind of Camera do you use for photo audits?

The reason that I ask is because I read some posts about menu audits and I tried one, but the results that I got from my cheap camera are very disappointing to me. My camera is a little Fujifilm AX655 16MP Digital Camera that I bought at Walmart for $69... Continue Reading

Gigwalk Chocolate Audits

Heads up, Gigwalk has loads of new $10 chocolate audits up. I just signed up for 10 in my town alone, and another 18 to do on a mini-route to the next city this weekend. These take 3 minutes tops. GREAT fillers for your route.... Continue Reading

Restaurant Menu Audits

For those who don't know what I'm talking about.. You go into a fast food chain, cafe, etc and take photos of the menu. You are not to tell the employees what you are doing. I have done them but I am curious about your experiences. To me, anything under $15... Continue Reading

Menu Audit Fee Question

I received an email last night with the following: "These shops may occur in circuits - some of them are very near each other, and you can do two or three at a time! If you must take an individual shop, the pay will be $15; if your circuit has... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits Question

The highest-paying jobs on my job board are paying $25 with a $2 purchase reimbursement. Are these jobs too difficult for someone new, like me? I've done 3 fast food shops and that's all. Thank you for answering because it is very important to me that I have some kind... Continue Reading

What type detail is required in the In Touch Audits?

I read thru the guidelines for one of their projects and it seemed like it required a lot of detail. I can usually tell from the guidelines the level of detail required, that and the fee reimbursement, whether or not it is a lot of narrative. I don't... Continue Reading

Looking for Chevron Image Auditors in GA

I am looking for Chevron Image auditors in GA who did evaluations (audits--not mystery shops) in the following cities in the first period of 2014: Kennesaw Powder Springs Cartersville Please contact me via PM... Continue Reading

Circle K Audits

Has anyone done any of the Circle K Audits and if so how are they? How long do they take to do onsite and for the report?... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates food audit

Has anyone done the food audits at the convenience store? How are they? Any pics required?... Continue Reading

Premier Service Pricing Audit, High Pay, R U experienced with them

I recently registered with Premier Service. They are asking me to do a Pricing Audit. It has high pay. ($175 plus $75 completion) Are any of you veteran MS'ers experienced with them? Are they reliable to pay? Have you taken one of these assignments? I assume it will be complicated... Continue Reading

Pharmaceutical Rep Sample Audits

I've never done one of these audits and have agreed to do one. I could use use any and all pointers from those of you have, please, please and please. (I have seen the emails from the company, complaining about all of the agents' errors and insisting everyone slow down... Continue Reading

Business Verification Audits

Has anyone done one of these before? I'm doing one tomorrow but the MSC is closed today and I need to clarify something. If anyone is willing to assist me with my question I will send you a Private Message.... Continue Reading

Sears & K-Mart Pricing Audits

For those of you who have done one of these, do they really take about three hours to complete, or is this an inflated estimate to account for the worst case scenario? Is $40 a fair price, or are they a real PITA? Thanks in advance for any... Continue Reading

ExxonMobil Refused Audit

Never mind. I figured it out. It's my first refused gas station audit. That's a milestone. Everyone's going to have one. (I had a refused pizza parlor audit. Now, that's something that everyone's not going to have!)... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Audits, etc.

Can anyone elaborate on those? I have read the description for each type and I am not getting it. However, any personal experiences that you can share would be great. TIA... Continue Reading

Repo Lot Audit

Has anyone done a repo lot audit? I am doing one next week. I am to use an app to take pictures. I haven't done the training yet, but got kinda concerned when I went to make the appointment and the lot is only open one hour... Continue Reading

Firestone Audits

I've been doing these for probably a couple of years. I think it takes me entirely too long to do one of these reports. How long is it taking you to get the pictures ready and input the report? I'm looking at about an hour. I'd... Continue Reading

Revealed Gas Station Audits--In-Touch (Service Intelligence)

Has anyone done the audits for this company. I just signed up with them and wondering what the reports are like and how long they take. It says there are no photos required.... Continue Reading

Compiance Audit MSCs?

I recently saw a posting on sassie or volition for a company seeking adults with 17 year old kids to do tobacco compliance audits. They paid the adult and the kid for these. Without naming the place being shopped, can someone remind me of the company so I can sign... Continue Reading

Electronic Audits

Am considering completing these. But they seem tedious and I have never done one before. If you have completed these what did you think about them?... Continue Reading

Retail Grocery Audit - C Store

So I came across a job for a National/Regional C-store audit for Bare that pays pretty well which entails counting product that is "faced" on the front row. How long does this typically take? Is it for one particular product? Several products? Is there more to... Continue Reading


I was contacted today by a state tax board saying that they are questioning mystery shoppers of this MSC as part of an audit as to weather they are properly classifying mystery shoppers as IC or should be classified as employees. I have an interview... Continue Reading

A question about the Exxon-Mobil audits

I don't want to say anything to hint at the MSC involved. But, I remember that at some time, when I was signing up for these mystery & revealed audits, I read that they did not want me to do more than a certain number per day. But, I haven't... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Audit - Looking for some advice

I'm looking for some advice from the more seasoned gas station audit-takers out there. I'm only on my second one for Maritz and I've wound myself up in confusion! A lot of the toppers that I see on each fuel dispenser have generic signs showing the name of the gas... Continue Reading

bread audits

Does anyone know the name of the company that does bread audits?... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone audits....

When did they start having a 180 day rotation? There are two in my area that they can't seem to fill and are bonused. I tried to self-assign but I just did one 3 months ago. I emailed GFK and offered to do both of them, and... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth's policy on refused audits?

Does anyone know what Service Sleuth does if you go to do an audit, and the manager refuses to let you?... Continue Reading

My first grocery audit

I took on my first grocery audit...SO not worth $10! It took about an hour in the store and an hour to do the report and upload/attach images. One employee asked if he could help me. I explained I was doing the audit. His sarcastic response was "So... Continue Reading

Are gas station revealed audits worth it?

One co I work with has a zillion, but the pay is like $9.. and, the job can be about 1 hr.. doesn't sound good to me..... What do you all think???????????... Continue Reading

Price Audits.. 12000 items on an exel spreadsheet, get prices from given grocery store without getting caught.

How would one go about this? 12 000 items, recording the prices without getting caught? (Instructions explicitly say not to get caught.) The assignment is worth $450, and there are two of them, each about two hours from my home. Would it be worth spending a night in that city... Continue Reading

NJ Gas Station Audit?

Forgive me for the stupid question in advance. I saw a gas audit and I live in NJ. I understand how they work in pump your own states, but has anyone done these in Jersey? People typically don't get out of their cars here unless it is... Continue Reading

Photo Audits Question

I'm not a complete newbie, but haven't done non-traditional shops. There are a couple photo audits that are on a road that I drive on three times a week. Seems fairly easy, take pictures of the drive through menu boards then enter pricing and upload the photos. ... Continue Reading

$75 Burger King Truck Audits

Has anyone done these? I can't figure out whether or not they're worth it.... Continue Reading

Wal-Mart As Seen on TV Audit

I was approched to do a route of As Seen On TV Audits. I am able negotiate a price for these audits, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to the scope of these. I notice that they are expected to take about 2 hours.... Continue Reading

Sizing Audit - 625 items!

I just got an email for a sizing audit that should take 45 minutes. They said it is checking 625 items. This sounds insanely high to me. Is that normal for retail audits?... Continue Reading

Undercover Pricing Audits

Hi - I am doing some of these for TrendSource and enjoying them. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other companies that have these? I've signed up with about 30 companies but haven't found any other ones yet. I'm in the New England area.... Continue Reading

Signal Auditing Earnings?

Signal Auditing posted on the job board and said you can make six-figure earnings. Has anyone worked for them? I have never heard of that high of an income through MS/Auditing.... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station mystery shops with reveal and regular audits

Hi. Need some advice on Maritz gas station mystery shops with reveal and the regular audit shops. Can someone tell me are these fairly simply and do they require measuring like the others I've seen posted? I see a bunch of them by my house but I'm afraid to sign up... Continue Reading

Medicare Audits

I did a search but only one post comes up (odd). I am trying to find out if you normally have to give personal information at these things. I am looking at doing some of the 1 on 1 audits and I know they are supposed to call for a... Continue Reading

Silly question on the Shell POP audits

I've done a bunch of these a while ago and in between that I've done the regular Shell shops and I have more POP audits to do tomorrow but just can't remember the required photos! I didn't find it in the guidelines and I called [i][/i] and... Continue Reading

Insula Menuboard Price Audits

Is anyone else doing these? I cannot get the silly form to submit. It doesn't like my 1.99 Strawberry Lemonade and it doesn't like it blank either. *********************************************************************************************** Insula support is a class act! They responded and fixed the problem within 2 hours. The scheduler even tried to duplicate my issues... Continue Reading


I live in Maryland and looking for audit shops. Does anyone know of any besides GCS audits?... Continue Reading

My first Exxon Audit

I have to do my firts Exxon Audit, any tips please??? Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

ACE - menu audit

Has anyone done a menu audit for ACE? A quick view of the guidelines asked for photos of the paper menu; however, the actual shop I would have selected only has take out menus with no prices. That shop would require photos of menu boards, cases and displays... Continue Reading

REO Audit Shops

Has anyone worked a REO (Real Estate Owned) audit shop?... Continue Reading

Marathon Gas Audits

I can't remember the last time I did one of these. The new MSC is offering them at $7 per location. At first I thought the fee was an error. Last night, after three hours trying to figure out the certification test (and before I was informed... Continue Reading

Experiences with Signal Auditing Inc

Does anyone have any experience or know anything about about SAI, or Signal Auditing Inc? I see a posting by them on the job board section of the forum, but didn't come up with much when trying to do research on them online. Neither a forum search, nor a google... Continue Reading

My first Exxon shop audit refusal with the new MSC.

I knew it would happen again. Just didn't know it would be this soon. Of course, a lot of station attendants/managers are a little leery of us coming in late at night now that they want photos of the working lights. So there I was, LOA in hand, little middle... Continue Reading

Shell audits photos ?

I have just assign for the Shell audit, just to try that. The guidelines looks horrible. Are these audits very time consuming? According to guidelines the auditor have to take 17 photos and up to 31 additional photos of each non-compliant. That looks like a very intensive photographic session. Could... Continue Reading

Ross sizing audit

Has anyone ever done one of these? It may be my first job for a msc I just signed up with. The pay is $16, but I can't tell what the time commitment is.... Continue Reading

AT&T Audits

Does anybody have any idea why the AT&T audits have a 6-month interval? It's a revealed audit. What difference does it make if I do it every month or every 6 months? Also, Do they ever loosen up that rule when they get down to the wire?... Continue Reading

H&R Block audits in a store like walmart

A couple shops came up for a announced audit for H&R Block in a Walmart are they hard or time consuming... Continue Reading

Marketforce Audits

I keep seeing these audits come up for department stores through MF. They pay $25-$35 but also say that you'll be there 3+ hours. Has anyone done these? Do they really take that long? Worth it?... Continue Reading

What should I do when I forgot something on audit (Marketforce)

As I was filling out the paperwork tonight, I realized that I had forgotten to get the brand name/model of a cute little device with a cute little name. It's a Marketforce audit. So, I'm trying to decide what the best thing to do is. In the space provided, I wrote: "Did... Continue Reading

Steri/CoRI/Expert Audit - My new favorite pet peeve!

So we are getting into January, the DIY shops are pretty much over for this cycle, the really big gas client is gone, and the only two other clients they have in my area are stuck at $4.00 and $4.50 per shop respectively. A few of them are getting picked... Continue Reading

Electronic Pricing Audits

Hello, Every so often I will get an email from a MSC to visit an electronics store and do a pricing audit. It pays between $15-$120 depending on how many items are required to be audited. Problem is, the audit is unrevealed. It says you can bring someone to help, but... Continue Reading

Revealed Audits

I am about to do a route of audits. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, etc? Thanks... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever actually been told they couldn't complete an Exxon shop/audit?

This was a first for me. I happened to be in the middle of nowhere today, and decided to at least get my gas paid for by picking up one of the last two Exxon shops in my area. I showed up, filled my tank (hey, I needed gas anyways),... Continue Reading

Pizza Oven Audits

There is one along one of my regular routes. Pay is $35. Is it worth it? What the heck do you do in the place for an hour?... Continue Reading

The $8 Grocery Shop vs. Out of Stock Audit...

$8 Grocery Shop: I saw this one... you have to shop so many departments, ask a question in each department and make a lot of observations, including name tags or lack there of...ect...ect...This particular MSC has never had these until now.... I did not apply to any of them and... Continue Reading

Accepted a shop with reveal and audit, now I'm sorry :(

Hello and good morning! This is my first post here, though I've been reading for several days. I'm a stay at home mom looking to increase our income a bit, and have started to sign up with mystery shop companies. Within hours of signing up I got... Continue Reading

FF menu photo audits

When I saw that I just thought that this would be a piece of cake. You just take a picture of DT menu board and fill out the form. So I have signed up for a few FF which are on the way to my work anyway. But most of... Continue Reading

Ever think a MSC is auditing you?

In the last couple of weeks I've been getting a lot of Market Force Inquiry emails. I've gotten them before, almost always when a FF shop had timing issues. But these are just weird emails. They say the client is questioning info in the report. For a FF shop where we... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group Price Audits

Greetings shopper friends, I received an email from Reality Based Group to conduct a pricing audit. Apparently, they email you a list of items, and you go to the store and fill in the prices, and send them to them. Has anyone ever done these? I searched the Forum, and saw... Continue Reading

School Audits

I was at MF earlier and saw school audits. This is the first time I've seen them in my area. The fee is $15. I have no clue as to what is expected. I read photos required. It is something to do with food? Does anyone know what this is... Continue Reading

Easy Stop and Shop Audits - $7 a store

Hey guys - I just did a few audits in my area in Stamford, CT using the Rewardable app (I think they only have a iPhone version). They just released a number of simple $7 audits at Stop & Shops throughout CT checking on the produce section. They... Continue Reading

Rant/question about audits

So can you guys tell me what the proper procedure is, if there is such a thing, or how you handle it, if you are doing an audit and you are done with your physical work but have to ask a bunch of questions and the customers just won't quit... Continue Reading

Sears/Kmart announced audits

Can anyone fill me in on this process? This looks like a daunting task and very time consuming for the pay. Is it really how this looks?... Continue Reading

Ross Sizing Audit

Has anyone done a Ross sizing audit? It says you'll count and size 625 items over 5 categories. That sounds like it would take quite awhile and might not be worth it for $16. Your experienced feedback is much appreciated!... Continue Reading

Cori audit at sunset

Has anyone down the sign audit that must be done around sunset. If so, what was your experience with the shop?... Continue Reading

Taco Bell audits

Dang it, I got the pictures of them all wrong. The way I read the guideline I understood you have to take the picture of the oreder area from the front of the store. Intead it is always from the side, not from the entrance in the front. Most of my... Continue Reading

ATT new audits

I just received the new audits list form my state. I assume they had problems in completing the jobs, because now they give the audits away only in route. So if I want to do again the one that is in my town I have also to do other three... Continue Reading

How about these Market Force Department Store Revealed Audits?

Two different stores owned by the same company. You know the places. Some audits require photos and some don’t. I’m considering doing them since the fee here is at a little over $30.00 each now. I just wanted to get your thoughts on how much time they actually take. One claims... Continue Reading

$50 for a cell phone audit?

Would you do the cell phone audit for the really big MSC for that rate? I have read the horror stories about on here about some of them but that fee would be a nice little chunk for Christmas gifts:) Thanks for any opinions.... Continue Reading

Companies that do photo audits/surveys??

Hi All, I've discovered that I rather enjoy doing little surveys and audits that involve a bit of photography. I'm already familiar with and work for the larger companies but thought some of you might know the names of the smaller companies in the revealed survey/audit market? I'm going... Continue Reading

Can someone explain "menu audits" to me

I've noticed a couple of companies offer what they call "menu audits." From what I can tell (without actually being able to see the guidelines) is that you photograph a menu at a restaurant. It does not appear they reimburse for a meal. So the meal is... Continue Reading

Terrible Customer Service during an Audit...What would you do?

An MSC called me last week to do a FF audit that required photos to supplement the report. I took them as discretely, though I do think an employee saw me and reported it to the Manager on duty. I bought a soda and sat down as a paying customer... Continue Reading

audit shops

who are all the companies that do audit style shops with a camera.... Continue Reading

convenience store audit

Does anyone know anything about the convenience store audit by Ritter? How involved is it? It only pays $10 but there are several sitting on the board. I guess I am concerned about the counting cigarette packs, not sure how many brands you have to count.... Continue Reading

CORI Shop - no shop details or Auditor Checklist

I am scheduled to complete a shop for CORI tomorrow. I just went to review the shop details and there were none. I called the phone number but no one was there. I left a message. Anyone else ever experienced this with CORI?... Continue Reading

Chevron Gas Station Audits

How long can these take? Realistically... What is the difficulty level in reporting? Worth $20.00? Any insight or tips is appreciated...... Continue Reading

Vitamin store audit

Has anyone done one for Marketforce? In the guidelines it says may take up to one hour, but we all know how off those times can be! There are also pictures required. I've never had a problem with any of their shops but I was looking for some input before... Continue Reading

Prometric Testing Center shop/audit supposedly $150?

I got a call from a scheduler who said he saw my info on ShadowShopper. This is a test center at a state university (I have no idea what the test is), and it is supposedly paying $150 and only requires my presence for 60 minutes, although the report is... Continue Reading

Are audits always this hard to complete???

So, I did a few gas station/convenience audits a few weeks ago. Almost on every assignment, the managers were following me around, peering over my shoulder. I had one who wouldn't stop talking to me and insisted on standing beside me while I did the audit. I haven't had anyone... Continue Reading

Market Force, etc., Retail reveal audits

Market Force has a reveal audit at {oops, ICA violation, let's just say major discount department store}. Have any of you done these or know any information about these types of audits? I attempted a pricing audit at a Walgreen's once. Awful experience! Really difficult as I could... Continue Reading

Printer Ink at Office Supply Shop Audit?

Anyone done these? (I know that's a silly - question on this forum:) Anyway, how are they? This involves pictures and is revealed. N Haven't accepted yet b/c not sure 1-if I want to deal with pictures if it's overly complicated. 2- the whole revealed part makes me anxious b/c this... Continue Reading

Gas station shops/audits and credit cards

So for most, if not all, gas station shops/audits that require a gas purchase, it's credit/debit/gift card only. One of the MSCs specifically says to use different cards if shopping more than one location within 24 hours, if possible, because the card will likely only be usable for 2-3 purchases... Continue Reading

Do you do gas audits on weekends?

Or, any kind of audits?... Continue Reading

Revealed cell phone audits

Has anyone done a *revealed* cell phone audit? I have a chance to sign up for at least two of these at $18 each, but the description of the shop doesn't tell too much about exactly what I have to do. I've never done a reveal shop of... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Company Photo Audit- Worth It?

Hi All- New to here and Mystery Shopping. So glad I found this site as it has provided a LOT of useful information already. I have 4 shops under my belt now. So far, so good- I think. I guess we'll see when pay time comes :) Anyway, my question, I am... Continue Reading

How long does a gas station audit take?

Thanks. CR... Continue Reading

Question About Gas Station Audits

Hi all- I was just curious. Without naming clients or MSPs, what is the average pay for a revealed gas station audit that requires pictures?... Continue Reading

Jancyn - sizing audits ?

Is anyone doing these right now? Can they really mean you will check 625 items for $16 ???... Continue Reading

Kmart Audits

I see Kmart audits listed. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these. Currently, they are $25 and state they may take up to 3 hours. I won't do them unless they are bonused, but am wondering if the estimated 3 hours is actually 4 or 5 hours. Seems like... Continue Reading

GFK - audits

I was wondering if anyone knew about the new revealed audits GFK has out? I really do not like it when they will not let you see the "simplistic and quick" forms before scheduling the assignments! Did not know if they were horrible or as this was revealed the forms can... Continue Reading

Revealed Grocery Audit

Has anyone done some of these? I'm sure someone has and I just wanted to know your thoughts. I was called and asked to do one plus offered a bonus. It looks like there is a lot to look for. A few pictures are required especially non-compliant issues. Any ideas... Continue Reading

How do you'all feel about audits?

Just curious, how do you'all feel about audits for these mystery shopping companies? One of the MSC's I work for had an audit of a Family Dollar store, and you even get to choose the one you want to audit, for $18. I applied but then deleted after... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit - Debranding

Good morning folks! :) I have a simple question for you experienced shoppers. I'm doing 2 audits in a few days. Debranding. Now, I want to know what do you do when people/cars are in the way of your picture taking? Do I have to wait until they move? I'm sure some people... Continue Reading

Marketforce Audit Shop

I got a call last week for a shop with Marketforce to do a gas station install of a jerky display. They mailed me a box UPS and gave me address and phone number. I went to the shop on there deadline and the gas station didnt exist... Continue Reading

Photo audits for Reality Based Group...anyone done these?

Hello everyone I have received several emails for photo audits at stores very close to my house. It basically states that you can make $1.00 per completed item (approximately two pictures per item). When I first read this it sounded like more trouble than it is worth, especially since it is... Continue Reading

Home Depot Audit?

Audit of 40 bays, 5 audits different days, 4-5 hours. Yeah or Nay?... Continue Reading

Working as a scheduled auditor

Does anyone know of mystery shop companies that send you out as an auditor where you are there to count inventory, etc? I do know that Market Force offers a few shops like this from time to time. Thanks for your help.... Continue Reading

Shopping and flat cart audit???

The Pat Henry company recently sent me an e-mail needing these done in Walmart and Sam's club. They took several hours and were to be done late at night or early in the morning. They paid well $75-125 for several hours work but there was absolutely no explanation of what... Continue Reading

OnSource (Photo and Video Audits)

Anyone ever heard of OnSource? They say that you can use a 5mp or better SmartPhone for the audits and that they pay $25 or more. I am surprised that I can't find any posts about them. Continue Reading

Audit Not Being Chosen?

Hey y'all! I have seen this same audit on the board for quite a while. It's bonus just got upped quite a bit and it even says make an offer. Is everyone avoiding it for a reason?... Continue Reading

Buying a Digital Camera for Photo Audits

I have a OLD digital camera (which I used to use for eBay), but its resolution is far worse than the 5mp camera on my phone. I'm thinking of getting a new digital camera for photo audits but don't want to spend too much. I don't think I need a... Continue Reading

Electronics Store audits

I've been away from ms'ing for a while. What ever happened to the Electronics Store two-day audits? I did the last batch of them when they were contracted with the orange ms company, but I never could find what company took them over. Looking through other job... Continue Reading

Clothing store audit question

So there is an available audit that will pay $16 to audit 625 articles of clothing. So is it painfully time consuming or really easy to be in and out in 1 hour? The instructions say to count mis-labeled clothing per sets of 125 in each department. Would that be... Continue Reading

Menu Board Audits

One MSC constantly advertises Menu Board Audits where shoppers are to DISCRETELY take photos of all menu boards and prices and food display cases. If you've done these, how on earth do you pull it off? I can't wrap my head around how I might go into a store and do this.... Continue Reading

Need help on Gas Station audits.

Hello all, I have signed up for some gas station audits that I usually avoid but they had attractive bonus pay so I decided it was time to get over my fear. The 36 page instruction has me a little freaked out. Are they that difficult? It... Continue Reading


I am interested in finding audits. I mean by that where you go into a store and spend time checking prices, or stock, etc. Not to typical mystery shop evaluation. What companies offer these?... Continue Reading

MF Merchandising and Audit

Received this today: Dear Market Force Independent Contractor: SPAR Group, Inc. has acquired the assets of Market Force-Merchandising and Audit Division. SPAR Group, Inc. is a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ with operations in 10 countries covering 50% of the world’s population including the United States, Canada, Mexico, China,... Continue Reading

Bestmark Audits - Any updates

I know there was a lot of discussion when Bestmark started offering Audits several months ago. As the program was new, the opinions were mostly negative about the time and payment offering. Now that a little time has gone by, how do those who have done them feel about them... Continue Reading

Chevron Image Audits

I have my first Chevron image audits this week and am reading over my book. Can anyone tell me whether the pump island photo should have only one pump, or if it supposed to include every pump on the island? Say the islands each have thee pumps, for example. Do... Continue Reading

Maritz Getting Tough On Auditors...

I received a general message today stating that apparently some auditors are not doing a thorough job and are missing or deliberately overlooking obvious infractions. I have been working for Maritz for the past five years and I estimate that I have probably done around 4000 audits and/or mystery shops for... Continue Reading

"Easy" phone shop audits - will I be sorry?

Have signed up for quite a few phone shop audits with piks. These jobs are not exactly flying off the board. Am I going to regret this? Already amazed at the amount of paperwork for a $10 shop. Why do I have that sinking feeling in... Continue Reading

Mall Audit

Hello - I just got an email for a mall audit. It is for this Saturday, between the hours of 10am - 4pm. The pay is $60, with a $15 reimbursement for a tally counter. I am supposed to tally the number of female shoppers, over the age of 14,... Continue Reading

Question on gas station audits

I'm doing a couple for MF this coming week in a route with some other shops. For the convenience store purchase part, it just says "purchase". And with cash. Anyways, is there any restriction on *what* is purchased? Most of you talk about getting a soft drink or... Continue Reading

Price Audit Drive thru

So the scheduler calls and offers. I decline. $9 no thanks since purchase required and you have to wait out the drive thru to get the pictures. To begin with $9 is CHEAP for 4 pictures (non cell phone) plus report and plus food. But then scheduler says "Oh... Continue Reading

Did my first bank audit.....

Did my first bank audit yesterday.....and I can see why there are people here who like them. This one was for Bank of America and it was actually very easy. I was a little on edge as on the shop form you HAD to have the name of... Continue Reading

Verizon photo audit confusion

Ok, so I logged in tonight and saw a Verizon photo audit offered that I've done multiple times before. My confusion is that in one spot it says 'call ahead to make an appointment' , like was done in the past, but in another spot it says 'call anonymously, don't... Continue Reading

What jobs can be assigned with a score of 2.7 as an auditor?

I signed up a while back and I would like to start mysteryshopping again but when I did this a while ago I for got to complete some jobs and I got a score of 2.7. I search for jobs and when I choose them to go into my cart... Continue Reading

HR Block audit?

Anyone do one? I see a local one with decent price...but not snatched up, so I'm wondering if it's awful.... Continue Reading

Anyone do the 40 Bays audit at their local Lumber Co?

Will it really take 5 hours to do? What have I done to myself!!?!!?!? Waaaaaah!... Continue Reading

CORI Auditor Rating

My auditor rating with Cori dropped significantly when I had issues with their website. I emailed asking if they would raise my auditory rating back up and they did! FYI for anyone else who has had this issue, ask and you shall receive. Paula... Continue Reading

Food Menu Audits?

Has anyone done any of these jobs? If so, do you have any hints as to how to get the pictures without being caught?... Continue Reading

Question About Vitamin Store Audit

One of the big MSCs has these types of assignments posted regularly, but I have been hesitant to take one on yet. I am unable to access detailed requirements, and only know that the audit could take up to 3 hours and that photos are involved.The brief description said that... Continue Reading

Sodexo audit question

I received this afternoon an invitation to qualify to do Sodexo health care audits. There's a test, and then they assign shops if I pass. My question for the board is have anyone done these, and what do they entail? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Gas Audits/ BP and Shell

Can anyone please explain to me how to do these shops/audits? I will be doing them this week for the first time and really want to make sure I get them done right.... Continue Reading

Speedway Gas Audits?

Before we start, yes, I'm aware...ICA...don't name MSC and client...blahblahblah.... Does anyone know if Speedway gas stations have a typical "gas station photo audit" type shop, or any type of shop for that matter? In my area, they're the only major gas/convenience store chain that I've never seen shopped, and there's... Continue Reading

cellphone company audit shops

Has anyone done cellphone audit shops revealed where you must take pictures with your cellphone? Are they difficult or involved?... Continue Reading

bestmark merchandising audits

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BestMark Merchandising Auditing?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas Audit or Mystery Shop?

I've only been shopping for about 3 weeks now. Some gas station audits and mystery shops have come up but for the same company. For obvious reasons, I can't be both the auditor and shopper, so I have to choose which to do. For those who have done these, any... Continue Reading


I've done a handfull of mystery shops, but now I see a lot of postings for auditing assignments. I'm not quite sure what all this entails and don't want to commit to something that isn't worth my time. Pay aside, what should I expect to have to do... Continue Reading

Pet food audits.

I just got an email about pet food audits, paying $10 but there is no way to read the description of what needs done. Anybody familiar with these? I applied but if it's a horrific job I need to cancel my request.... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the Photo Audits for Sears/K-Mart?

How time-consuming are these? The screening questions indicate it may take up to three hours, and if it really does, the pay is not worth it (IMO), especially when you have to add getting the photos onto your computer from your camera card, editing them, doing the report, &... Continue Reading

Audit for office supply

So are audits worth it? The app says it takes 20-30 min including input. What is your experience with these? Are there ones to avoid?... Continue Reading

Gas Station audits

Now that the kids are going back to school I'm thinking about trying to do some. Can you all give me some tips and input on the difficulty of doing this type of shop and if it is worth it? The pay is higher for this kind of shop and... Continue Reading

Marketforce Photo Audit

You cannot have worked in a department store - and it's $25 and can take up to 3 hours. Anyone done this? Thoughts? Does it really take 3 hours?... Continue Reading

Market Force Audits - anyone do them ?

Anybody do the MF Tire audits for $10 ? Wondering how many photos involved and extent of questionairre ? Have done a different audit for them which turned out to be a nightmare, They really ought to be like other companies that allow you to see the survey right up front BEFORE you... Continue Reading

Audits for BestMark

I am a Gold shopper - working at mystery shopping for about ten years. I thought I'd try BestMark's audit shop for something different. My advice. Forget it folks. The pay does not even approach minimum wage. For the two days I was there I worked hard - no breaks... Continue Reading

American Car Care Center Audits

Has anyone performed these ACCC evaluations? I was wondering if they were fairly easy since the business is expecting the shopper and if it indeed takes about an hour to complete? Is it worth the $21? There are 2 in my area. I am debating whether or not to take... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the 100 pr of shoes audit for Beyond Hello

I just saw it posted and it seems like it would take forever . . .has anyone done it?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits Conoco vs Shell

Everyone be careful not to mention the MSC since I alreayd brought up the clients. I've done the Shell mystery shop/audit, and I must say I'm not a huge fan. I'm fine with the audit part, but I live in a state where you can't pump your own gas. I... Continue Reading

Ice Cream audits

Did anyone notice that 1) The ice cream cost more than the reimbursement and 2) the MSC didn't add enough postage to send the thermometer back? The assignment paid peanuts as it is, but then to have to pay OOP even $1, annoys me. Won't take those again unless the fee... Continue Reading

verizon photo audits

i have never done one of these but am considering it. for anyone who has done one before, how difficult are they? are lots of photos required and are they pretty time intensive? any input would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Audits vs. Mystery Shops

I have just started performing audits in the past month or so. Is it my imagination or do they seem to pay more money? And they seem to be easier to perform than most of my mystery shops. What are your thoughts?... Continue Reading

Price Audits

I know this has been touched on briefly but I have a specific question. I got an offer for the clothing audits and it was 125 per size for over 600 individual items. I don't see how the money that was offered is worth the time especially since... Continue Reading

Sizing Audits

Has anyone done the sizing audits? I know some of these audits can be PITAs so I was wondering if these are worth the effort. Thanks.... Continue Reading

CRI Auditing

Has anyone had a recent problem with CRI's auditing staff? I have done a little over 100 shops and for some reason over the past two months they have gotten very picky.... Continue Reading

Paint store audits

Has anyone completed the "NO PHOTOS REQUIRED" revealed paint store audits? They are bonused already and I'm afraid they might be a PITA. How long did they take in store? I noticed you have to print in many pages were there? Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA... Continue Reading

Ice Cream Audits

Has anyone done the ice cream audits that I have seen offered recently on one of my favorite MSC's? It is basically a check at a nationwide supermarket chain for the display of two brands of specialty ice cream in pints. You have to get a photo of the display... Continue Reading

Starting your own sassie/MSC for internal audits?

Hello, I have a very good friend who is looking to expand his retail chain into a few MD/DC/VA areas as a franchise. I told him that mystery shopping companies probably charge $100 per location per visit for the works and that I could help as a favor. Could... Continue Reading

What is a size audit and how is report ?

This would be donei in a dept store. How do you do it and how bad is the "survey" ?... Continue Reading

Sizing Audit of 625 items for $16??

Before joining this forum two months ago I would do practically every assignment, at least once, to get the experience and to build a relationship with the MSC. I also try not to judge assignments before I've performed them because sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised at how simple an assignment... Continue Reading

Is $8.00 reasonable for an Auditing Asgnmt

I was called by a particular scheduler for a company and asked to do a covert audit of 50-60 products in a local drug store. I have done these before and it took me 2 hours and I vowed I would never do it again. So this... Continue Reading

Is there a company that just does audits?

I mean the overt ones. I really like handling those and would like to do them exclusively. I pick up a few here and there with two companies but would like more. Any ideas?... Continue Reading

Anyone do vitamin store audit for Market Force? What to expect?

I've seen Market Force offer an audit assignment for a popular vitamin store for $15. I'm a little leary of signing up for it. The description states that the questionnaire is shorter. Has anyone done these before? Should I stay clear?... Continue Reading

K-Mart audit...

Anybody have experience with these? HOw long do they generally take? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Best Buy compliance audits

EDITED: ICA Violation.... Continue Reading

Price Audits? Am I wrong to avoid these?

The ones I'm talking about are 50-60 items, pays about $8. The last one I did about a month ago, had me in two departments the whole time and took about 40 min. I kept having employees come by asking if I needed help or otherwise eye-balling me. I was... Continue Reading

H&R Block Audit

I am about to accept a reveal audit shop. The MSC is well known. The instructions say I will reveal myself and take some photos. Doesn't say how many or of what. I live close by and the pay is fair for a few photos. Has anyone done any... Continue Reading

Auditing Auditors

Does anyone know if there are auditors than check behind merchandisers and auditors?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit Question

Are these shops allowed to be done at night with night time photos?... Continue Reading

BARE Sodexo Auditors

I believe BARE has already done recruiting and training in some parts of the country for Sodexo audits in hospitals and health care systems. They have just begun the recruitment and certification process in my area, and I'm wondering if any of you already have any experience with this... Continue Reading

Unfreakin' Believable CORI "Auditor Test" (Big Grumpy Vent)

Look... This is a big vent. I'm so freakin' ticked off - I could screech. So, cover your eyes (and ears)!! I have the answers for one of their "tests" - but it is not accepting, no matter what I do. I am taking the answers DIRECTLY FROM SCREENSHOTS... Continue Reading

MobiAudit App

Has anyone used this? I downloaded it for a shop I've applied for and the reviews are TERRIBLE for it.... Continue Reading

Thinking About Doing CRI Audits, Should I Do It?

I've just signed up for CRI, and there's a lot of shops in my area, I would just like for some people to chime in and tell me their experiences working for CRI. Are their shops easy/hard to deal with? How fast is their payment after shops are completed? How long does... Continue Reading

Extensive Gas Station Audits

Soooooo, the price is looking kind of right at the moment for me to complete one of those extensive gas station audits, but I have NEVER done audits before. They are currently at about 40 bucks (give or take) and they'll probably go higher by Monday since there's quite a... Continue Reading

Anyone do a covert pricing audit?

I was curios to know if anyone has done any of those covert pricing audits before? I see them from time-to-time, usually for my local Walmart, however I don’t think I want to do a 25 to 50 item covert pricing audit, since so many of the times, you can’t... Continue Reading

trendsource chicken audits

worth it? or no... says 25 questions but "only 20-30 min"... Continue Reading

C R I Auditor testing.

Has anyone had as much difficulty as I have had in passing the CRI test? The test requires you to view a short video then take a multiple choice test of 12 questions. I am positive that I have passed this test. I have taken it several times changing the... Continue Reading

Dinosaur Announced Audits

Am I right in assuming that accepting an announced audit would render me ineligible for the regular monthly mystery shops? There are some nice bonuses floating around, but I don't want to risk losing a steady, monthly income.... Continue Reading

Truck temperature audits for FF places

Got an email about auditing the temps in delivery trucks to fast food restaurants. It does not give the pay, and I'm curious about the time involved once the truck arrives. Anyone have experience with these?... Continue Reading

Truck Audits

I received some info today on a truck audit. Has anyone done these? I really think I would be in over my head at this point.... Continue Reading

Clothing size audits... (Newby Question)

I have the opportunity to conduct some size audits, and I'm just curious as to how involved these are for the pay. In this case, the directions tell me I'll need to audit 5 categories of clothing, 125 items each cat., for total of 625 items... Normal fee is around... Continue Reading

CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVES: feedback please on their tire audit

I thought I read negative coments about doing tire store audits, and Customer Perspectives job posting on jobslinger says the shop is "picky" ( red flag) please on both the msc and the shop itself... Many Thanks and Happy Weekend to all.... Continue Reading

Electronic store audits

Does anyone have experience with the big box store revealed electronic audits? The 2 day/10-12 hour ones? I am looking for feedback on the type of tasks, difficulty level and reporting issues. These are the only jobs I am being offered by one MS company. TIA... Continue Reading

Difference Between Auditor & Mystery Shopper

I would like to if there is a mild distinction between completing a shop as an auditor and mystery shopper. Does the auditor does the same thing as a mystery shopper while on job? Does the auditor have to acknowledge the staff that he's an auditor while on job? If so,... Continue Reading

Grocery store item audits?

How difficult or time-consuming are these audits? I see several of them that are not far from my area but I don't want to pick them up if they are going to be a pain in the butt.... Continue Reading

TNS candy bar audits

For some reason a search for TNS on all dates yeilded no results. I feel certain there have been threads about them. Has anyone done the candy bar audits? If so, how long did they take. How was the report?... Continue Reading

Food Price Audit shops

Would it help new people to know my system for doing food audit shops? They aren't my favorite, and you have to be incredibly sneaky at times. I start out very early cause I do breakfast shops. I only do them in my city, not all around the whole town. I... Continue Reading

Market Force Purple Portal Audits??

The walmart balloon shops are only $6. Has anyone ever done them and are they lengthy? Including reports?... Continue Reading

Market Force Pricing Audits becoming extinct

Has anyone heard that Michigan will soon no longer have the pricing audits? That several states including Michigan will be stopping this practice.... Continue Reading

Market Force 100 items audit

Anyone ever do any of these audits? How are they? Are there a lot of problems?... Continue Reading

Marketforce Mastercare Audits

DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOP! It pays $14 and has 20 pages of detailed instructions and requires 23-40 digital camera photos. You are unable to view the instructions and guidelines until after you accept the shop(A practice that should be eliminated). I talked to someone who did... Continue Reading

gfk Audits

There were many things that needed to be corrected when GFK first started the audit program. Has anyone done any of their audits recently? Have they improved? Originally they were paying $150 now I see they are paying only $110.00.... Continue Reading

Jancyn Sizing Audit

Has anyone ever done a sizing audit for Jancyn at one of the discount retail stores? They have a few available in my area but they seemed very involved for $16. Anyone have any feedback? How long it takes and if it is worth it. Thanks... Continue Reading

What is an audit?

I just received my email from Market Force approving me and am looking through the jobs available. Many of them are doing an "audit". Please shed some light up this for me as to what this is. Sorry for the silly "newbie" question. :) Julieann... Continue Reading

Taco Bell REVEALED Audit

Has anyone ever done these. I have two to do this weekend for a company I have not yet worked for and they will not send me my info until 24hrs before? I like to read and prepare ahead of time so I am comfortable but this company works differently.... Continue Reading

Wireless Company - AUDIT - Worth it??

I've only been MS for a few months now on a very part time basis. Have yet to do a Wireless company - picture audit. I'm REALleery on these picture audit assignments now as I have done a few gas station audits and realized those were a JOKE!... Continue Reading

Boneless wing audit

Just curious if anybody else got an e-mail from Mintel yesterday about their boneless wing audit. They are wanting you to purchase an order of wings from a certain establishment and then ship them to Mintel and they are paying a decent fee for it plus full reimbursement. I went... Continue Reading

Tire Shop Audit

Hello: Have any of you ever done a revealed tire shop audit and if so, do you have any pointers? This is my first revealed shop and any info anyone wants to share would be greatly appreciated (as always!).... Continue Reading

Pet store price audit???

I just signed up for one, mostly because of the fee that is associated with it.I'm a little intimidated because of all the paperwork that seems to be included with the shop. Has anyone done these before.... Continue Reading


Did anyone ever do a pizza audit, or any other where you need to check oven temperature. I was wondering exactly how much work is involved.... Continue Reading

Insula Price Audits

Is anyone else doing the Insula price audits? They are supposed to be starting today, but my homepage does not show my list.... Continue Reading

FRESH MARKET: Is it shopped aside from price audits???

Is this grocery chain shopped??? I know they already do price audits similar to Trader Joe's, but wondered if it is mystery shopped or not please. FYI: Just noticed that both King's and Albertson's are shopped. Thanks Much.... Continue Reading

FRESH MARKET: Only shopped for price audits???

Is Fresh Market still only being shopped for competitor price audits??? Or is there a regular shop available for them please??? FYI: Just noticed that Albertson's is now shopped...... Continue Reading

Any mystery shopper ever been audited by the IRS?

This year when I was doing my taxes, my tax guy said that to report my MS shopping I needed to have all the documentation, including guidelines, paystubs, receipts and surveys just in case I ever got audited. I did over 150 shops last year and made 2000 dollars. The... Continue Reading

How do you do a audit I have never done one do you get instuckion?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Did the firestone audit.....

and actually didn't mind it that much. I did two of them today and I thought they were kinda easy. Yeah, the uploading, renaming/linking the pics was a little annoying and time consuming, but I didn't think it was that bad. I also did an... Continue Reading

Shell Audits

Anyone do these. Now they want you to take a picture of yourself in front of the location. WTH?... Continue Reading

Airport Kiosk Audits/CC

Who is doing these jobs...I need help, any tips appreciated.... Continue Reading

Revealed Chiropracter Certification Audits

The MSP who was offering these in Arizona hasn't had any for about a year now. Does anyone know who has taken them over?... Continue Reading

Jewelry audit

Anyone doing the jewelry audit and called for the conference call instructions? I called last Tues. 3:00 like stated before being assigned the job. No one was on...I kept calling for 1/2 hour and no one called, so the conference call didn't happen. Did anyone get through.... Continue Reading


I'm currently in the midst of doing some revealed audits and am curious to know anyone's thoughts on this type of shop. Do you like them, and what do you think is fair pay? I'd previously done two price audits, both covert. One was okay, but the other was... Continue Reading

Need help with "In-Store Grocery Signage Audits"

I received an eMail offering me a "Shelf Signage Audit". I have never performed this type of assignment, however, the small amount of information that was in this email, looked appealing to me. So, I signed up for it. I just received the guidelines last night, and... Continue Reading

That's it, I am DONE with audits!

Well even with my negotiated bonus today, the audit was the one from "you know where." I do not drink and would never have accepted it had I known that 20% of the items on the list were wine and beer. This is a store that prides itself on its... Continue Reading

Did my first audit today

And I don't know if I will do another. It was a lot of trouble for the pay, getting the prices of 50 items (exact sizes) in a huge and unfamiliar grocery store and then only getting a total of $14 reimbursement. I was in the store about an hour... Continue Reading


I've searched but am only finding references to audit jobs, not what they're actually about. I have an opportunity to do a bank audit, but in order to get details I have to accept the job and I don't want to do that in case it's something I really have... Continue Reading

Adverse managerial reactions during BP audits

Has anyone else encountered BP managers getting really irate/upset/hysterical when asking them to sign the completed forms? Most I've dealt with just sign the form without really even looking at what is marked yes or no, say thank you, and get on with their day, but some have really been... Continue Reading

Chevron Audits!

Have just been released. Those who know these - Go for it!... Continue Reading

Shop fee inquiry(audit)

hey, I recently start picking up some photo pricing audits and just wonder what the normal/mean fee is. Those particular audits required supporting photos as well as short descriptive information. I've done a few pricing audits without photos in the past. They normally paid me $16 per audit without photos.... Continue Reading

ANY UPDATES: National Audits, Signal Auditing ????

Has anybody done any movie trailers or related shops lately for National Audits??? Months back when telephoned, they said they schedule through Secret Shopper whom I don't have an account with. Signal Auditing--Anybody worked for them??? I signed up months back and never heard back. They pay you check bars and... Continue Reading

Audit Shops

I'm new to mystery shopping and I have just completed my first 3 shops with relative ease, but am confused about doing audits. I noticed that there are several audits lised for this month and all are close to my home. I am reluctant to sign up for them though... Continue Reading

Discussions of Audits

The survey / audit fee is too less to effectively perform . (Source). January 17, 2017

Given my jobs and life itself, I will do as many shops, audits, and merchandising tasks as possible while allowing plenty of time for reading, pondering, and painting. (Source). January 17, 2017

I realized that I hated the report way more than I liked the $27. I mean seriously I could go do one crappy Maritz gas station audit that was local and make the same amount of money and take less time and then I could just go eat the Chipotle with the proceeds and end up with more money and more (Source). January 17, 2017

Before they changed to just audits, I did a couple of the mystery shops/audits at night. (Source). January 16, 2017

I average about 30 Maritz gas station audits a month and I love doing them! I would agree that they are "easy" but not necessarily "fast. (Source). January 16, 2017

There's Cast -W-2, employer and Snap Audits is the new Cast Force - Independent Contractor, lower fees, more work/time for less money. (Source). January 16, 2017

Ask them if you have their permission to complete the audit. (Source). January 16, 2017

Hi, HS Brands International Asia has Auto repair and Oil change audits. (Source). January 16, 2017

[quote=iamloved1] Actually, the instructions say, "If you cannot find the target after five minutes, identify yourself to the manager and do a revealed audit. (Source). January 15, 2017

There are times when customer experience management is best served by direct guest feedback and traditional CSAT and there are times when mystery shopping, ethnography, and audits are appropriate. (Source). January 14, 2017