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11 Discussions

sqm STEP tests

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

SQM need the link to their site...

does anybody have it? My PC took a crap and it's not listed in the "companies" at the bottom of the page....... Continue Reading


What does anyone know about them. I received a unsolicated email form them. It stated I applied for the company in 2006 or later. Which I might have but just curious. The email was not asking me to forward any money of anything.. But still not sure about the company.... Continue Reading

SQM Step 9

Has anyone made is to the Step 9 test yet? It is unbelievably difficult. I was able to pass Steps 1 through 8 fairly quickly and always scored between 23 and 25 out of 25 each time. So Step 9 is entirely different - I took it yesterday and scored 16/25.... Continue Reading

SQM web site down

I completed a shop for SQM last night and their web site has been down since I returned. Has anyone ever had this happen? I twice emailed the scheduler last night letting them know that I was unable to enter my results within the time framd and that... Continue Reading


Has anyone managed to pass their flash Force quiz? I'm having issues. The biggest issue is that the address listed in the training manual is NOT one of the options for the question "What is the mailing address". Am I really so dense that I can't pass... Continue Reading

SQM Restaurant Shop Question

Fine Dining Restaurant... Shopper Resources gone for the weekend so was just wondering if one of you fine intelligent ppl can help me out :) On the shop instructions and within regular guidelines it all says to evaluate the main dining room and eat in there, but on special instructions says... Continue Reading

SQM tests

I searched the forum and found nothing, so I thought I would post it here. Sensors Quality Management has quizes to do, just like other companies. I have passed 8 other companies tests without any problems. I studied SQM's materials, did the 1st test no problem, I... Continue Reading

sqm steps

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SQM Sensors Quality Management

Any thoughts anyone? Good or bad.... Continue Reading


Have you shopped for them? What timeframe do they pay in for full reibursement jobs?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of SQM Mystery Shopping - Sensors Quality Management Inc

00 and once for only 50% reimbursement (SQM) They weren't a lot of work, I could do them at the hotel. (Source). April 16, 2014

com I have done one for SQM. (Source). April 16, 2014

I was told "It's like a coupon for $25!" Yesterday I saw a bunch at SQM. (Source). April 14, 2014

I was told "It's like a coupon for $25!" Yesterday I saw a bunch at SQM. (Source). April 13, 2014

.. Also, I know that Dataquest used to offer a lot of shops with very little narrative. Not sure if they still do though ... Also - SQM has 50percent off hotels (more like a big coupon, not really a shop) - and the report does not require any extensive narratives either (nor should it, since you are still paying to stay (Source). March 12, 2014

There is some information in the New Shoppers area of this forum. SQM has links to Service Canada regarding small businesses and taxes. (Source). February 16, 2014

Not too frequently. also not too frequently. sqm ditto (Source). February 10, 2014

I only ask as I dont want to sign up and later realize if anything different. Also, hi Flippiti : what is SQM? (Source). February 04, 2014

So I'm still on the fence. But if I do it this way, I don't have to request much, if any, travel reimbursement. To the OP, have you tried SQM? (Source). February 04, 2014

SQM sounds like something worth looking more into. (Source). January 14, 2014