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Does anyone do SQM assignements?

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Contacting SQM

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SQM Step Program

Well after 2 years of being with them I finally completed all 9 steps. Of course it was probably maybe 24 nights of taking the step tests but to get those 24 nights in and remember to continue with them it took 2 years. Now maybe I will take an... Continue Reading

Anyone want to join a "study group" for STEP 3 test on SQM?

I feel like I am back in college and working together might be helpful. :)... Continue Reading

Anyone else stuck on Level 2 STEP for SQM?

Misery loves company! I have got 24 correct and then make a change and I only get 23 correct. ARRRGGGGHHH!... Continue Reading


Does any one know anything about SQM? I received a e-mail this morning saying they have shops in my area. However, when I checked the board tonight there was nothing in my area. Thanks... Continue Reading

SQM airline shops

Looks like SQM has airline shops for a particular favorite airline here in the States....has anyone done one of these shops yet? Considering they would pay half the airfare, it might be worth checking out and if I can pair this up with some other shops in a different... Continue Reading

SQM flight shopping

Dear Shoppers, what is your experience with SQM in regards to shopping flights? I wanted to subscribe for the assignment but have to pay beforehand to SQM for the flight ticket. Are they trustworthy?? Thanks a lot!... Continue Reading

SQM Level 2 test

Hello everyone, I am looking for some help on the SQM test level 2. I have been stuck at 23/25 for a few weeks and have kept track of my answers. I cannot for the life of me figure out the two I am getting wrong and its very... Continue Reading

SQM....just wondering about them

I signed up for SQM recently...noticed they are mainly in Canada with a few shops in the states and some internationally. Has anyone done their hotel shops? Easy? Hard? Also their international travel shops? All in all....are they worth shopping for? Thanks!... Continue Reading

SQM Steps

I just had to share. Today I finally passed Step Level 7. This has been oh, about a year of trying off and on. They have a shop in my area that I really wanted to apply for so I really put my brains to the test and I passed!... Continue Reading

Review of Sensors Quality Management

@Jaymo wrote a review of Sensors Quality Management for this week's issue of Mystery Shopper Magazine. Discuss the article here.... Continue Reading

SQM: submitting report

I did my first shop for SQM, did the report and submitted it. I see now that it states Submitted. What I do not understand is why I still have a tab Report and why I can open my report after clicking on the tab. Tnx for clarification.... Continue Reading

sqm STEP tests

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SQM need the link to their site...

does anybody have it? My PC took a crap and it's not listed in the "companies" at the bottom of the page....... Continue Reading


What does anyone know about them. I received a unsolicated email form them. It stated I applied for the company in 2006 or later. Which I might have but just curious. The email was not asking me to forward any money of anything.. But still not sure about the company.... Continue Reading

SQM Step 9

Has anyone made is to the Step 9 test yet? It is unbelievably difficult. I was able to pass Steps 1 through 8 fairly quickly and always scored between 23 and 25 out of 25 each time. So Step 9 is entirely different - I took it yesterday and scored 16/25.... Continue Reading

SQM web site down

I completed a shop for SQM last night and their web site has been down since I returned. Has anyone ever had this happen? I twice emailed the scheduler last night letting them know that I was unable to enter my results within the time framd and that... Continue Reading


Has anyone managed to pass their flash Force quiz? I'm having issues. The biggest issue is that the address listed in the training manual is NOT one of the options for the question "What is the mailing address". Am I really so dense that I can't pass... Continue Reading

SQM Restaurant Shop Question

Fine Dining Restaurant... Shopper Resources gone for the weekend so was just wondering if one of you fine intelligent ppl can help me out :) On the shop instructions and within regular guidelines it all says to evaluate the main dining room and eat in there, but on special instructions says... Continue Reading

SQM tests

I searched the forum and found nothing, so I thought I would post it here. Sensors Quality Management has quizes to do, just like other companies. I have passed 8 other companies tests without any problems. I studied SQM's materials, did the 1st test no problem, I... Continue Reading

sqm steps

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SQM Sensors Quality Management

Any thoughts anyone? Good or bad.... Continue Reading


Have you shopped for them? What timeframe do they pay in for full reibursement jobs?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of SQM Mystery Shopping - Sensors Quality Management Inc

Just because you only know of one company SQM, doesn't mean you are correct. (Source). May 28, 2016

I received an email from SQM this morning. (Source). May 28, 2016

Check out the list of companies on this site below.[/quote] Really, several companies that do airline shops? I am only familiar with one - SQM. (Source). May 28, 2016

[/quote] SQM has several airlines that reimburse half your ticket. (Source). May 27, 2016

I was reimbursed a week later. Very impressed with SQM! (Source). May 26, 2016

I started mystery shopping with SQM and it was a good introduction to it. (Source). May 26, 2016

I used to shop SQM a lot, and they had good retail shops that included reimbursement plus a shop fee. (Source). May 24, 2016

..I was going to fly with them and to my destination anyway so I saved myself $170 by using SQM. (Source). May 20, 2016

SQM is not a good fit for the average shopper because the average shopper is looking to make money, not spend it. (Source). May 20, 2016

Sorry.[/quote] More like I am curious if anyone bothers to do the payback assignment from SQM. (Source). May 20, 2016