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Have they not assigned their jobs for April yet?... Continue Reading

Does Ardent have other clients?

Does Ardent Services have other clients besides the fresh southwestern chain? The only discussions I've seen have been about that one large restaurant chain. I'm new to AS and am wondering if there might be other opportunities I'm eligible for.... Continue Reading

Ardent 1099 Frustration

I love working for Ardent. They pay the following month. Although their reports are long, they're pretty easy to do, and the pay is relatively high. However, they always send 1099s which include the costs of the meals we are required to buy. We can only write off 50% of... Continue Reading

DC Ardent training hello!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Is the Ardent training really 2.5 hours?

If it is I hope that they have some really good information.... Continue Reading

Ardent - shopper acceptance?

How long does it take to be "chosen" to shop by Ardent? I submitted my application several weeks ago and have heard nothing back from them. TIA... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever shopped for Ardent Services?

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Correction to Ardent Comment

I did a search and could not find where I recently made a comment concerning receipt of an Ardent payment for April shops. I stated that mine was overdue, but I was confident that I would get it. AHEM, according to my bank, that automatic deposit, correct to the... Continue Reading


Have they not assigned the February shops yet?... Continue Reading


Hey, Does anyone know Ardent's pay schedule? I can't find it on the web? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

Is anyone having trouble getting into the Ardent website?... Continue Reading

How did you get started with Ardent services?

I would like to get setup with this company, as their client is quiet obvious and delicious. I emailed one of the schedulers a few years back and they said they did not have any available locations in my area, but she would keep me in mind. Never heard from... Continue Reading

Ardent application

Has anyone been accepted that has RECENTLY applied to this company? An email was sent out looking for shoppers in my area and they have shops that I really want to do. I applied two weeks ago but haven't heard anything. I'm wondering if anyone else recalls if... Continue Reading

A kudos to Ardent Services

I was really bummed out last night when after inputting my entire 2 1/2 hour report the site was so slow it would not save it for me and ultimately timed out. No one answered the phone at midnight and "help" was not working. This morning I spoke directly with the... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

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Ardent services !

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Most Recent mentions of Ardent Services

Louis Park, NJ-NJ Deptford, NY-Albany, NY-Clifton Park, NY-Schenectady, NY-Kingston, NY-Hudson, OK-Oklahoma City, OK-Edmond, OK-Norman, PA-PA Exton, PA-PA Philadelphia, PA-PA King Of Prussia, PA-Pittsburgh, PA-Greensburg, PA-Canonsburg, VA-Arlington, VA-McLean Ardent Services, Inc. (Source). April 06, 2014

Does Ardent Services have other clients besides the fresh southwestern chain? (Source). March 23, 2014

9:00 to 11:30 AM on Thursday, March 6th in San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Please complete the quick FREE application at www.ardentservices. (Source). March 04, 2014

Yes and Yes... but what MSC hasn't and doesn't? A Closer Look. Monterrey. Customer Impact. Ardent Services. (Source). February 27, 2014

Besides Ardent, Goodwin also comes to mind off the top of my head. (Source). February 21, 2014

Flux - I got into that discussion way back when I did a couple Ardent shops, then decided the reports were a pain and didn't like the way they handled the comp/reimb situation. (Source). February 21, 2014

I love working for Ardent. (Source). February 19, 2014

Review Ardent Services on Facebook. (Source). February 17, 2014

MAD at Ardent. (Source). February 16, 2014

) Seriously though, I start with the first five companies, more or less alphabetically. Thus, "A Closer Look, A Top Shop, Ardent Services, About Face, Applied Feedback, Ann Michaels. (Source). February 12, 2014