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KSS Shelly is Kern's best asset

Took a hard-to-fill shop because I could. Woke up to find an unasked-for bonus attached. Shelly rocks! (Now if we could just get some of Kern's *other* schedulers to learn something from her...)... Continue Reading

KSS mis-assigned shop issues

I was assigned a shop by KSS/Kern Scheduling a couple of days ago and completed the shop yesterday. I wasn't able to find the survey online when I went to input my data last night, so I emailed Ryan. After a little back-and-forth, he determined I'd mistakenly been assigned to... Continue Reading

Trying to reach Jackie from KSS

If anyone from KSS monitors this forum, please ask Jackie to respond to my emails about needing a different survey to report a DC parking shop. I am about to leave town and do not want to miss any deadlines. This is not a complaint, just a need... Continue Reading

KSS scheduling for Maritz

Wow, what a great thing. KSS provides shop requirement details, plus lists both the fee and (if applicable) reimbursement. The same jobs listed on Maritz do not disclose the requirements nor is the reimbursement revealed. Hopefully someone at Maritz will learn from this.... Continue Reading

Kern mystery shop company

Yesterday, I received a email saying from kern that an administrator edited my acount. I looked and I did not see any changes. I have not shopped for them in a few years and my account is still active. Is this common for a administrator to edit accounts?... Continue Reading


Can someone explain KSS for me? I've signed up both with them and HS Brands, but I've noticed that at least some of HS's shops are on the KSS site. Plus I see Maritz and now a Shared Insight job as well. Are they like Sassy... Continue Reading

Kss & kinesis scheduling issues *Vent*

I applied for several kinesis shops via KSS which were accepted. Then came the onslaught of emails from a scheduler asking if I could reschedule a few of the shops for next week, and one for Sunday. My response was sure no problem. So today I review the Kinesis website... Continue Reading

KSS payment

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

MaritzCX and KSS

Is it just in my area or has MartizCX turned over most of their scheduling to Kern? Nearly all the shops more than a few miles from me are not listed on the MaritzCX site at all, but are on KSS... I'm find with Kern, but that that mean... Continue Reading

Anyone heard of KSS International?

KSS International is not on the list here, but it has shops near me. Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks for any info.... Continue Reading

Kern scheduling

I tried to apply for a Maritz bank shop as a new bank customer. I have done this shop earlier before closing my account a few months ago. Kern's website won't let me apply. I emailed them and was told I couldn't apply if I was a former customer. Is... Continue Reading

Weird, Got Contacted by Kern Scheduling, but Never Signed up With Them

I am 99.9999999% sure that I never signed up with Kern Scheduling as a mystery shopping company. There's maybe a .000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that I did and forgot. I'm registered with about 50 right now, so it's possible I lost track somewhere along the way. But the thing... Continue Reading

KSS / HSbrand changing shop date help

How do I go about rescheduling a shop on Sassie for HSBrand, when I signed up there was a range of dates and I picked this Friday but now I would like to change the shop for Sunday. I have emailed from the original shop email and used the Sassie Help... Continue Reading

Kerns Scheduling Rating Question

I have completed two dozen shops using the scheduling company and my average shop grade says it is 1??? I am a bit confused because I've received feedback on a couple of shops thanking me for helping out, thanking me for well written reports, and even thanks for submitting extra... Continue Reading

What am I doing wrong at KSS?

I have previously only completed one shop for KSS. I currently applied for one of the big box store shops. I have applied for it 4 times. Each time my application disappears but the shop remains on the job board. I emailed the scheduler asking for clarification and got an... Continue Reading

quick KSS intl question

I had a few shops scheduled through KSS. I went through the actual MSC website to fill out the reports. Should I have gone through KSS website to complete the reports? The MSC is showing the shops as being completed but KSS is showing them as incomplete. Does it even... Continue Reading

KSS and Maritz....How do they work together?

Often, the same shops are posted...sometimes KSS has a bonus, sometimes Maritz has the bonus....sometimes the shop just disappears from the KSS log or one's application file...sometimes KSS just drops your application without comment. Can anyone shed some light on how they are working together?... Continue Reading

KSS International, HS Brands International & Word Smith Pros involved in the same shop!?

I recently completed a shop. The report was entered through HS Brands International. In the middle of doing the report, their website did something funny to where I could not edit some of the answers and the fields were hidden. A couple of the answers were incorrect, but since I... Continue Reading

KSS changes pay whenever

So I scheduled shops with them. Fee was $50. Go to do the shop and they change the fee to $15. So I emailed saying i accepted contract for $50. Lori Kern says "it was a typo" And says she will remove the shops but they are obviously not going... Continue Reading

Sally A. Craig with KSS

Sally rocks my world! She answers the phone when a shop goes funky. She's extremely fabulous when responding to emails, when something goes funky. She answers the phone when I call and say I'm fairly certain I can hit a remote area that day after I completed my original run.... Continue Reading

KSS Internationsl

I believe they go by different names? Anybody done their investment shops!! What a joke. You follow their directions, make an appt., then go to it and required to wait 30 minutes even past your appt. rudeness on part of investment company contact. Keeps you waiting beyond 30 minutes at... Continue Reading

KSS International

Any feedback on this company. Any investment shops been done?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jackie Jacoby at Kern Scheduling

I did an oil change shop for Kern recently where the instructions said that the reimbursement would cover a standard oil change. When I did the shop, it turns out that the reimbursement did not cover the basic oil change, even before the charge for the extra quart of... Continue Reading

KSS Scheduling

Does anyone know when they pay. I did a shop for them June 6th and waiting for payment. They have noting on site telling you how long they take. Help will be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Getting ahold of Nora Penny Kern

Is there anyway besides email to get ahold of her? I sent an email over the weekend but have an urgent? issue.... Continue Reading

Moises C from Kern pulled a shady move, but the situation did improve

A few hours ago this guy calls me up, and after a little negotiation I agree to give him a wholesale club shop today for a $8 bonus, total fee of $20. I got the confirmation in my inbox seconds after the phone call ended. An hour later... Continue Reading

KSS Do They offer, "Self-Assign" shops?

I was going to perform a shop within a 3 hour window. I had, "self-assign" privileges with the original company. unfortunately the shop moved to KSS so I had to apply. After 1 1/2 hours with no response, I deleted the application.... Continue Reading

How do I get a scheduler from KSS to respond?

I have been trying to contact a certain scheduler at KSS. I have left a voice mail message and I have sent two emails, but she seems to be putting me on ignore.... Continue Reading

Shop N Chek and KSS

They are great... Continue Reading

Maritz and KSS

First off, I wanted to thank you all. I negotiated my first big bonus because of what I've read here! Woo! Second, I did a shop for Maritz through KSS and it's not in my completed shops on Maritz. It's the first time I didn't do it directly through Maritz.... Continue Reading

KSS International

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

KSS Shelly and Christy at SeeLevelHX

KSS Shelly has always been one of my favorite to work for- she is respectable to shoppers and answers emails. I am happy to do last minute shops for her-even if it is rearranging my personal schedule because I know she cares. I also have had good communication with Christy... Continue Reading

How do I get into the SASSIE system for Kern

I just did another bank shop for Kern and am now trying to do the report. I've done shops for this MSC before and recall having the exact same problem doing my reports. I have to go someplace else to log in to do the report and I don't recall... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling Integrity Questioned

I recently signed up to do a shop via KSSJeff. The shop was confirmed and done on the assigned day. The reporting window was 12 hours after completion. The shop was done at noon and entered by 1:15. It was not submitted then as I wanted to relook at the... Continue Reading

Thanks to Alan (KSS) and Dawn (New Image).

I just wanted to thank Alan and Dawn who are 2 terrific schedulers. Had car and financial problems this week and they worked with me to get my shops rescheduled. So professional and understanding without any of the "you will be dinged for this" type of attitude that... Continue Reading

Kinesis / KSS / Kern

Hello. I am trying to download guidelines for my first assignment from KSS. When I go to the KSS shop log, I click on "guidelines" but am told I first need to register with Kinesis, which I've already done. When I go to Kinesis, I can log in but I... Continue Reading

KSS/Kerns Phone Number?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

KSS Scheduling

I am wondering if anyone has a comment on KSS Scheduling practices. I have a good rating with a couple of MS Companies that they schedule for, and have recently experienced having my applications simply dropped or left sitting in my apps until the assignment has lapsed. I... Continue Reading

Kern/Presto pay discrepancy

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Is KSS International affiliated with Maritz?

I requested two exact shops from both KSS and Maritz. Now, I'm wondering if they are affiliated or could possibly be the same company. I've noticed that some of the MSC's have two and three names.... Continue Reading

Issue with shop scheduled by KSS

I am putting this out there to all of you shoppers to get an idea if what I did was right or wrong or how you would have handled this situation and what your expectations might be. I am not here to slam KSS or their scheduler - it's... Continue Reading

kss and jobslinger

I am repeatedly applying for projects on the kss board. Each time I do, I get a message that I must get icpro status and link with jobslinger. I have done this. When I log in to jobslinger, it clearly shows kss is linked. ... Continue Reading


Thank you for the accurate posting in our Jobs Forum. It is a pleasure to see a job posting that does not mislead. It is nice to see a posting for limited locations that does not contain, "In Your Area", or "Near You"! ...:D... Continue Reading

kss CHipotle

I registered with KSS. How do I get certified to do Chipotle shops?... Continue Reading

KSSJEFF - I am disappointed!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

KSSRyan. What A Piece Of Work!

I submitted thru him for a job last week. He sent an email confirming acceptance. Later, he sent an email cancelling the shop. No explanation. So I sent him one back simply asking why. He did not care to respond. Hey Ryan. Is this the way Lori has taught you... Continue Reading

$20 check cashing KSS

Has anyone done the $20 check cashing through KSS? There's a couple in my town.... Continue Reading

KSS Phone Shop 6 Month Rotation

I applied for three phone shops. Was turned down due to 6 month rotation. I have not shopped any of the locations beforehand. Is there a limit to the number of phone shops one can do in a six month period?... Continue Reading

RE: Kern Scheduling

The other current thread on Kern Scheduling had gotten a bit off track. I would like to use this thread to discuss my current issues with their schedulers. Disclaimer: If you are having good experiences with Kern - Good For You! Enjoy!!! Due to past poor results, I decided not to bother... Continue Reading

The cheapskates at KSS (mini-rant)

I got a phone call from someone with KSS this morning. He asked if I would like to do the fun novelty shop I had previously done for them in Indiana, PA (100 miles each way) and explained that the shop pays $7 plus up to $5 reimbursement. I informed... Continue Reading

KSS International

In April I did my first shop for KSS International, though I have shopped for other companies before with success. I invested about half a day in preparing, driving to, doing the oil change shop, and filling out the report with all kinds of detail and now I get... Continue Reading

Headsup on Kern and Maritz

I want to tell you about a situation with a shop that Kern schedules for Maritz so if you have a similar problem you can arrive at a better outcome than I did. I had one of those shops for April 8 and I did the shop along with... Continue Reading

The outcome of my KSS rant

So you guys and gals might remember my rant Vs KSS a couple of weeks ago. I was rebuffed by one of their schedulers and I posted about it in this forum. It is in the best interest of justice and respect that since I opened the Pandora box, I update... Continue Reading

Rebuffed by KSS

So, I applied for 5 shops near me, saw that there was potential for a 2 or 3 day route for a bunch of other shops in a 75 mile radius, so I e-mailed the scheduler asking him to check the possibility of such a route. I also told him... Continue Reading

kss scheduling for maritz

oh the irony... Continue Reading

Benefit to signing up for Scheduling like KSS?

I was wondering if there was a benefit to signing up for scheduling companies like KSS. I am currently with this particular company, but all the shops listed I was already signed up for the individual companies. I have always just registered for the shops through the individual companies and... Continue Reading

I ask again KSS, please

I am sending this out to KSS. I understand that they are a platform that has clients msc's. They usually do not have the msc the shop is being performed on the enrollment page. It normally gives some brief synopsis of what the shop is and to please enroll if... Continue Reading

Could I ask a favor, KSS, please

I understand that I am new at shopping full time and have expanded my msc from 5 to 42 however I do not know every company out there. Since I do not know every company out there, I do not know how each company pays. Also since I am traveling,... Continue Reading

Kern and Their Incompetent Employees (Rant)

It has been a while since I have ranted, so here goes... You send an urgent email about a project at a drug store. Purchase the product, try the product, do a questionnaire and get paid $10 plus reimbursement within a week. The shops must be completed December 12th. So, I... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling

Has anyone had issues with this scheduling company promising a certain amount, but the job pays less when the check comes? I completed one last month in a time crunch. They were right on the ball when it came to getting it scheduled, but have consistently ignored e-mails about the... Continue Reading

KSS International

Has anyone dealt with Kern Scheduling? They schedule for other companies, but people in my area of Tampa Bay never get notified of anything and the shops are never scheduled. Very frustrating, and of course, no one is ever available by phone.... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling

Anyone had problems with Kern not paying correctly? I did a quick shop, with bonus, and never got the bonus. It's be 3 months now and they won't even respond except to tell me that I have to contact Kineses for payment, not them. Sounds a bit... Continue Reading


This is not my first complaint, however, it will be my last. I am doing work in a mall in my town today, and they had a job with a cell provider, so I apply...last day to do it today. I check and it is still pending, I applied... Continue Reading

KSS International

Yesterday I applied for a bank job on their job board. This morning I checked and the application is gone but the job is still on the board. I applied again. Again the application was removed but the job is still on the board. Normally I would apply on the... Continue Reading

KSS Cell Phone Shops

KSS had posted on their Facebook page about some cell phone shops that were going to be posted in March. Then they said they were pushed out until April 1st. I still haven't seen anything. Has anyone else seen them? I actually need a cell phone to use while my... Continue Reading

Is Kerns a waste of time?

My streak continues with this company. Don't think I've had a single shop from them in the 3+ years I've been a shopper. Today was a typical example, An e-mail from Kerns saying "please help" phone shops due on Saturday. They were representing a msc that I had never heard... Continue Reading

KSS International

I applied for a shop through KSS and I was informed that my account has been deactivated. There was a note saying to contact the following: I've sent several emails since last night and no one has gotten back to me. I don't know what I did... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the college admissions shops for KSS Int'l?

How much of the paperwork are you required to complete at the appointment -- any, or can you just say you'll take it home? What is the duration of a typical appointment? How much financial information is asked and/or required -- and any credit checks done? Are... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling emails threats to shoppers

I just had a flurry of emails with a scheduler at Kern Scheduling. He sent me an email on the day of a shop I was doing, threatening to issue a flake citation if I did not complete the assignment I had requested. At first, I did not think about... Continue Reading

KSS wanting refund? Anyone else get this?

Dear Shopper, On Monday, July 30th, you received a payment for (sic) shops. The message said that the payment was for shops completed in June, 2012. This was a mistake. The shop you were paid for had been completed in May 2012 and had already been paid at the end... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling, are you kidding?

E-mail subject line reads: "$15 Photo Shop. NO REPORT; NO KIDDING Ottuma, IA‏" ....only ..... this is Texas..... did they send to everybody in the whole USA? Maybe some of us would like to fly there to do the shop?... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how to contact a scheduler? I have applied for several gas jobs a while ago and they are still on the job board. I have a rating of 10 and cannot figure out why I am not awarded these jobs. I have not done... Continue Reading

Strange email form a Kern Scheduler

Did anyone get this, if so can you please tell me what in the ham and cheese is dude talking about. I think I get it but want other feeback. Unfortunately, after an 8 year partnership with **** ******* at ****, she has chosen to take her business... Continue Reading

KSS International:

They have had these same two resturaunt(casual nearly fast food) shops up/available for 2 months. The pay is strict flat fee with no reimbursement that isn't largest enough to make it worth it for me. I keep getting emails(the kind sent out to every registered shopper in the area) practically... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling? ---Service Sleuth

I have been emailing this company constantly for months. They are the company that organizes the shops for another company Service Sleuths. I was to do a movie theater shop( I have done like 8 others for them). I emailed a week before and then 2 more times before the... Continue Reading

Service Intelligience and Kern

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


hmmm, with a requirement like this, they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel: "You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop: * Your Shopper Rating must be at least 1"... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling

I have a bit of heartburn with this group. They took over the scheduling of a client I have been doing for a certain MSC. OK. I applied for 4 shops. Did not hear anything for 2 weeks until I received an email that a shop was due that day. I complained... Continue Reading

Operations Analysis ( Scheduled through KSS)- BEWARE- Payment Issues

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Does anyone know or are working with this company, and do you have to be certified before you can get on their job board??? I have put in all my imformation but I cannot get into the shoppers page, and cannot find a phone # to call to get any... Continue Reading

Anyone Know Kern Scheduling?

I've done 15 jobs for them and now they are telling me they are giving me jobs only as a last resort because of 2 jobs I didn't do. But I did still 15 out of 17 and I gave good support for canceling! The attitude seems a little like certified... Continue Reading

KSS International

I had done two shops last week and had been in the process of doing another shop and have another one due tomorrow and they all disappeared of of my assigned job board. I only lost $20 in gas costs for the shops, but I am wondering what happened.... Continue Reading

BH and KSS

has anyone noticed a decided difference in BH since Kern has taken over their scheduling?... Continue Reading

Curious about Kern Scheduling

Can someone please help me understand the deal with Kern Scheduling? I accepted several assignments days in advance which naturally prevents me from accepting other shops in that time slot. These assignments would then stay in "Pending" right up to the due date then an email is sent out saying the... Continue Reading


$12 to $18 PAY EASY BANK SHOPS NEAR YOU? This topic of yours is not true and misleading. You only show locations in CT and NY. Request you edit your topic to reflect this...... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling

I recently came across the Kern Scheduling "Mystery Shopping" official website and signed up with them. I'm glad to see that they have been sending me several e-mails a day regarding different shops available in my area, however offered by various companies. Therefore, I assume Kern is just... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Kern Scheduling

Please be patient; you will get paid. Filling up her voice mail will not get you paid any faster. Again, I was paid (late) after I reached out to Kern, so I'm not stressing like I was on my payment due date. (Source). May 25, 2018

If it is not spelled out in the guidelines, it is my decision whether to keep or return. I almost never seek permission. [quote=KSSPete] From a scheduler's point of view, and I really have no opinion one way or the other whether you do return the item, but since contracts are being brought up. (Source). May 24, 2018 (Source). May 22, 2018 Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. (Source). May 22, 2018

There is some sort of snafu between KSS and the MSC. (Source). May 21, 2018

I have asked the KSS scheduler and am waiting for a reply. (Source). May 21, 2018

I would asked the KSS scheduler, but I wouldn’t do these unless I could see the shop on the client MSC’s site. (Source). May 21, 2018

I applied for four shops through KSS this morning and was granted all four - I received the email "acceptance" notes for each and all four show up on my KSS account. (Source). May 21, 2018

I feel your frustration. I’ve worked too hard to have this happen, and I am on top of it. Robin has been awesome thru this, as has the KSS team (thanks Lorri and Pete-I owe you!), Steve at Quantum who schedules our video, Becca and Jenna who’ve done great work on the back end, and to the Independent Schedulers who’ve worked with us (Source). May 16, 2018

*You must have your own hidden video equipment (PV500 preferred) and have experience completing video shops. Locations: Alabaster AL 35007 Athens AL 35611 Bessemer AL 35022 Birmingham AL 35210 Birmingham AL 35235 Clanton AL 35045 Gardendale AL 35071 Hoover AL 35244 Hueytown AL 35023 Huntsville AL 35810 Huntsville AL 35803 Huntsville AL 35806 Madison AL 35758 Millbrook AL 36054 Montgomery AL 36117 Montgomery AL 36116 Montgomery AL 36107 Prattville AL 36066 Morrow GA 30260 Riverdale GA 30274 Crystal Lake IL 60014 Harvard IL 60033 Joliet IL 60436 Lockport IL 60441 New Lenox IL 60451 Orland Hills IL 60487 Oswego IL 60543 Romeoville IL 60446 Anderson IN 46013 Aurora IN 47001 Avon IN 46123 Bedford IN 47421 Brownsburg IN 46112 Camby IN 46113 Greenwood IN 46143 Indianapolis IN 46254 Jasper IN 47546 Lawrence IN 46236 Princeton IN 47670 Seymour IN 47274 Shelbyville IN 46176 Tell City IN 47586 Vincennes IN 47591 Washington IN 47501 Alexandria KY 41001 Chalmette LA 70043 Covington LA 70433 La Place LA 70068 Slidell LA 70461 Cockeysville MD 21030 Severn MD 21144 Biloxi MS 39531 DIberville MS 39540 Gulfport MS 39503 Ocean Springs MS 39564 Pascagoula MS 39581 Waveland MS 39576 Aberdeen NC 28315 Asheboro NC 27203 Belmont NC 28012 Charlotte NC 28208 Charlotte NC 28262 Cherryville NC 28021 Clayton NC 27520 Concord NC 28027 Denver NC 28037 Eden NC 27288 Erwin NC 28334 Greensboro NC 27407 Greensboro NC 27405 High Point NC 27265 High Point NC 27263 Hillsborough NC 27278 Holly Springs NC 27540 Huntersville NC 28078 Indian Trail NC 28079 Kernersville NC 27284 Laurinburg NC 28352 Lexington NC 27292 Louisburg NC 27549 Lumberton NC 28358 Mayodan NC 27027 Mocksville NC 27028 Mooresville NC 28117 Morrisville NC 27560 Pembroke NC 28372 Raleigh NC 27616 Raleigh NC 27617 Raleigh NC 27603 Randleman NC 27317 Reidsville NC 27320 Salisbury NC 28144 Sanford NC 27330 Siler City NC 27344 Smithfield NC 27577 Statesville NC 28625 Thomasville NC 27360 Whiteville NC 28472 Winston Salem NC 27103 Winston-Salem NC 27105 Winston-Salem NC 27127 Zebulon NC 27597 Amelia OH 45102 Ashland OH 44805 Aurora OH 44202 Bowling Green OH 43402 Cambridge OH 43725 Cincinnati OH 45241 Cincinnati OH 45251 Cincinnati OH 45239 Cleveland OH 44109 Coshocton OH 43812 Dublin OH 43016 Elyria OH 44035 Englewood OH 45315 Franklin OH 45005 Fremont OH 43420 Hamilton OH 45013 Heath OH 43056 Holland OH 43528 Huber Heights OH 45424 Lancaster OH 43130 London OH 43140 Mason OH 45040 Milford OH 45150 Moraine OH 45439 Mount Vernon OH 43050 New Philadelphia OH 44663 Newark OH 43055 Norwalk OH 44857 Oregon OH 43616 Perrysburg OH 43551 Tiffin OH 44883 Toledo OH 43614 Toledo OH 43615 Wauseon OH 43567 Whitehall OH 43213 Wooster OH 44691 Xenia OH 45385 Zanesville OH 43701 Beaver Falls PA 15010 Butler PA 16001 Cranberry Twp PA 16066 Delmont PA 15626 Latrobe PA 15650 Natrona Heights PA 15065 Tarentum PA 15084 Uniontown PA 15401 Anderson SC 29621 Anderson SC 29624 Central Clemson SC 29630 Columbia SC 29209 Columbia SC 29212 Columbia SC 29223 Columbia SC 29206 Greenville SC 29611 Greenville SC 29607 Lancaster SC 29720 Laurens SC 29360 Rock Hill SC 29732 Simpsonville SC 29680 Taylors SC 29687 West Columbia SC 29169 York SC 29745 Allen TX 75013 Alvin TX 77511 Angleton TX 77515 Arlington TX 76017 Athens TX 75751 Austin TX 78753 Austin TX 78729 Austin TX 78704 Austin TX 78748 Austin TX 78735 Bastrop TX 78602 Baytown TX 77521 Boerne TX 78006 Buda TX 78610 Canton TX 75103 Carrollton TX 75006 Cedar Hill TX 75104 Cedar Park TX 78613 Channelview TX 77530 Cleburne TX 76033 Cleveland TX 77327 Conroe TX 77356 Conroe TX 77304 Conroe TX 77385 Conroe TX 77301 Conroe TX 77384 Converse TX 78109 Corsicana TX 75110 Crosby TX 77532 Cypress TX 77429 Cypress TX 77433 Dallas TX 75287 Dallas TX 75237 Fort Worth TX 76133 Friendswood TX 77546 Garland TX 75040 Garland TX 75043 Grand Prairie TX 75052 Gun Barrel TX 75147 Highlands TX 77562 Hondo TX 78861 Houston TX 77096 Houston TX 77040 Houston TX 77099 Houston TX 77075 Houston TX 77007 Houston TX 77086 Houston TX 77022 Houston TX 77015 Houston TX 77084 Houston TX 77065 Houston TX 77077 Houston TX 77095 Houston TX 77082 Houston TX 77076 Houston TX 77068 Houston TX 77063 Houston TX 77023 Humble TX 77396 Humble TX 77346 Humble TX 77338 Katy TX 77449 Katy TX 77494 Keller TX 76248 Kemah TX 77565 Kingwood TX 77339 La Porte TX 77571 Lake Dallas TX 75065 Lake Worth TX 76135 LaMarque TX 77568 League City TX 77573 Lewisville TX 75077 Liberty TX 77575 Magnolia TX 77354 Magnolia TX 77355 Mansfield TX 76063 McKinney TX 75069 McKinney TX 75070 Mesquite TX 75150 Mexia TX 76667 Missouri City TX 77459 Murphy TX 75094 North Richland Hills TX 76182 Pasadena TX 77505 Pearland TX 77581 Pearland TX 77584 Pflugerville TX 78660 Plano TX 75023 Plano TX 75075 Richmond TX 77406 Rowlett TX 75088 San Antonio TX 78213 San Antonio TX 78214 San Antonio TX 78209 San Antonio TX 78245 San Antonio TX 78223 San Antonio TX 78216 San Antonio TX 78253 San Antonio TX 78254 San Antonio TX 78249 San Antonio TX 78232 San (Source). May 16, 2018