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Discussions About Mystery Shopping Editors

editors with poor English skills

I get a review back and it says to watch my grammar and gave an example of a general issue with a homophone using words I did not use at all. I happen to write my narratives in Word and save them. I went back and went through... Continue Reading

Editors/shoppers - similar

Before I went into one of THOSE weeks, I realized that the editors are "evaluating" our shop reports like we "evaluating" the stores/target person. Did the follow the job description? Did they say the write things? (pun intended) What did they say that was wrong? Just an observation...... Continue Reading

Schedulers, Editors, Proofreaders, Field Agents, etc.?

I have been mystery shopping for about nine months, and love it, but I would really love to have a more consistent schedule, work, and money. I have been considering applying for a scheduler position, or an editor position. My issue is this...Where do I find these positions... Continue Reading

Multiple Editors

Some MSCs have systems which include multiple editors reviewing the same shop and results in multiple incompletes. I submit very good reports and this is frustrating. Do schedulers have relationships with editors which enable them to say "please stop." Or, are the schedulers at the editors mercy?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look Editors

I really like the company, but I cannot think of a single time I have submitted without having the editors return with questions and redos, even though I think I have answered every question ad nauseam. Do the editors do this to you as well?... Continue Reading

Holiday gifts to schedulers/editors?

So I am now getting in deep with the whole mystery shopping thing. Last year at this time I was still dipping my toes in the pool. I was wondering has anyone ever sent any schedulers a little holiday thank you? Maybe it is the Midwesterner in me, but I... Continue Reading

New schedulers and editors?

I've noticed that several shopper sites have strange (new?) people. The last one I noticed was for Panera's shops. I have done probably 100 of them in the past year. Editor wanted me to upload pictures. I emailed her back to say that I uploaded the... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels Editors

Everybody says the editors over at IntelliShop are difficult. I find them fair in comparison to the editors at Ann Michaels. I just cannot please them!! LOL My best work = 8... Continue Reading


I am appalled at the rudeness and the harshness of the editors of surveys for a food co-op. The surveys are extremely long and redundant. How many different ways can you say the the displays look fresh and appealing? The editors use terminology like, "you have been... Continue Reading

IntelliShop Editors

I have done numerous shops for IntelliShop with a few 10's scattered around but mostly 8's cuz of them having to "contact me" for some kind of clarification or another (in their opinion) and I would like to share the latest nugget from them. This has to do with a credit... Continue Reading

Annoying Editors

There is this certain MSC who shops apartments. They have the most annoying editors who nag you about the shop but then the shop sits there unaccepted. Does anyone else experience this?... Continue Reading

MSP Hiring Experienced Editors

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Do Editors sleep or drink coffee all night?

I'm just curious. I live in the big state of Texas and I am on Central Standard Time, but it seems like no matter what company I do a shop for, I always receive my shop grade/feedback at 3 or 4 o clock on the morning. Are these local editors... Continue Reading

Editing Corrections

has anyone ever pointed out corrections to editors?... Continue Reading

Trying to Understand the Mindset of Overcritical Editors

This may be redundant and may need to be moved, but I simply cannot understand the mindset of editors who are overcritical to the point of reaching for errors that don't exist. What is the internal/financial motivation?... Continue Reading

Question about editors

No, this isn't a bad thing! So when I started this 8 months ago or whenever, I had no clue what I was doing (and still don't). I am...not a good writer. So I've basically just been BS'ing my way through every narrative I've ever done, having... Continue Reading

Editing Positions

I am looking for an editing position. Does anyone know of any companies hiring for Quality Control Editors?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look Hiring Schedulers and Editors

I am a recruiter for A Closer Look, and I am looking for great shoppers to become schedulers and editors. If you are interested, please email me! Here is the information about the jobs we have available: Editing: A Closer Look is currently seeking candidates for an at-home editing position. Candidates... Continue Reading

Ratings from Editors

You know I usually get 9 or 10's all the time from all the companies I deal with except one. I am not bragging, but, this one company, no matter what I do always has something to tell me that what I do that is wrong! I get so frustrated.... Continue Reading

My first problem with editors

I have been doing shops for one MSC in particular for several years. I always get 10's from them. Lately, I think they must have a new editor who wants quotes about everything. She (or he?) sent me a request to revise my report and wanted answers... Continue Reading

Quick editing from IntelliShop!

I submitted a report to IntelliShop about an hour ago and it was reviewed and graded in 20 minutes! I have to say, I am very impressed. I'm still filling out other reports from today! I'd love if the quick editing meant quick turnaround for payment though.... Continue Reading

Editors! I am so sick and tired of you!

Editors, do you lay in bed at night and conjure up questions that don't exist on the questionnaire? Do you have your own forum and share how to stump the shopper? Giggle, giggle. Why oh why do you do this. Remark from editor "Please indicate the exact time you paid the... Continue Reading

What to do when you disagree with Shop Reviewers/Editors

I am wondering what recourse we have as shoppers when we don't agree with something in our reviewer's comments. It really irritates me sometimes when I get my shop report back and the editor says something like, "A few grammatical and punctuation errors." I know I am not... Continue Reading

Cori Editors

Is it normal for the editors to take a week or longer to review a report? I have about 8 shops some 10 days old that haven't been "edited" yet. Most of the receipts haven't even been checked as received. Just checking to see that this is... Continue Reading

Shout-Out to BARE Editors

Usually a score of 10/10 makes me happy, and positive feedback from an editor is a bonus. Recently my shops for BARE have all included nice comments from the editors (JLK, RG, MC, JF). Thanks, BARE editors! It's nice to be appreciated. :)... Continue Reading

And THEY'RE Editing ME? Good Grief!

This gets frustrating.... I was reviewing a potential shop's description the other day and was appalled to see several grammar and usage errors throughout, even through the description was fairly short. A couple of weeks ago I received feedback comments (from a different company), and the "editor's" comments, although just... Continue Reading

Awesome schedulers and editors!

There has been a lot of negative on the forum lately, lets give a shout out to the schedulers and editors we enjoy working with! I enjoy working with Kim from BestMark, Kate and Jamie from mercantile, and conor from intellishop. All easy to deal with and very flexible!... Continue Reading

Feedback from Editors

So I just read an editor's shop comments for 5 shops that I submitted for one MSC, and I am as pleased as can be. For the first 4 emails, this is the feedback I received: "Shop Grade: 10 Comments: Incredible job, thank you! Extremely well written, a pleasure to read... Continue Reading

Intelli Editors

I know we all talk about the editors here and I try very hard to not let them get to me. I usually get all 9's and 10's but got a 6 the other day. I just blew it off with the attitude that I am getting paid... Continue Reading

Maybe this is the problem we have with our editors....

If we don't get 10/10 on this, OR, we would but our editors wouldn't, it could explain some of the scores we get. If I can't post the link, google "10 questions on grammar" and it should pop up on the top of the results. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22512744 I did not get 10/10 but I... Continue Reading

Why do editors think you are supposed to capitalize the first word in a quote, even if it is in the middle of a sentence?

I have tried to ignore this but just had to vent for a second. I was a web editor for a major Metropolitian University for two years. I still work at the University in a different capacity, although I do the web writing and editing for my department. This does... Continue Reading


Everyone makes comments about the editors, how do you know who the editor is? The comments seem to come back from generic editor type email addresses? I guess there is not a need to know, I was just curious how people did know. Everyone comments so long as you... Continue Reading

Editors - Question

Why do most editors stay anonymous? It seems like they are paranoid if someone has their email or name. After all, they can use fictitious names. How can anyone communicate back to them?... Continue Reading

It's true. Editors sometimes have to change our reports.

I am going to approach this discussion with my hands held up hoping you guys will not shoot me at the end. I have read several threads about editors, and since I am an editor on a VERY part-time basis, I thought I would share a few thoughts. Mystery shopping... Continue Reading

Report POST Editing

:)... Continue Reading

Is it just me or are editors getting ruder this time of year? (Beyond Hello)

Hi guys, I know I haven't had the time to formally introduce myself on this forum, but I have read a good chuck of the things posted and really learned a lot - so thanks everyone who posts! I have been doing shops for a couple months now. Up until two weeks... Continue Reading

CORI editing process slowing down?

Hi everyone, I do alot, alot of shops for this company. If I submit say 10 shops in a day, I usually start receiving the "Shopper Feedback" email by the time I'm on the third report. Has anyone else noticed their system being slow today?... Continue Reading

General Tips From Editors/Shoppers

What are some of the most common mistakes made on reports? Are there certain words we should not use? Is it better to quote or not to quote? Are there any other tips or recommendations you can make to ensure a good report? I know sometimes... Continue Reading


Hi, Are the Editors freelance or are they a company employee? I have done a number of shops for this one company and have maintained a 10 scoring (this is supposed to be high), and every time I get this one editor they take me through a song and a... Continue Reading

Maybe we should give editors and schedulers a break....

I am going to be put on the chopping block for this post, but feel the need to throw out the opinion, so here goes. In the scheme of the whole mystery shopping business, we as mystery shoppers are the golden link. Schedulers work to get jobs assigned, which... Continue Reading

Schedulers vs. Editors

I am starting to think that schedulers and editors are working against each other, and it is beginning to get frustrating. Schedulers will work very hard to establish great relationships, reward good shopper behavior, and remember who went out of their way for them. Editors, in turn, seem to want... Continue Reading

Seriously thinking about editing...

This might get a little long. Apologies in advance. :) I currently work full time and MS on the side. I've been looking hard for a new job but I haven't gotten any calls back. I did get an email about editing for an MSC I've worked with in the past.... Continue Reading

different editors

I have completed numerous shops for intelli-shop. I find they have different editors who have different thoughts. One shop was for a higher price car in which I was to brouse for 5 minutes. I broused for 7 minutes , and went into showroom and had to ask office staff... Continue Reading

Bad Communication Between Schedulers and Editors

Warning: I am about to vent. I was scheduled to perform a shop last Monday. It was supposed to be performed AFTER 3pm. I ended up with a scheduling conflict due to my "regular" job so I contacted my scheduler who happens to work for a... Continue Reading

Editors who have it in for you

I have only been shopping for about 6 months now, but I almost always get a 9 or 10 for a review. I feel like there is one editor who has it in for me, she sends everything I write back. Sometimes she asks what seem like really odd questions... Continue Reading

at "war" with the editors

I did a tremendous amount of shops this week for a few different msc's and it's always the editors with the same company(they are employed by them, not self-contracted ones), that like to try and find something wrong with the reports. The latest comments i could hear them "yelling" through... Continue Reading


Do any of you work as editors, know others who do, or know the people who hire them? I am a college English professor who shops part-time, but I'd like more work at home in general, and especially in summer when I don't teach. I think I'd be... Continue Reading


Does anyone else out there question the training of some of the Editors?(I use this term lightly) I realize that when we are on this forum sounding off that we may not pay attention to spelling, grammar, etc. However, I have received point deductions several times from these "Editors" stating... Continue Reading

Let's talk about the good, bad, & positively ugly Editors

this week I got a score from an editor at company A of 10 (top score)on a particularly difficult report-lots to remember and write about, with a note added: "Great details, please do more shops for us" Then I get another email from different company B (top score 5) of 5. BUT... Continue Reading

Editing jobs~ how to apply

I am currently working for one MSC as an editor/proofer and quite enjoy doing this. I have transcribed, edited and proofed transcription for 30 years so I have an eye for this and catch typos all the time. I am wondering if it would be reasonable to contact the MSC... Continue Reading

Mistreated by EPMS Apartment shop editors, anyone else?

Hi, It seems when I shop and the agent doesn't do a very good job, when I write about it the editors write back nasty messages and dock my pay! For example, an agent after raising objection to a feature in an apartment he just said "okay". When you write... Continue Reading

Open note to MS trainers, recruiters, and editors.

As a retired school teacher I so wish that those designing training modules would remember some tried and true learning basics. 1. Provide ONLY positive examples of the way you want the job done. There is no benefit in showing prospective shoppers the wrong way to take a photo. Examples of... Continue Reading


Good morning everyone. I would like to secure a position as an editor for shop reports. How would I get started with this? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Editors Ratings Course

I think that there should be an editors training course. Mystery Shoppers have courses. Why not editors. I talk to too many during the week that kinda feel left out of the shopping programs ZEST! They are the dragons of heat, the beast, the ones who you never want to... Continue Reading

Receipt error and editing

I did a credit union shop at a location I have done numerous times. It is located in a grocery store. It has monitor stations and no drive up. This was a walk in scenario, and sometimes I do drive up scenarios at other branches of the same credit union,... Continue Reading

Praises be, I finally got a 10 out of Service Sleuth's editors

A job that I do every couple weeks or so at different locations. Survey is disjointed-some of the questions that belong in one section are inexplicably parked in another, etc. If the job didn't pay so well for 2-5 mins work, that I can repeat at 16 locations every month... Continue Reading

What Do You Do? Editors

I did an evaluation where the car dealer gave me nothing to write about. The company in question lets it's editors be anonymous. I did a damn good job and got this Your evaluation of X for X has been reviewed. Shop Grade : 5 Comments : Thank you for your report.... Continue Reading

editing and MSC question

Does anyone know if there are any MSC's that hire IC's to do editing for them?... Continue Reading

How much editing are editors allowed?

There is a company where I can see my shop after an editor has reviewed it. I just looked at one of them and my answers were completely changes. Not just the narrative, but some of the multiple choice answers were literaly changed. Where I selected "The... Continue Reading

Wordsmith Pros editing company

Anyone ever had to deal with this firm used by Service Sleuth?... Continue Reading

CORI editing department

Are these people insane? I spent an hour and a half on a report that only paid $5 plus reimbursement (I needed the product, so thats why I did the shop). I have very good writing skills and have received TOP ratings for all of my reports so far (10 out of... Continue Reading

Editors and Schedulers

I have been looking to find an editing or scheduling job with a mysteryshopping company. Where do I look to find these openings?... Continue Reading

Discussions of Mystery Shopping Editors

Hey, keep in mind that some of the Intelli-shop editors are college students majoring in English. (Source). March 27, 2015

...loose lips sink ships right? But I can't take advantage of this opportunity so I thought I'd pass it along. This company is hiring for work at home mystery shopping editors. (Source). March 27, 2015

All the facts, before writing them off. I thought Karin Williams did the editing. (Source). March 27, 2015

" So I gave them their five sentences while pointing out how ridiculous it was to expect five sentences about something that took three seconds to occur.[/quote] And here I've been editing things like that out of my reports because I thought it was a bit too snarky! (Source). March 26, 2015

I never used the words vengence/vengeful or vendetta. And yes that IS how it works. Trust me..if you don't think there are schedulers, editors and ""further-ups" checking boards like these and choosing the positive, helpful , mature people as opposed to whiners who have venom filled posts (I am speaking of boards/blogs like these and social media. (Source). March 25, 2015

They still took me longer than usual, mainly because it's been a while since I've done an apartment shop. Now we'll see what the editors have to say. (Source). March 25, 2015

I have noticed that the companies that don't give you any grade have editors that won't bother if it was bearable 8-10 range shop. (Source). March 25, 2015

Maybe the editors moved the data the the proper places or maybe they didn't read the comments (it happens a lot) and just left it as is. (Source). March 24, 2015

I do not care how editors grade me as long as they pay me. (Source). March 24, 2015

I blame my always questioning everything on the editors' that review/evaluate our reports - know what I mean. (Source). March 22, 2015