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Not getting paid by IPSOS

So after doing a little research it seems I'm not the only one who has had a problem with getting paid by IPSOS. I've emailed several schedulers and the "contact us" section of their website but no one has responded. Does anyone know who to contact to actually... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payment from September Shop

Edit: I contacted someone else and was paid promptly for this shop. (1/8/15) I completed a shop for Ipsos on September 11th and have yet to receive payment. I emailed Dolores about it twice without any response. Is anyone else waiting for payment from shops around that... Continue Reading

IPSOS April-May 2014 Postal Mailing Study

If you participated in this assignment and HAVE NOT BEEN paid, please leave a comment here. I am in contact with the client who contracted with IPSOS for the Mail Study, and I would like to have an idea as to how many of us have yet to receive payment... Continue Reading

Ipsos payment?

Hi. Dumb question. I completed a shop for Ipsos about May 2. The website says my shop was completed. I can't find anything on the website about payment. The shop doesn't say "payment pending" or anything. The scheduler has not responded to 3 separate e-mails regarding payment. Does anybody have any info on... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Has anyone done work for Ipsos? I am considering a big job with them that will take alot of time.......... Anybody know them???? Thanks tons, I really enjoy this forum.... Continue Reading

Ipsos Market Research: Legit company?

My fiance has done only two mystery shops over the past year and just received an email from Ipsos Market Research. I did a search online and it appears to be a legitimate company. I've also done a search on this forum but, I can't tell if Ipsos... Continue Reading

Ipsos Loyalty Mystery Shopping

Does anybody know when they pay? I posted a while back raving that they paid me one day later, but I just did two more shops for them and I am wondering if the first time was a fluke.... Continue Reading

received a check from Ipsos

I'm not new to the Mystery Shopping game (2+ years here) but this is a new one for me. I received a check in the mail from Ipsos MMI, Inc. I don't think I have ever done any assignments with this company. There's no letter, just a... Continue Reading

Feedback on Ipsos?

I don't see Ipsos on the Directory here, but it's pretty favorably mentioned on the Volition site. I only found one short conversation on this forum, coupled with Summit Scheduling. Anyone have any feedback on Ipsos?... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling/IPSOS

Did anyone else get an email from Summit Scheduling to do a shop for IPSOS? I was supposed to take pictures of charge card signs, cash registers, etc. at a catering service. When I got to the address, it was a private house in a residential neighborhood. ... Continue Reading


Does anyone work for them? I got an email asking me to sgn up with them. Don't know if they have anything in my rural area.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Ipsos Mystery Shopping

It makes me wonder just how well Summit is going to do with the large volume of shops they are about to get from IPSOS. (Source). August 11, 2015

If you are just getting started as a shopper, I would recommend Market Force, Stericycle, IPSOS and Maritz. (Source). August 06, 2015

I do laugh because from time to time I get phone calls from earnest young men who are doing phone surveys for IPSOS. (Source). August 06, 2015

Donna Horne (818) 961-8609 Insight Twenty20 Michelle Chun (808) 537-2545 Integrity Consultants, LLC Kelly Truelove (636) 451-6132 IntelliShop Ron Welty (419) 872-5103 Interactions Marketing, formerly CALIBER Eileen Munoz (858) 581-8700 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK 49 89 545 58228 In-Touch Insight Systems (dba: Service Intelligence) Cameron Watt (800) 263-2980 Ipsos - Mystery Shopping - Canada Becky Harris (416) 324-2309 IPSOS Mystery Shopping Dolores Forget (203) 270-3709 J. (Source). July 31, 2015

There are so many numbers on their website now my email has been forwarded to i-say panel, even though i just responded to the IPSOS support email. (Source). July 23, 2015

There seemed to be some internal turmoil with the last round of mailings with IPSOS so I haven't seen them this year. (Source). July 20, 2015

[/quote] Not all USPS evaluations were done by the former or current MSCs you have worked with. There were also programs through IPSOS, which bought Synovate in Oct 2011. (Source). July 20, 2015

[/quote] Not all USPS evaluations were done by the former or current MSCs you have worked with. There were also programs through IPSOS, which bought Synovate in Oct 2011. (Source). July 20, 2015

[quote=nutmegstategirl] I only did my first one for IPSOS in March, so because the ICA says it takes 45 days to get paid (if you don't screw up), I haven't yet learned if I'll be paid on time (that'll come in a couple (Source). July 15, 2015

Mid-morning I received a response from someone at ipsos corporate copying in the scheduler, and I was able to resolve the issue. (Source). July 02, 2015