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Need contact for Intellishop

I am having a problem with an Intellishop shop and the scheduler has not replied to my email. I sent a message to this scheduler previously about something else and he didn't reply. I sent the email this morning and haven't heard back from him. I guess... Continue Reading


Hi, I've been on the Forum reading different comments about MSC, I just wanted to comment on Intellishop. I was wondering how we as MS can protest this foolishness that they keep getting away with, the pay that they offer for all they ask you to do in their shops... Continue Reading


Does this company mostly do reimbursements? It's nice to get money back but i don't see much payment for service.... Continue Reading

Good grief, Intellishop...

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Intellishop's Cheapness Strikes Again

Apparently this MSC has acquired a "new" client from another MSC. With the previous MSC, the P&R shop paid $18.00 for an easy shop scenario and report. The return could be done on the same day after waiting at least an hour from the purchase time. I... Continue Reading

Intellishop - what's going on?

This is a strange one. I applied to do a big box hardware store paint shop. My rating is good (last week was 10/10, the one before that was 9/10 and only one 8/10 due to an editor disagreement.). The application was submitted yesterday and I did not... Continue Reading

IntelliShop didn't really want my reply....

How I was told to reply: Please reply to: Do not reply to the FROM address The reply I got to my reply sent to Thank you for your email; however, this is an unmonitored email account. Please contact your Client Services Manager for assistance. I hesitate to contact my Client... Continue Reading

Intellishop schedulers are reneging on shops!!!!

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Talk About Your Misleading Subject Lines! (From Intellishop)

I know how some forum members like to whine about the emails with "easy" and "fun" in the subject line but I think this subject line is A LOT worse than any of those. "URGENT: Past Due Shop Due !" I have 10 minutes to gulp down my lunch and scan my... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop Assisted Living Shops proof reader demands more and more and more...

I have completed several of these shops, both recorded and written, and never have experienced an issues until now. It seems the proof-reader is demanding more and more details, beyond whats asked on the report, and repetitive questions which were already answered in my narrative. My report is being edited,... Continue Reading

intellishop contact info

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Having Problems with Intellishop Hotel/Casino Shops and Need Your Input Please!

I have received responses from other shoppers who have also been denied Hotel/Casino shops with Intellishop when they have also been fully qualified to perform these shops. There is a trend going on here and I would like to get to the bottom of it. I am asking you... Continue Reading

Trying to not blow my top with Intellishop!

I just got an offer to do a purchase and return at a local retail outlet for $10! Oh, come on!! Can we all unite and protest this kind of piddly pay?? I sent this note: "Just FYI: I would like to let Intellishop know that a purchase and... Continue Reading

Is Intelli-Shop behind on payments again?

I should have seen my shops from last month at least showing "Payment Pending" but they don't. They've all been graded. Almost always get paid by the 20th of the month after the shop, but status hasn't changed.... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop Assisted Living Shops * mini-rant *

Email says " Great Pay ! Assisted Living Shops ! 70.00 ( or 30.00 or whatever ) only to read email and discover NO 70.00 or 30.00 shops, but all 25.00 shops, so why mislead ? Seems a regular occurrence with whomever sends these assisted living emails out... Continue Reading

Intelli-shop coffee and hot plate shops

Are their coffee and hot plates shops still offer? I know it's Jan 8 but I haven't sene them posted yet. Thanks Thanks... Continue Reading


Has anyone else had issues with Intelli-shop? I've been trying to get ahold of my scheduler for help with an issue but can not reach him. I've also submitted a support ticket with no response.... Continue Reading

Intellishop pay plus bonus?

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Account manually deactivated by intellishop

Help! I am confused my account was deactivated with intellishop and I dont know what I did wrong I have did several shops with all good feedback and still awaiting payment.Will I be paid for my work even though it says account manually deactivated. And who can I email to... Continue Reading


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Intellishop - My shops haven't been reviewed/received for six weeks now

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Intelli-shop / SASSIE settings question

OK. I am now getting upwards of 50 or more emails a day from Intelli-shop. Is there a way to stop getting the email notifications? I can't figure it out today. I thought that I could do that without deactivating myself? The odds of me doing a... Continue Reading

It's been more than a month and Intellishop assignment is still pending?

I shopped a dealership in October, got asked for more information about what the salesperson said (although I just about quoted what he said word-for-word) and I'm still waiting for this shop to be accepted. Anyone else have this problem with Intellishop? I followed instructions to the T.... Continue Reading

Oh Intellishop

Today I got a review for a shop I had done. It was a video shop with only yes/no questions and absolutely no area for comments. The only space in the entire report to type in was where you type the name of the video file you uploaded. The... Continue Reading

Oh, Intelli-shop! "Double meat" and "50% more meat" are NOT the same thing!

I am not believing this. Ordered my sandwich, noted the server offered "double meat", which I accepted. He did everything else perfectly, as well. I've done dozens of this shop, and I have never run into this before! Shop question: "Did the server offer to make your... Continue Reading

Learning to love Intelli-Shop

I am new to MS and have only done 13 jobs for Intelli-Shop so far and I am, of all awful things, learning to love them! After proofreader4 telling me for the fifth time they needed more detail on a senior living shop, I thought I would NEVER-EVER do another Intelli-shop... Continue Reading

Hero Citations with Intellishop?

I'm getting emails advertising a shop with a fee and a certain number of "hero citations". What is a hero citation?... Continue Reading


Now I know exactly what you guys are talking about regarding their critiquing of our reports, etc. OMG. What a joke. I had a situation last weekend where I needed to be let back in to a report to make sure I uploaded the correct receipt, etc. I admit, that... Continue Reading

Are IntelliShop's pizza shops as easy as they sound?

I did the long, involved photo shops for this client last year. Are these just a simple top view photo of the pizza with the location i.d. and shop i.d. in the pic? The one I'm looking at is reimbursement only, so just wanted to be sure... Continue Reading


This is an idiot scheduler who and I have the emails refused to pay me for several reasons one was he listened to a tape exchange (which I also taped) and interpreted the word "I have an apartment building and reside in an apartment there" as I rent an... Continue Reading

Is there no limit to Intellishop's cheapness? New $15 payday loans

They "desperately need my help" -- as long as I don't mind getting paid $15 to put my personal information and credit on the line, in a shop in a dangerous neighborhood. Intellishop is on a fast race to the bottom. Good luck on getting shoppers for this one, Intellishop.... Continue Reading

I know it's been said before but Intellishop..... really?

I don't know why I even read their email this time as I usually hit delete first. However, I didn't realize it came from Intellishop right away so I read it. The shop entails visits to TWO tire companies. You have to compare and contrast quotes and... Continue Reading

Intellishop Car Dealership Shop Woes

So, awhile ago, I had done a few dealership shops at an American Luxury Dealer for a different MSC. Every time I did that shop, I would get the same salesman. Eventually, I recused myself from taking those shops because I was pretty sure he was on to me. (I... Continue Reading

Intellishop Payment Issue

Hello All. I performed a shop for Intellishop back in May and have not been paid. According to the scheduler, I was paid. I know I have not as it is not showing as paid on the shop log and I have a spreadsheet that tracks when payment comes in.... Continue Reading

Intellishop test

Just signed up for Intellishop. I have to pass a test before i can be assigned any shops. I cant seem to find any reading material/guides on what the test will be over, and with limited trys I dont want to waste a chance blindly. Anyone have any ideas on what to... Continue Reading

Senior Home Visit for Intellishop

I tried searching for this, but could not locate the information I wanted. If there is another appropriate thread, please feel free to point me in that direction. This assignment had been bonused at $50, making it an $80 shop. I know it sounds too good to... Continue Reading

Intellishop Cuts Pay Rates Again

After just skimming over the Intellishop job board, I was very surprised that they took the already-low $17 fee for their on-site-visit shops down to a cheap, terrible $10. These shops are time consuming and force you to deal with some of the most dishonest, vulture-like, advantage-taking salespeople I've ever experienced.... Continue Reading

Intellishop; Taking weeks to edit reports

I'm getting concerning about Intellishop, I submitted one shop report on 8-14 and two more on 8-20-15 and none of them have went through the final editing/grading process yet. Emailed the scheduler around 8-19-14 about the first report, she said they were behind but it would be done soon...still not... Continue Reading

Frustrated with Intelli-Shop

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Intellishop question

Does anyone know why they do not list your previous shops in a log, the way the other companies who use the sassie system do? How will I know my rating on each shop if they do not show it? Also how will I know the paid date,... Continue Reading


Does anyone have a phone number to reach IntelliShop? I need to contact them. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop is becoming frustrating

I recently applied for a "self-assign" mystery shop through Intelli-shop. My request keeps going to "pending". I thought that if the shop was a self-assign shop, it would automatically be assigned to me. I have emailed the scheduler and he hasn't replied. When I call the... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop scheduling

Hey all, First time poster, long time lurker. I've been shopping for a while as a part-time hobby, doing shops that interest me for fun and not trying to make a living on it. I was on JobSlingerPlus tonight and saw an Intelli-Shop posting that interested me (hotel/casino). ... Continue Reading

Intellishop Axe?

My average shopper rating with Intellishop right now is a 9 (nice, right!) but I also have 3 flakes. One of them totally my fault, the other a miscommunication between myself and the scheduler, and the third, well let's just say it was a lesson learned. My question is, does... Continue Reading

Annoyed with Intellishop

I did a [client name deleted] shop for Intellishop 2 weeks ago. This required sending $25 to a fictional person in Mexico, and attempting to have it refunded at the location a few minutes later. I followed the directions, and the agent refused the refund. In the... Continue Reading

I was not sure about this company when I signed up. I had read some bad reviews and also some good ones. This company goes on a rating scale (to get some jobs a certain higher number is needed). I have completed a total of 3 jobs... Continue Reading

Anyone helpful at intellishop I can contact?

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Is anyone else having trouble uploading images to Intellishop?

I can't not get the images to upload, I have tried everything I know and have emailed the scheduler twice and he is not answering, I am going to end of losing this shop because I can't get him to answer, can someone please instruct me on how they do... Continue Reading

A new low for Intellishop

A phone shop where you have to apply for a personal loan and get your credit checked. It started at $18 a few days ago and is now up to $22. I considered emailing the scheduler and saying I would do it for $150.... Continue Reading


I am curious to hear what people think about Intellishop. I don't mind being held to a high standard. But it seems to me that they don't necessarily pay all that well, they ask for a lot of description and often make you provide narratives by category and... Continue Reading

Intellishop caused me $300 in financial damages

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Intellishop caused me $300 in financial damages

recently i performed a shop which was represented by intellishop as a free brake inspection. however, their client (the yellow shop) broke every rule in the book by not displaying or having me sign three different consent forms (brake inspection result form, price estimate and potential invoice.) intellishop paid me $25... Continue Reading

Intellishop phone number?

Does anybody know how to get a hold of a scheduler from Intellishop? I prefer to speak with them live.... Continue Reading

Intellishop's Pizza Shops (receipt form)

Ok, I've done 4 of these shops, and each time I've received a score of 9. The explanation states that they had to do some "minor editing" on the receipt page. I've looked over their sample page and I'm filling in the form exactly as specified. Is anyone else... Continue Reading

Intellishop Higher UP

Does anyone have a higher up at intellishop contact email or phone number? I need someone above a regular scheduler.... Continue Reading

Site down for Intellishop?

Is anyone else having a problem submitting reports to Intellishop? I did a phone shop yesterday and completed the report except for the last question where they want to know if I received a follow-up call within 3 days. The client's consultant called this morning, so I was... Continue Reading


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Further proof that intellishop has no idea on why they give the grades they do.

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Intelli Shop - Senior Living facility

I did a shop for Intelli at ([i]facility's name[/i]) Assisted Living. I got a score of 6 on it. I was in the middle of having some family issues going on at that time. The shop was done on 3/6. Three days ago I got a call from someone at... Continue Reading


Is Intellishop doing the wing shops now that uses to be with the other msp?... Continue Reading

Intellishop-2 point deduction because they had to contact me.

I did a shop for Intellishop and submitted the report. I have done several of these shops over the past seven years. I get an e-mail with the following comment: A significant amount more detail is needed in all of your narratives. Each of these narratives should read... Continue Reading

Confused with Intellishop

When should I expect payment from them? I know the sticky posted here says the second month, but I was paid February 20th for my shops completed in January but have not been paid today from my shops completed in march. So do I expect payment two months from the... Continue Reading

Intellishop synthetic oil changes

Has anyone done a synthetic oil change where the reimbursement is stated at $25, but the shop description says you will be reimbursed the actual amount it costs, even if it is more than $25? I did one earlier in the week and I just got my evaluation score from... Continue Reading


Do any of you have a phone number for Intellishop? I have looked all over their webpage and I don't see one and I really need to talk to a human. Thanks!... Continue Reading

contact info for someone higher than scheduler at intelli shop??

After numerous emails to Blaine Timmerman, getting no where (and being super polite about it) the $199 charge for a shop purchase that was supposed to be IMMEDIATELY refunded by the client still has not been credited to my husbands bank account. I have called the bank to dispute the... Continue Reading

Intelli shop cheats and lies

I extremely dislike Intellishop. I have been a mystery shopper for over 12 years. I'm still angry about a [brand-name deleted] shop I did years ago that I just found this forum and decided to post on it. I was begged to do a shop at the last minute.... Continue Reading


I have been mystery shopping for decades. I have a degree in Journalism and am an award- winning writer. I get REALLY steamed when I receive an 8 out of 10 score with no explanation except my comments were *mostly* well-written. I am also miffed that I am told after... Continue Reading


For some reason I was deactivated by this company with a rating of 9 out of 10, I had done 25 shops for them mostly auto related. any idea why they would do this , is this their policy????... Continue Reading

Intellishop Bank Payday loan

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done any of these shops before? Are the reports long with a lot of narrative? How much would you do them for? I would really appreciate any advice from experienced shoppers. Thank you for your time!... Continue Reading

Intellishop early payment

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. My payment expected between 1/20 and 1/23 was sent this morning with the following message, "Hi Shoppers, you've just been paid EARLY by IntelliShop for your December shops. THANKS for shopping for us, and Happy New Year!" Thanks Intellishop!... Continue Reading

Befuddled by Intellishop's Rejection

I recently did a shop where I was to ask if I could buy $4k in money orders. I had to wait to see if they asked for ID, then tell them that I either didn't have it or didn't want to supply it and, if they insisted, see if... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop November payment?

Just wondering if anyone has received their November Intelli-Shop payment? They generally pay late afternoon on the 20th. Haven't received mine.... Continue Reading

Intellishop Visit Review

Just want to send kudos to Intellishop. I turned in a shop for them this afternoon. Less than an hour after submitting it, I had an email thanking me for the shop and giving me my shop grade of 10. Now that was a fast review. Brian... Continue Reading

AZ Shoppers - this location is CLOSED - Intellishop

I have no idea why Intellishop is having this on it's boards other than that you have to go to a location similar to the one listed. Let me clarify. The Scottsdale location has yet to be built. It will not be built until next year and maybe not even... Continue Reading

Luxury hotels at Intellishop

Anyone ever done one of these? They're very expensive and seeing as intellishop is notorious for kicking back every little thing and rejecting shops, I'm kind of afraid to assign myself one. Thoughts?... Continue Reading


I am a new mystery shopper. I have signed up with several companies; but have yet to complete a shop. My question is about Intellishop. I started the sign up process, confirmed my email, and completed the extended profile. But my account status says: THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED Your account has... Continue Reading

Intellishop - No scheduler email address

If I somehow missed it, it's not a gripe, but a question. If it really isn't there, it's a gripe!! I want to accept a self-assign here in Montana in a small town that's 60 miles away, one way. I know the area is undershopped and i want to ask the... Continue Reading

Intellishop Reduced My $35 Bonus After I Submitted the Shop - Then Corrected Their Error

Update: 11/2/2014: Intellishop corrected the error to reflect the correct bonus. I should have waited to give them a chance to correct the error before posting. PM me if it is best to delete this post or not, as I do not know what is the proper procedure. Thanks for... Continue Reading

Is Intellishop a strange company?

Intellishop had several travel center shops on their board yesterday and this morning. The note said these shops must be completed by October 25. They are simple shops, which usually pay just $5. Yet, I was offered $50 if I would do one of them. Also, they were being offered... Continue Reading

Payments Missing/Late (Intellishop, Trendsource, Compass)

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Intellishop Exclusion

I have many telephone shops lined up for Intellishop this week. I've been a shopper for about 14 years and have conducted tons of telephone shops during this time. I just received a notice from them that they have excluded the shop I did yesterday because I led... Continue Reading

IntelliShop site down?

Haven't been able to log in for over a half hour with four reports due tonight. Anyone have any info?... Continue Reading

Does anyone have a direct phone number for Intellishop?

I have looked all over their website and I can't find one, any help would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

I finally got an explanation for the "1" on certain Intellishop Shops

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Getting back in (with Intelli-Shop)

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Intelli-shop, it is not okay for you to contact me a month after a shop is finished after telling me it is complete, twice.

I am very dissatisfied with intelli-shop right now. I was assigned to do two mystery shops at a popular tourist landmark here in New York, and doing them together would give me a bonus. One was to buy a ticket voucher from street hawkers near the landmark, the other was to... Continue Reading

Intellishop (Contact info?)

Does anyone have a contact, not just a lower level person at this MSC? Either email, phone number and name would be cool. Thanks all.... Continue Reading

Wireless Shops for Intellishop

What are they thinking? $7 to do a wireless shop? No matter how short the report might be that pay rate is soooo cotton pickin' lame!!!... Continue Reading

IntelliShop Editors

I have done numerous shops for IntelliShop with a few 10's scattered around but mostly 8's cuz of them having to "contact me" for some kind of clarification or another (in their opinion) and I would like to share the latest nugget from them. This has to do with a credit... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever done one of Intelli-Shop's "game day" sports stadium shops?

I always saw them email me about these shops but never got them, so on a lark I decided to call the scheduler and got him to schedule it to me. I should have been wary when they asked me to pay them a $100 deposit- I assumed that if... Continue Reading

Intellishop's Buffers

I searched the forums for the answer to this question but couldn't find anyone else ever asking it. Apparently, I'm the only one too dense to grasp this concept. What exactly is a "buffer" and how does it work? I asked a scheduler a while back who explained it to me,... Continue Reading

It's a First ! A 10 rating from Intellishop !!

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Managed to do the route with the materials they sent at the last minute two weeks overdue. Now I can't enter my data because I got halfway through one report and Intellishop no longer responds or loads.... Continue Reading

How are the Intelli-shop QSR Compare/Contrast Reports?

It's the only lunch shop I can find for tomorrow, but pay is low for going through two drive thrus. Just wondering how the report is before I accept.... Continue Reading

Intellishop keeps skimming money from me

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Intellishop grading

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The Contraction Police have been spotted at Intellishop!

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Can anyone explain Intellishop?

I signed up for Intellishop about a week ago, and the instructions stated that my SSN needed to be checked out. I started getting emails probably the next day about the great shops available, and that I must be rated a "5" to be eligible. I followed the link and... Continue Reading

Thank you Intelli-Shop

As I've said before, both my wife and I do mystery shops. We landed two coffee travel center shops in the same city (1 for me and 1 for my wife, since a person can only do one per day), for $25 plus reimbursement. Sometimes I love Intelli-shop; other days I... Continue Reading

Intellishop Convenience Store Apps

When Intellishop posted convenience store shops this week I couldn't self assign. Always have been able to before. Anyone else run into that?... Continue Reading

Intellishop-Apartment Shops

Recently Intelliship picked up an apartment shop client. Has anyone done one of these shops? If so, are the reports as bas as the ones for EPMS or are they easier?... Continue Reading

IntelliShop NOT paying me for completed assignments

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I have been working for many years for this people never had a problem with them. If you have a question the fast way is to call I have and got my answer very quickly.... Continue Reading

Hoodwinked by Intellishop

I've done numerous of their comic book shops. The fee has always been $10. The fee is still $10 on all of the comic book shops listed on their site. I just did one recently. It shows fee pending of $6. I emailed them because... Continue Reading

A surprise from Intelli-Shop

My wife did the shop she was supposed to today (they fixed the scheduling issues on the two shops I mentioned in another post). Shop went excellent, she has to work early, so I take over finishing proof-reading her report and uploading the receipt for her. Tonight the review comes back... Continue Reading


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Annoying Intellishop Scheduler

There is one Intellishop scheduler who sends around 10 e-mails everyday begging us to do hotel shops for her (no bonus of course). With the low pay, they are very slowly filled by shoppers. The last hotel shop has remained in the queue for three days, yet the spam keeps... Continue Reading

Let me tell you how shady Intelli-shop is

On 2-25 at 10:27am I accepted a shop that was due 2 hours prior at 8:45. Now of course I cant go back in time to do the shop as it wasn't even on my job board when it was due. So on that day, at like 10:30 am, the... Continue Reading

Intellishop - apartment shops?

Have any of you ever done an apartment shop for this MSC?... Continue Reading

Intellishop - Paid for Shop but No Reimbursement

Has this happened to anyone before? I conducted a round of shops for them in September. I got paid my shopper fee in October, but I never got my reimbursement. I got a 10 out of 10 on the report, so there were no issues. I've emailed the scheduler, their main... Continue Reading

Quick editing from IntelliShop!

I submitted a report to IntelliShop about an hour ago and it was reviewed and graded in 20 minutes! I have to say, I am very impressed. I'm still filling out other reports from today! I'd love if the quick editing meant quick turnaround for payment though.... Continue Reading

A little payback from Intellishop?

I'm starting to see a pattern with this company. Twice I have written strongly worded posts on this forum about the company and twice I've had my scores drop like a lead balloon. After posting last month about the payment issue and that I would not be working for them... Continue Reading

Intellishop & Paragraphs.

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I guess I will no longer be doing Intellishop assignments

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New Intelli-shop home page

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Do you have login problem with Intellishop?

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Did anyone get paid by Intelli-Shop today.

This is only my fifth month with them so based on previous experience I was expecting a payment hours ago. So far nothing.... Continue Reading

Intellishop - First Rejected Shop!

Hello! Just thought i'd bring my contribution to this forum. I've been doing mystery shops for the past 3 months, and I must say it's been quite an experience...I began with small shops, and yesterday I did my first upscale restaurant shop in Beverly Hills, so it's been a nice evolution... Continue Reading

question about intelli shop PAYMENT PENDING

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Fed up and finished with Intelli-shop!

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Intelli-Shop Payments

I did one of the IntelliShop assignments that require the $100 deposit and a somewhat significant out-of-pocket expense for the event. They tell you the $100 will be refunded as soon as your report is accepted. This was the beginning of May. My report was finally accepted... Continue Reading

Oh Intelli-shop, when will you ever learn?

Today I received an e-mail from Intelli-shop asking for help on a car dealership stating that "the shop pay listed below is a special email offer that is higher than what you will find on our job board." Normally I avoid auto dealerships but I thought maybe it would be a... Continue Reading

Intellishop Job Board

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Intellishop Hotel

Hi has anyone done any hotel shops for this company and if so how is the report. Thank you for any information.... Continue Reading

It was funny until it wasn't: Team TopGun at Intellishop

I've enjoyed some of the creative headings and emails for Intellishop's car dealerships lately, especially when Team TopGun uses the names of the car models to be shopped in clever ways. However, when they used "Go For A Summer Cruise!" this morning, I thought they crossed the line. ... Continue Reading

Intellishop taco comparison question

How do you handle the question about comparing the tacos with competitors? Since I don't eat the competitors tacos it is a difficult question to answer. I described my taco but just got criticized by the editor for not doing a comparison.... Continue Reading

INTELLI-SHOP: Do they pay on time????

If I sign on with them, are they now paying in a more timely manner??? Read weeks back that they very slow payers. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Intellishop Therapy

Hey folks, Seeing a few Intellishop rants, I thought I might share this experience as it was very therapeutic for me. It had irked me for months that the guidelines for a particular shop had several typos, repeated menu items in the options list, and a few other issues. I edited their work. I... Continue Reading

Intellishop scheduler

So I completed a shop for intellishop which stated I could pick my meal. I chose to go during the lunch period. I go to do the report and it only gives me the option to select breakfast. I look back at my shop log and sure enough I can shop... Continue Reading




Any one had problems entering reports for Intellishop? Using 'mid night' oil last night, I was down to the last two narrative/comparisons, when all of a sudden, whammo! all the information I had worked hours on vanished. I had saved it multiple times. I have tried to retrieve it to... Continue Reading

Intellishop "round" explanation

Can someone please tell me what Intellishop means by this: There is a limit of 1 shops per individual for this round of shops. What does a "round" consist of exactly? I would hate to do this shop and then not have it accepted. Please help! Thanks! Kim... Continue Reading

Intellishop Hotel Comparison SHops

I was wondering if anyone has done the high end hotel comparison shops for this company?... Continue Reading

Another Intelli-shop rant...

Did an assignment for them recently. Received a 9 out of 10. The only comments I received were: "Your report has been finalized. Thank you for submitting it with all the required information. It was well written with good supporting comments. Keep up the nice work!" So why the heck... Continue Reading


Hi! Does anyone know how long it takes for this company to verify your social security number? I signed up yesterday afternoon and completed two jobs for them today. I logged on to see how I was graded (10s!!) and noticed the verification for my SS number was still pending.... Continue Reading


I am curious of your thoughts on the Intelli Shop editors. I have submitted 2 reports with them. The first I was given an 8. I kind of question that, but ok. I didn't save the report to look back on. This time, I did... Continue Reading

Is Intellishop's Insite (SASSIE) system down for anyone else?

It's been unavailable for more than 30 minutes here. No issues with other SASSIE sites. TIA.... Continue Reading

Intellishop feedback

I have done many shops for Intellishop and I usually get the typical minor spelling and grammatical errors as part of the feedback. This time I got the following: Thank you for your report. Be sure to double check your formatting. Does anyone know what this means. I use the... Continue Reading


Hi, Wow - I usually do this oil change assignment on my Jeep and I looked on the board and the pay went down to $5. I just did one a month ago for $35 plus reimbursement. This is the second MSC I use that is lowering their payments. The other... Continue Reading

Intellishop Scoring

Anyone else no longer receiving a score after completing a shop with them? I want to know that it's not just me.... Continue Reading


I have applied for a few jobs from them. The first job, I got a response from quickly that I had been awarded the job. I have since applied for 3 more jobs from them, but two of the jobs sat in pending for 3 days then finally... Continue Reading


Has anyone had any problems being paid by this company?? My husband did a shop for a travel center and they told him he would be paid on 1/21 and he did not get paid yet.... Continue Reading

Never got paid by Intellishop and not getting a response from them

I did an oil change mystery shop back in August. Unfortunately can't find my copy of the documentation for it. I sort of forgot about it after I did the assignment, but I see now that I never got reimbursed. I've emailed them but haven't gotten a response. Does anyone... Continue Reading


They have a new board format, does anyone know how to tell what your rating is and if your payment is pending with the new format?... Continue Reading

Intellishop - The Slayer - Measure - The Silent Marauder

I have been working as a full time mystery shopper since 2006 and I have been witnessing how this Industry is getting slowly degenerated. As all of you know, every year is more expensive to live. Gas goes up and so everything else goes up. How about the fees for... Continue Reading

Intellishop contact

Hello everyone! I have been lurking for awhile, learning as much as I can from all of the posts everyone so kindly share on this website. Thank you all so much for taking the time to connect. I have not felt I have had anything to contribute, and I... Continue Reading

The Mayan Calendar Countdown and Intellishop Payment

I posed this question to a colleague of mine in the midwest this week and will do the same with the forum. Since the hypothetical "End of the World" is set for 12/21 (according to the Mayan calendar), will Intelli-shop still issue payment on 12/20 (along with other MSCs)? Just facetious... Continue Reading

Intellishop constant emails

I just signed up with them yesterday and was able to pick up two shops. But today I've received at least 5 different emails about the same shop that they need done. I don't mind one a day. I don't want to turn off emails in case I miss a shop.... Continue Reading

intellishop payment

ok, i know these guys take forever with payment, but i thought they were supposedly getting faster? i am still awaiting payment for two shops from the beginning of September. they show up as "payment pending" on their i know the payment is in the works, but... Continue Reading

IntelliShop payment issue

Hello everyone hope your having a good day. So to get right to the issue. I did a shop for these guys last month. Now when I accepted it i read over and copied off all the information to be able to double and triple check so... Continue Reading

Tried to Cancel Shop, No Response from Intellishop

I had a shop that was due by Saturday. I came down with the flu and also caught pneumonia. I haven't been this sick for as long as I can remember. Went to urgent care on Saturday morning. I need to stay at home for a while to get... Continue Reading

Really, Intellishop...?

I recently did a shop at a sporting goods store. The guy showed me the different brands of this item that they had in stock, let me look and test them and then took off quickly, telling me if I had any other questions to find someone. He... Continue Reading


I have been receiving numerous emails that they need a shop done asap. However, when I do apply for a shop, perform the shop, and submit the report asap, it sits in completed status for over one week. As of now, shops that I completed over one week... Continue Reading

Who Complained on Intellishop?

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Heads up on high-end watch shops for Intelli-Shop!!!!

I have not worked with them in quite a while so I decided to give it another whirl when I saw a reasonablly paying shop for a watch brand. I was given the shop and did it today. So, here is the have to get a salesperson... Continue Reading


After horror stories of late payments, no payments, etc. here's a ray of sunshine! i completed a shop for Intelli-shop on June 28th. It was a bit convuluted, but pretty easy. There was a $30 bonus added. Well, the shop actually cost me out of pocket over $100. ... Continue Reading

Intellishop warning

Logged in this morning to do my latest Intellishop report and this was the headline (On a bright red background with yellow letters, no less): "YOU WILL BE VIDEO TAPED DURING YOUR SHOP AND THE VIDEO SURVELLIANCE WILL BE CHECKED AGAINST WHAT YOU REPORT. Please ensure that all information you report is... Continue Reading

Intellishop pays when?

I'm still waiting on 2 payments from March. It shows paid 05/21 in my shop log. In their website it states to check with Paypal first if the payment isn't there. I did and the man at Paypal told me they have no control over the company... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop... I love you

Dear Intelli-shop, I may be a little new to the game (about 1 year and a half under my belt), but I absolutely love you. Your schedulers are amazing to work with, you always get back to me in a timely manner, and if I screw up but can explain myself,... Continue Reading

Intellishop Survey

I have just done my first shop and when I went back to my email where I was assigned the shop, the website for the survey would not open. I really don't know how I am suppose to do the survey. The website opened when I first read... Continue Reading

Intellishop pymt.

Intellishop is now paying one month after completion. Good news, I'm doing the dealerships again.... Continue Reading

Faster Pay with IntelliShop?

I haven't done a shop for IntelliShop for quite some time -- partly because of their incredibly long pay cycle. However, I noted the following statement in a recent email from them: "**Expedited Pay! These shops will now be paid the month following the month in which you perform the... Continue Reading

IntelliShop ratings

I've been doing several IntelliShop shops the last two months, mostly because they seem to have a lot of work in my area. The narratives are kind of a PITA, but I'm getting used to them. My reports have been scoring eights to tens, with a nine average. All of... Continue Reading

Intellishop Question

I did a car dealer shop and found this statement on my reviewer comments. "We insert a few "integrity" questions into each report that have answers which, if chosen, show us that you did not faithfully and honestly fill out the report. Since you answered all of these incorrectly, we will... Continue Reading

Intellishop Car Shops

I just accepted my very first shop with Intellishop. It was bonused so the fee is $30. After doing $14 car shops for Bestmark, I'm pretty darn happy about the fee. My question is - how are the reports for their car shops? Do they require... Continue Reading

Intellishop "New And Improved Evaluation Forms"

Intellishop has been broadcasting assignments stating that they provide shoppers with new and improved evaluation forms. Are they improved and shorter or just improved in some way? I would especially appreciate feedback pertaining to luxury car shops. I have e'd the scheduler asking for the number of questions on the... Continue Reading

Okay, I took an appliance shop...Intellishop..

I really detest most of their shops but this one pays $12 instead of $7, which I refuse to drive 20 miles for 7 bucks..:( Has anyone done the appliance shops? Any tips? Words of advice?... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop site won't open tonight?

I just did a couple of shops for them and get errors when trying to access their website. I've tried 4G as well as the hotel's wifi, and tried multiple browsers. Anyone else having trouble getting on there tonight? I get this and more errors: Warning: Incorrect information in file: './intellis_drupal/access.frm' query:... Continue Reading

I finally de-activated my Intelli-shop account....

...and it feels good. I got tired of their low paying jobs and silly head games. I waited until I got paid (December 20th) and hit that wonderful "deactivate" button. :)... Continue Reading

Dear Intelli-Shop: Your forms are heinous

For the sake of us shoppers, will you PLEASE have more printer-friendly forms? Why should shoppers have to print ALL departments' criteria if we're only going into that appliance/electronics store to shop ONE item? One size does not fit all. What? Copy and paste it into Word, then delete what's not relevant... Continue Reading

Oil changes now paying $100 from Intellishop

So if you drive to some out of the way place for an oil change, isn't that a bit of a tip off? Why would someone from my town, close enough to several of the dealerships, drive out into the boondocks and get an oil change unless I was a... Continue Reading


I have been reading several of the reviews from all of you out there regarding the IntelliShop mystery shopping company. I have completed 98 shops with them, and have an average rating of 10. I have read many of the same aggravations that some of you have documented,... Continue Reading


I'm still new at this, just shopping since June. I have done a number of their shops. The first couple I received a 10. Now, I get eights, sighting grammar and punctuation. I am a recently retired teacher. I taught grammar. Go figure.... Continue Reading

Intellishop, blaming the shopper for the associates behavior

I completed a shop for Intellishop. It should have taken no more than 30 minutes on site. I spent a full hour giving the staff every possible opportunity to provide needed answers. The associates response when I asked for his name was to tell me I had a business card... Continue Reading

Has anyone done a plasma shop for intellishop? I cant find the conference call phone number.

Has anyone done a plasma shop for intellishop? I cant find the conference call phone number. Any advice? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Intellishop questions (pay)

I signed up for Intellishop recently. I like their site a lot so far. It seems to have a lot of shops. I have also done some Bestmark mystery shops. The Bestmark shops I did paid me in 2-3 weeks. I just looked on Intellishop's website and the FAQ says... Continue Reading

Intellishop: Flake citation and a score of "1"

Thus far, I have been quite happy with Intellishop. I do a credit union that I really like, I get good scores, and I've been pretty happy. That may be changing today. I took 3 phone shops (car dealerships), $5 each, because they said "easy, short" blah, blah, blah. And of... Continue Reading

Fed up with Intellishop and have question about deactivating my account

I have finally reached the boiling point with Intellishop and want to deactivate my account with them. I did a shop for them recently, so I'm waiting on payment. If I deactivate now, will that in any way affect the payment I'm waiting on? I am so mad at... Continue Reading

Intellishop Not Paying for a Brake Inspection

I was going to perform a brake inspection shop for Intellishop. When I got to the shop, they told me that they could not perform the brake inspection because they were behind. I notified the scheduler, and he asked me if I could go another day. So... Continue Reading


It seems like the consensus of this company is that they are a reliable company, the pay is a little low but fair, but it could take 60-90 to get paid. I was just curious to know if anyone from their company has come out and explained why it take... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop Infiniti test drive - URGENT QUESTION

Hello! I had an early morning car service appointment run late. I am scheduled to perform a mystery shop at a local Infiniti dealer by 1pm today (6/25), but I obviously can't complete by a time that has already passed. The dealership is open until 6pm, so I can... Continue Reading

Anyone else having trouble with using IE with Intellishop?

Never had this happen before but I had several shops to report and had to do them using another browser. Internet explorer locked up twice on it and then gave me all sorts of headaches.... Continue Reading

DON'T work for these people - INTELLISHOP

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Intellishop Shop Log

Has anyone noticed that the shop log on Intellishop has changed, so now it only shows pending jobs, and doesn't show history? Does anyone know if there is a way to see my history? Is this just a cosmic thing that happened to me and nobody else?... Continue Reading

Intellishop targeted by scam

New shoppers beware! Emails claiming to be from Intellishop are offering to send out a money gram for you to cash. This is a scam, per Intellishop's staff.... Continue Reading


IntelliShop requiring a deposit (cash) for certain shops. Has any one ever heard this before. They claim in order to attend the event , they require a $50.00 which will be refunded within 7-10 days. Has anyone ever done any of these shops?... Continue Reading

Any idea how long Intellishop's payments are left pending?

I just did my first shops for Intellishop in Oct. and my shop log says payment for them is pending. It has said that for a little over a week. Is this normal? Thanks for any input.... Continue Reading

Intelli Shop

Grr, just need to blow off a little steam. I've been systematically going through my company list, logging in and making sure my cell phone number is current. I log in to Intelli Shop and find a flake citation that I flaked on a brake inspection shop! This was a last minute shop... Continue Reading


Anyone else work for them? I've done a bunch of their shops now and have pretty much decided it's just not worth it. They expect you to write a novel about a simple little cell phone inquiry that pays $11. The only shop I've done with them that was... Continue Reading

IntelliShop - are they legit

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Most Recent mentions of Intellishop

..maybe it's because of poor spelling and writing skills? It's possible...[/quote] Remember, that IntelliShop is one of the MSCs that does not like contractions, etc. (Source). May 25, 2016

I am having a problem with an Intellishop shop and the scheduler has not replied to my email. (Source). May 24, 2016

yep, you know who you are & i'm looking at you intellishop & the like. (Source). May 24, 2016

I've been doing phone shops for Intellishop and Bestmark. (Source). May 24, 2016

In addition to the ones mentioned above, ACE, Customer Perspectives, Harland Clarke, Intellishop, Second-to-none, Stericycle, Reality Based Group, Service Sense & Shoppers all do bank shops currently. (Source). May 23, 2016

The first shows that yes, editors do make mistakes. The second that some editors are apparently asshats. Just recently an editor at Intellishop made a mistake, requested something not only provided already, but in a way that was impossible to comply. (Source). May 23, 2016

I get emails from Intellishop all the time. (Source). May 22, 2016

I like Intellishop because they are not afraid to pay you faster than most companies do. (Source). May 21, 2016

It's really quite simple. I have done those shops for Intellishop as well as a few other MSCs and never had a shop rejected. (Source). May 21, 2016

I have been shopping for Intelli-shop for a little over a year and I am quite happy with them. (Source). May 21, 2016